Monday, October 19, 2015

Thoughts on L’Arc~en~Ciel Live 2015: LArCasino

LArCasino is a one awesome concert from L’Arc~en~Ciel, and I’m really grateful the recording was finally being showed in local cinema. Hours after the broadcast, I’m still feeling happy and smiling over the awesomeness of the band. I really deeply love this band.

The concert was using “Casino” as the stage theme, there were many ornaments resembling Casino all over the stage. But to my surprised, the members were dressing normally. Well, except for hyde…he was the only one with costume, face, and hair make up. ken was dressing with white coat, while yukkie dressing in black and a hair bandana to keep hold his long hair (thank you, yukkie. I thought you would just let your long hair loose…). My biggest surprised was tetsuya’s outfit. I thought he would wear crazy and wacko dressing, yet it was simple and…normal! At first he was wearing long hand sweater and a coat with sparkling stars pattern (hyde called him as Hoshi no Ojiisan XD), while on second part he was wearing a tiger color pattern shirt, then a black shirt, and a black jacket with hoodle. So normal looking tetsuya, yet I like his style so much! He’s looking comfortable. And had to mentioned it...tetsuya's fingers were just beautiful!! White, clean, so beautiful!! 

Through the show, hyde was being so goofy! He forgets the lyric again, and his expression was priceless! CUTE!!! He dances side by side with the bunnies’ girls, yet among those sexy ladies, hyde still be the sexiest! He talked to a Parrot doll, and imitates its voice; teasing yukkie, teasing tet-chan, and also teasing ken’s performance on “My heart draws a dream”. Gosh! That man was just too beautiful and amazing to express in writings! There were also a moment of “haitsu”, not much, but memorable! (XD). ken was still funny with his dirty jokes, and like always he seemed to enjoy the show so much.

I was speechless with yukkie…somehow he becomes more quiet than he has been. Inside the limousine, he did throw away money, but with no expressions. His drum set was shorter and made him more visible. Yet, yukkie keep on bending and still didn’t interact too much (or is it only in the recording?). There were some epic moments with yukkie…     

When the member was moving to another stage way behind the venue, hyde asked yukkie was he feel fun. yukkie only answered with a smile and nods. Then hyde asked him again, and he answered with the sounds of his drum…

When hyde, tetsuya, and ken were walking back to the main stage and giving money along the way, yukkie was alone sitting inside the limousine… He did walk on second half of the way and throwing money, but what he did previously was really…hah…yukkie… XD

But, the most epic moments was when yukkie showed at the stage holding a guitar and TRICK was play! TRICK! A song by yukkie and the members was in turned singing one part of the song! I was freaking out inside the cinema and I really almost cried, seeing yukkie not behind the drums, but holding a guitar and sing…the moment that I really want to see it again! yukkie!!! DAISUKI!!!

The members performed some old good songs, such as “And She said”, “Wind of Gold”, and “It’s the end”. But they also play famous songs and that has been play on live concert, like “LINK”, “My heart draws a dream”, “Flower”, “Blurry eyes”, “Ready Steady Go”, “Chase”, “XXX”, and more. They also performed new song, “Wings Flap”. It’s a wonderful and beautiful song. I like it from the first time I hear it. And when hyde sings the lyric, “Daikirai…kirai…kirai…”, I quietly replied, “Yes, I’m here, I hear you…” XD

I was quite surprised there’s no “Anata” or “Bless”. They performed “pieces” for the finale and end the show with fireworks display. As soon as the show ended, yukkie bows and left the stage (I screamed yukkie!!!!!), ken was smiling and waving, hyde was blowing kiss to the audience, and tetsuya was throwing away bananas. After he has no bananas to throw, he went on to the microphone and I was holding my breath…

Me: Please, don’t say it…
tetsuya: *taking a breath*
Me: *holds my breath*
tetsuya: *talking*
Me: Please…
tetsuya: MATA NEEEEEE!!!
Me: God!!!!!!

I almost cried again… I really can’t hear him saying that words… 

The live was freaking awesome! The performance was amazing, entertaining, fun! The stage was awesome! The songs were awesome! Everything was AWESOME!!!

When the show ended, the lights were on… I sat still…catching my breath, waiting my rushing heart to be calm…gathering my strength so my tears won’t fall down…

I knew it, I always knew it. I love them. I love L’Arc~en~Ciel so much. Not just their songs, but also their doing, not only one, but the four of them. (even though my strongly feeling goes to yukkie).
For the first time, I really wishing it…to tetsuya…please make a DVD for LArCasino, and let it sell in Indonesia. For TRICK, for yukkie, for the four of them!

I love L’Arc~en~Ciel!!!

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