Tuesday, November 24, 2015

My "not-looking-like-a-boss" Boss

It's a job for every Bosses to be tight with schedules and deadlines, to think about the next project and direct the employee to reached the goal.

How a Boss should look like?
Wears fancy suit? Driving luxurious cars? Paying every employees lunch bills?
I'll go with the third one hahaha

But, my Bosses aren't looking like that, and sometimes it made people falsely assumed about their high positions.

One day, we were out for a book store visits. After it, we head for evening snacks. When we arrived at the restaurant, it was raining quite hard. The parking officer was kindly to cover us with his umbrella, back and forth from the car to the restaurant front gate. Manager-san was the one who drive.

When it was my turned to get escorted by the parking officer, he said to me...

"Is the chauffeur will stay at the car, or join you inside the restaurant?"

I stunned to the question, before I burst into laugh.

"He's isn't my chauffeur, he's my Boss..." *pats Manager-san*

Having a very helpful Boss was also an advantage. Megane-kun was kindly enough to willingly taking our dummy book order from a local digital printing. After he got it, the officer on duty called my co-worker informing that the book has been taken.

"The book has been taken, is it your office boy or online motorcycle service?"

We can't stand not to burst into laugh hahaha

And the most epic one, that I always burst into laugh whenever I remember it.
An ex-coworker were visiting the office and said she wanted to took a vacation to Zurich, Switzerland. She was confused about the visa's permission and where should she transit. She asked for Big Boss (BB) opinions.

BB: "If you want to go to Jurigh, you don't need to transit, just get to Jurigh."
Ex-coworker: "Oh, I see..."
Me: "Giggle behind my mask flu"

Later on I told my friend,

"You are going to Zurich, Switzerland, right? Not to the cemetery,"

(Note: "Jurigh" is a Sundanese word for ghost. BB is a Sundanese, that often pronounce "z" with "j". So it change the sound of it hehehe).


Tohya said...

Ahahah, reading this is making even me laugh! Isn't your boss kinda bothered of that? To be honest, I am really curious about a picture now haha.
So it seems that for your environment you look pretty mature? Isn't that such a nice compliment?! :)

KiRaidesu said...

My Bosses only smile when they knew the story, though I believe they were cursing inside hahaha
Let's see if I could took picture of the two, since Megane-kun sat beside me and Manager-san is quite friendly man ^^

Well, I'm not sure they thought me as a mature person, but definitely a weird one hahaha

Thanks for reading and commenting~ <3