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"unwrapping" Over The L'Arc~en~Ciel" Documentary Film.

Words won’t be enough to describe my feeling after watching “Over The L’Arc~en~Ciel” Documentary film. I’ve watched it when it gets to local cinema on February earlier this year. They were just too awesome~

These were quick recap of what I watched on the cinema and the DVD, and it won’t be in order of appearance X3

The film begins with black and white tetsuya, thinking, whether they should make a documentary movie of their world tour or not. tetsuya was also being convinced by Masahiro Oishi to make the documentary. He moved around the room, collecting his things in several bags, thinking deeply and quietly as Masahiro-san persuaded him. 

That was when I can feel the aura of a leader from tetsuya…

The whole movie showed the “human-side” of each L’Arc~en~Ciel member. Their true feeling, thoughts, happiness, laugh and cheer, smile, jokes, caring for each other, goofy side, worries, tears, hopes…everything that make me realize that they were an ordinary people after all.
yukihiro was asked his feeling about the 20th anniversary tour, and he answered it shortly,

“I’m happy.”

People didn’t hear him so they asked it again, and yukkie gave the same answer. They were laughing. yukkie explained about it behind the scene.

“I was asked my feeling about the 20th anniversary; it’s difficult to answer just in 10 seconds.” (laughing)

It’s so true, yukkie, but the way you answered it was just too cute! >w<        

In different scene, tetsuya, ken, and hyde admitted that they found difficulties to speak with words, so they just let music do the talking. They have been together for quite long time, that they could understand each other without saying anything.

There’s no one dominated the band, not even tetsuya as the leader. Everyone got their own task and role. For the tour, it was ken who handles with the staff. There also no mood maker within the band. Personally I thought ken was the mood maker, but maybe it’s a different meaning of being a mood maker as tetsuya meant before.

It’s not a strange thing seeing tetsuya gets mad, he’s the leader anyway. But seeing hyde and ken angry? That’s rare thing I guess…

tetsuya was angry because someone forget to put back one of the fan to the stage (at Japan’s tour). The crew meant to protect it from the falling rain, so they took it inside. But they forget to put it back to its origin position. As can be expected, tetsuya gets upset.

“If it’s a FI car, losing one component will be a serious thing. Do it as if someone’s life depends on it.” (walking away with upset face).

Me: O_O;;;;


hyde knew ken was having bad mood because he felt the bass sound was too loud.

hyde: “ken isn’t doing well, do something.”
And ken refused to get recorded when he was showing his grumpy to the staff.

ken, that goofy man gets angry…?

While hyde was grumpy when he noticed the flow of the feathers didn’t perfectly get to all direction, he demanded it to be fixed for the next show.

hyde: “Don’t get use to have little mistakes on every show.”

It’s normal for a band to have worries and doubt to do tour, especially a world tour, even for a band as big as L’Arc~en~Ciel. They weren’t sure people would know about them and would come to see them play.

Yet, in every city they went to, screaming from crowds of people welcomed them. The tour gave them many interesting experiences. tetsuya had to mentioned that his name was “tetsuya…with a ‘ya’”. hyde was mistaken for ken. tetsuya was confused when the anchor was talking then suddenly asked something that he has to answered. tetsuya was confused which one he has to answered hahaha

In every city, they met new people, new habit, new things, but one thing was clearly the same: the smiling face from the fans, as hyde reclaimed it at the stage in Jakarta.

tetsuya was quite nervous for having a show at Madison Square Garden. Will it be okay for them to play at that special place? tetsuya once came to MSG to watch a performance (I forget who), he was walking between the seats, remembering where did his seat at that time.

After every performances, tetsuya reclaimed that he was sad for not giving the best from the band, that’s why he said the band still can go more and and will be doing the best for next shows. He seemed never satisfied with what he has done, and always wanting to do better and better.

“It’s good for the business too.”

Awesome L’eader!! Hahahaha!  

hyde was also saying the same.

“Like an amoeba that keeps changing, I’d like to be like that in every performance.”

Strange comparison, but it does make sense hahaha

They not only showed the serious and dedicated side, also joy and laughter.

hyde and ken was being asked what would happen with them in the next 5-10 years.

hyde: “I would be bald.”
ken: “I would be playing like this… *mimicking to play guitar while bending down*
ken: “But, then in 20 years someone would create a pill that make hair grows again and could play guitar like usual *straighten his body*
hyde + ken : “Kidding.”

tetsuya was amazed reading the name of one drink he was holding. It written “Ochaza”, an abbreviation of Ocha + Yakuza.

“Is it Japanese?”

