Monday, January 11, 2016


It’s been weeks since I colored my hair with red color, and I still get surprising looked from friends and co-workers.

What’s your motivation?
I thought you won’t ever do something like that (coloring the hair).
You’ve become more stylists.
After it, you should grow your hair long; you’ll be looking more girly.

The changing hair color really surprised everyone hahaha and anyway, what’s the relation between coloring my hair, with becoming more girly (which I never intended to be)?

If only they knew the “tragedy” of the red hair color…

I was going to have my hair cut with a friend. While waiting for the hair dresser finishing his works, we were doing hair and body treatment, which it was my first time since I was born to the world…
As usual I only cut my hair short. The hair dresser did a fine job. Then when we were about to paid the bill, we’re being offered to color our hair. I was planning to do so, but I just haven’t got the right timing. Since my friend agreed, then we picked the color for the hair. I choose light green, which it led to the big mistake…

My friend chooses light red and it looked nice on her hair. While the result to my hair was…light brown…huh…? Where the green gone?

My friend said I was looking nice with the hair color, like a Korean. Family also said the same thing… But, I didn’t feel comfortable with it at all. I don’t like the color; it wasn’t like I was hoping for…green…and it was too bright. So the next day, I returned to the salon and had another color for my hair hahaha

The hair dresser and the employee at the salon were surprised seeing me back. They were worried it was their mistake. But I convince them that I don’t feel confidence with too bright color, so I wanted to change it.

I requested dark red, like the color of blood, so people won’t noticed the hair color, unless when it get light by the sun or light from the lamp. But because my hair was already colored in light brown, it might be difficult to make it dark red.

When it finished, I feel the color was still too bright. But I feel more comfortable than with previous one, maybe because it was red? Family was surprised seeing me with red hair, but they still said it’s a nice color, making me relieved hehehe

I was thinking, maybe I get influenced from SUGIZO with his hair color...

or Fukase (SEKAOWA). I really like Fukase’s red hair color; it’s the right one that I wanted. Maybe in the future, I will color my hair like his ^^ 

But for now, the closest one to me maybe… Hanamichi Sakuragi (Slam Dunk) hahaha

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