Friday, March 18, 2016

Thank You.

When someone do kindness to us, what would we do?
Of course saying "thank you", right?

But I guess there were people who seemed don't want to get the gratitude words.
My friend, P, might be one of the people.

The story was P and his wife was having a vacation in Japan.
When I saw his tweet, I quickly mention him.

K: "Hey, can I ask you a favor to get me something (from Japan)?"
P: "If I could, sure, what do you want?"
K: "How long you will be staying there?"
P: "I'll be home on xxxx (mentioning the date)."

I quickly think what would I want him to get... CD? DVD? Merchandise? Katana? Kimono?
After days, I didn't know what I want...also I don't have money...

K: "Yo, P. I think I don't want anything, enjoy your holiday~"
P: "Hahaha, thanks!"

Thursday, March 17, 2016

umi & SUGIZO

No, it's not a picture of umi and SUGIZO together.
Even though it might be interesting to see the two together.
I hope someday SUGIZO would invite umi to his "Guitarist Meet Up". (^^)

Anyway, here are some of umi's picture from Motto2 vol. 17.
I only post that I likes huehehe

Wednesday, March 16, 2016

Mood at the moment.

Just a quick post between (never ending) deadlines.

Been liking one song lately...
That it comforts, and at the same time "slapped" me...

Setsunasa Hikikaeni - Hey! Say! JUMP
(Lyrics and translation here.)

I really like the part saying, "You are my light".
And sometimes my ears hears it as...



And then I made this ...

Monday, March 07, 2016

Deadline vs (1 day) Holiday.

As usual...whenever I'm with deadlines, I get the feel to blog...
It's deadlines, but my mind is already on this week one day holiday. It's a national holiday, and also the day the eclipse will took place. Even so, my plan for the day is sleeping and (might be) watching DVD.

I've intended to made a blog post about the arriving DVD. But, I was having flu on weekend + had to do laundry for my ill sister in law, so mostly I was sleeping on Saturday. On Sunday, I watched three movies while still being ill, even though I have works for Monday. I managed to finished the work at night, just before I get to sleep... XD

The three movies I've watched are:
1. The Revenant
2. Victor Frankenstein
3. Shinjuku Swan (Japanese movie)

I won't make reviews for the movies, since it didn't give me deep impression ^^

The Revenant having beautiful landscape to enjoy, yet tiring watching Leonardo DiCaprio's over and over near to death experience ^^

I've been wanting to watched Daniel Radcliffe act beside being Harry Potter (^^). He has surely grown up, and having a man's voice. I didn't recognize his voice in the movie. But, the story isn't too fascinating.

I also been wanting to watched Iseya Yusuke's act in Shinjuku Swan. He always blend perfectly with every role he played. But, the story pace was a bit strange... Is it because it's an adaption of the manga, so the pace was quite fast? Watching the movie made me think, "Shinjuku is quite scary area..." (OY! NO ONE WOULD EVER SCOUT YOU!!) 

Why days are passing so fast when I got deadlines???