In Singapore, tetsuya posed in front of Universal Studios world sign. He said,

“I’m in Osaka…no…I’m in Los Angeles…no…I’m in Singapore.”


tetsuya was amazed to see many international artists have been playing in the same venue in Singapore. He was looking at the posters on the wall, and one was the band’s poster.  

“I would sign it, if you promised not to put it down.” (laugh)

In Jakarta, tetsuya had this thought…

“Why the fans in Jakarta are so passionate?”
“Maybe because their number is twice from people in Tokyo.”


We’re so passionate because we have been waiting and longing for you to come!!

I was kind of embarrassed with the scene in Jakarta: traffic jam, overloaded train, and fans falling unconsciously at the live. But, that’s the real thing XD

ken was doing photo shoot at Kota Tua Jakarta, when he saw a cat and start to make a sound imitating the cat’s voice hahaha

In Taiwan, hyde mentioned about spooky rumor he once heard, that if a Japanese star stayed for a night in one certain room in a hotel, he would get nuts.

hyde: “tecchan doesn’t like that stuff.”

In my surprised, I thought tetsuya was a quite rational man, but he does believe superstitious things. He was getting words by a fortune teller about his luck, and he was seriously paying attention. He’s cute when he looked serious hahaha 

While in Paris, the wind was blowing quite hard. Ken’s hat was blown by the wind and he had to run to get it back.

ken: “What if you see my wig pulling off and flew away? Just pretend you don’t see it.”


During the journey on train to Paris, hyde said “Bonjour” as they crossing the border, but the steward thought he was asking for Orange Juice. Hyde looked shocked and kept repeating “bonjour” for several times hahaha!

hyde: “It’s not even close between bonjour and orange juice...”

In Honolulu, before the live ended, they add one special song to honor the passing away crew member (the reason tetsuya changed his name). They sung “bye bye” as it was the crew member favorite song. hyde was sobbing at the end of the song, while tetsuya working hard to hold up his tears with kept looking above. Listening to “bye bye” won’t feel the same again, the sad scene will always in my mind.

After watching the movie, I feel missing them so badly. My heart was beating faster while waiting the movie to get started. I feel like I was about to cry, yet I didn’t hahaha
I feel my love for L’Arc~en~Ciel has getting bigger. I could understand why they can be so big and famous. I could understand why they are my number one favorite band. I could understand why I love them so much. It really can’t be express with words. I just feel it. I admire them so much!

“L’Arc~en~Ciel isn’t super human. They are just ordinary human that doing their best.”

L’Arc~en~Ciel, I equally love and admire the four of them, loving them, and it makes me feel happy every day!

The DVD release

Finally the DVD has been released in Indonesia. It’s kind of odd since the music company didn’t mention about the released. I’ve found about it from a friend on twitter, quickly checked it to a local online music store, and as soon as I get a confirmation of the released, I order it.

It doesn’t take time to arrive, but that isn’t the problem. The DVD couldn’t play through the player. The words on the DVD were showing “Error” and it demanded to check the DVD region. I understand there only one caused, it’s a region 2 DVD… But, how could it’s a region 2 DVD? Every DVD released inside the country will be automatically a region 3; usually it will be like that. How come this time it’s different? It can be play through VLC player on the laptop, but I never feel comfortable to watched a DVD through laptop screen. So I tried to look out the internet and found the way how to make my player to play a region 2 DVD.

I tried it as soon as I got the time, and…it works!! It’s amazing!! XD

I can finally watch it on TV screen and with English subtitles. The translations were kind of hard to understand, it used unfamiliar words for me hahaha but it still fun to watch. There were extended parts that I forget which were different with the cinema’s version…some scenes I think I didn’t see on the cinema were the shirtless yukkie on his practice at Lapangan D Senayan. Even though looking skinny, but he has a good abdomen muscles… *gulp* and also the time when they did a photo session inside a theater, where yukkie was forbid to play a drum on the stage hahaha I thought it was a joke, but he was really forbid hahaha ken was making a joke from it.

ken: “Do you know who I am?”
yukkie: “I’m yukihiro” *laugh*
ken: “I’m yukihiro” *laugh*
yukkie: “I’m travel far away from Japan, did a concert here yesterday” *laugh*
ken: “I’m yukihiro” *laugh*

Baka hahaha

They were all indeed amazing. No matter how many times I watched their DVD, listen to their songs, I always fall in love all over again. No matter what I’m doing, wherever I go, whatever I’ve been listening, I will always come back to them.

My dear L’Arc~en~Ciel, thank you for giving me the best memories, thank you for the songs and inspirations, thank you for being around together. My love for you will always be there, eternally.

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