Saturday, October 17, 2015

Happy Birthday dearest Kimi!

Just like Kimi being asked about his motivation for F1, I guess I was also questioned about my support for the Iceman.

Even though I didn’t show it (write, tweet, upload), but I always support Kimi. Even though I couldn’t watched any of his race, but I always wishing and praying he would get good result. Though I may seem to be hiatus from that fandom world, but I do still followed news about him.

I’m a forever Kimi Raikkonen lover. His influenced has lies deep inside of me, there’s no way I will ever leave or forget him. Kimi has been my world, my life, greatest love, and great influence. There were times I felt crazy, sad, and depressed when I couldn’t watched his race or just to think about him… I guess every fans has gone through that phase, when an idol sadness become our sadness, and the happiness will also become our happiness. 

Now, I “love” Kimi in a more mature way. I always love him and consider him as one of my most important person. I always wish him great success, happiness, smile, and health. For the most important man in my life, I wish every good thing in life for him.

Happy birthday dearest Kimi, through all the years, you are still awesome. You are still my number one, my cutest and handsome Polar Bear, the best F1 driver, the most important man. I love you, always and forever.

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