Thursday, October 01, 2015

megamasso will go on hiatus...


Surprising news come from megamasso.

According to their official home page, and as reported by JaME World, after their 9th anniversary live concert on December 16th, megamasso will go on hiatus for a year.

I really enjoyed their latest album, "Nishutari" (release on August 5th, 2015), and loving the song and video of "Snowy Blue". Inzargi played guitar at the video!

But, they will go on a hiatus. Well, it's only for a year, and they said it's to make the band to be better. I really hope it's only a hiatus, and won't result in something bad. I hope they will really back after a year. Not, like Versailles who's still in their sleep, not knowing when will they be awaken again.

There's always a "why" in a decision to go hiatus. I will surely understand the reasons (at least tried to), and will always give support. Yet, the "why" will always be around...

I really want to tweet to Inzargi,

"Of course I will always support all if you, so be sure to get back in a year, okay!"

Be sure to get back, megamasso! I will be waiting!!

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