Wednesday, February 24, 2016

Depression and the desire to end a life

When I read this post, I remember the long desire to end my own life, to commit suicide.

The desire caused by a reason, which was coming from my own Mother.
My Mother adored her sons so much, that exclude her girls. Discrimination happened, in attention and treatment. Often, I saw her eyes become sparkling and lively whenever her boys come to visit, while she never gave the kind of look to me.   

I felt tired with the discrimination and heart ache, and that’s when I thought to end my own life, to slice my wrist. But, the intention never become real, because… I was scared of the pain and the sin if I ever do it.  

The sadness…
How it brings me down.
I know I have no choice.
Is it wise? Taking a life?
(Prayer – Hyde)

The song saved me. I carefully thought about the desire and finally decided not to do it, ever.