Wednesday, November 25, 2015

Get well soon, Konitan! Good luck, Junno!

Two surprising news came out yesterday.
One news was actually have been known for several days, but I just know about it yesterday...
The news was that Ryousei Konishi (Konitan), the actor of Saejima Kouga (Garo) was in serious illness. Some people assumed it's the reason he's looking so skinny...

On the latest Garo event, Konitan couldn't come and send his greetings through letter read by the actor for Gonza, Saejima Kouga's loyal butler. View the video here.
I don't understand the letter, but the way Konitan greets Mika Hijii (Kaoru), her flowing tears, the sad look and sobbing from Masei Nakayama (Raiga), it made me in tears too...

I hope Konitan will be doing okay, and could joins the 6th season of Garo with Masei Nakayama.
Get well soon, Konitan!

The second news was coming from the only JPop Band I would listen, KAT-TUN.
After the shocking news about Tanaka Koki leaving the group, now it's Junnosuke Taguchi (Junno) to leave the group.

I still remember the post I've made when Tanaka Koki left and KAT-TUN would be a 4 member group. I still can remember the shocked I felt that day, quite the same with what I'm feeling right now...

How KAT-TUN would be with three member...?
But, be strong guys! You got everyone's support!

Junno's decision was understandable. It also made me think what would I do about my own life... (^^) I love "Flash" so much and really enjoy watching Junno's singing and dancing. I'm really wishing him the very best.

Be strong, Konitan!
Be strong, KAT-TUN!
Be strong, Junno!

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