Friday, October 02, 2015

Happy 77th birthday, Dad!

Sister asked me this morning, whether I remember what day was today.

"Of course I remember, It's Dad's birthday. So, what would we have for tonight?" I asked with a wide grinned.

If my father was still alive, he would celebrate his 77th birthday today.
He was born on October 2nd, 1938.
The coincidence were, both of us was born in the same date, and if the last two numbers from the year was switched, it will be my number of year (X3).

As I've made several posts about my lost childhood memory, especially that included my father, I still can't remember our memories. I'm not trying either though hahaha
My Sister finally gave up trying to recall the memories from my head...

Try 1
Me: Dad passed away when I was in kindergarten, right?
Sister: No, he passed away when you're in Elementary School.
Me: O_o
Sister: Zeeezz

Try 2
Me: I feel I've come to this place once...
Sister: You have, with Dad.
Me: ...
Sister: ...

Try 3
Me: Yes! I've definitely been here! I remember eating that!
Sister: You only remember about the food...
Me: *grinned* But, I don't remember with whom I was at the time...
Sister: WITH DAD!!!!

It seemed I really can't trust my memories...

Dad, you must be feeling bored for every year being asked how's up there.
I won't asked it this year.
Deep in my heart, I always pray you're doing good up there, along with Mom and your one and only Son-in-Law.
Be good the three of you. Don't make any fuss that made the Angels upset (:P).

Happy birthday, Dad!

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