Monday, January 11, 2016


It’s been weeks since I colored my hair with red color, and I still get surprising looked from friends and co-workers.

What’s your motivation?
I thought you won’t ever do something like that (coloring the hair).
You’ve become more stylists.
After it, you should grow your hair long; you’ll be looking more girly.

The changing hair color really surprised everyone hahaha and anyway, what’s the relation between coloring my hair, with becoming more girly (which I never intended to be)?

If only they knew the “tragedy” of the red hair color…

I was going to have my hair cut with a friend. While waiting for the hair dresser finishing his works, we were doing hair and body treatment, which it was my first time since I was born to the world…
As usual I only cut my hair short. The hair dresser did a fine job. Then when we were about to paid the bill, we’re being offered to color our hair. I was planning to do so, but I just haven’t got the right timing. Since my friend agreed, then we picked the color for the hair. I choose light green, which it led to the big mistake…

Friday, January 08, 2016

Versaille's new fan fiction.

Since Versailles has announced their revival on last year December, and will start new activities on August 2016, I wrote new chapter for the fan fiction series (^^).

"We are the descendants of rose"

Read the story on my wattpad account (you need to log in to read the stories),
or on Figment.

Thank you for reading~

Tuesday, January 05, 2016

Hello, 2016!

Happy New Year! Welcome to 2016~

Late post again hehehe

I should have post about my 2015, and my plans (resolutions) for 2016. But, since I never succeed doing resolutions for years, I won’t make it either for 2016. (^^)

At the eve of New Year, I realized some things had changed: there weren’t too many fire crackers, so I could slept well, and I also have prepared new calendar for the new year, which usually I got it after 2 months. I hope the habit changes would mean good things for my 2016.  

My 2015 was like riding a rollercoaster (which I haven’t rides the real one for once in my whole life…). Big changed at work; doing new job desk that excited me, plus with the tension, worries, and responsibilities. I also had a scary experienced, a car accident, that made me quite feel traumatic. 

I was emotionally tired, being quite sensitive, almost break down, almost gave up, wanted to run away from everything, depressed, stressed, betrayed, tired being the good guy, hate the world and the people… How it’s easier to hate than trying to understand…

I wonder how I could manage to get through it all. Remembering the times, the silent tears… I feel glad I could get through it alive (^^).