Tuesday, October 06, 2015

Silent tears.

I like to keep stories for myself, yet people often thought I was okay and even rudely not considering my feeling.

"Your life must be fun, no worries at all,"
"You're lucky, you don't have anything to worry about,"

I feel happy that people sees me for having no worries and enjoying my life the way it is. Even my own family sees me that way.
But, what happened recently broke my heart...

"This matter could strained the mental of the two of you...and also me..."

The words were said to three people, while in present there were four people. I'm not included...not mentioned...not being care...

Is it because I'm looking tougher, that I could face everything alone?
Is it because I don't have pretty look that I'm not being care?

Honestly it makes me edgy and thought people are against me at the moment...
When pure kindness was treated in a wrong way...
When there's a line thin between pure innocence and pure idiotic.

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