Friday, October 30, 2015


You're better than the best
I'm lucky just to linger in your light
Cooler then the flip side of my pillow, that's right
Completely unaware
Nothing can compare to where you send me,
Lets me know that it's OK, yeah it's OK
And the moments where my good times start to fade

You make me smile like the sun
Fall out of bed, sing like a bird
Dizzy in my head, spin like a record
Crazy on a Sunday night
You make me dance like a fool
Forget how to breathe
Shine like gold, buzz like a bee
Just the thought of you can drive me wild
Oh, you make me smile

Monday, October 26, 2015

"unwrapping" Over The L'Arc~en~Ciel" Documentary Film.

Words won’t be enough to describe my feeling after watching “Over The L’Arc~en~Ciel” Documentary film. I’ve watched it when it gets to local cinema on February earlier this year. They were just too awesome~

These were quick recap of what I watched on the cinema and the DVD, and it won’t be in order of appearance X3

The film begins with black and white tetsuya, thinking, whether they should make a documentary movie of their world tour or not. tetsuya was also being convinced by Masahiro Oishi to make the documentary. He moved around the room, collecting his things in several bags, thinking deeply and quietly as Masahiro-san persuaded him. 

That was when I can feel the aura of a leader from tetsuya…

The whole movie showed the “human-side” of each L’Arc~en~Ciel member. Their true feeling, thoughts, happiness, laugh and cheer, smile, jokes, caring for each other, goofy side, worries, tears, hopes…everything that make me realize that they were an ordinary people after all.
yukihiro was asked his feeling about the 20th anniversary tour, and he answered it shortly,

Monday, October 19, 2015

Thoughts on L’Arc~en~Ciel Live 2015: LArCasino

LArCasino is a one awesome concert from L’Arc~en~Ciel, and I’m really grateful the recording was finally being showed in local cinema. Hours after the broadcast, I’m still feeling happy and smiling over the awesomeness of the band. I really deeply love this band.

The concert was using “Casino” as the stage theme, there were many ornaments resembling Casino all over the stage. But to my surprised, the members were dressing normally. Well, except for hyde…he was the only one with costume, face, and hair make up. ken was dressing with white coat, while yukkie dressing in black and a hair bandana to keep hold his long hair (thank you, yukkie. I thought you would just let your long hair loose…). My biggest surprised was tetsuya’s outfit. I thought he would wear crazy and wacko dressing, yet it was simple and…normal! At first he was wearing long hand sweater and a coat with sparkling stars pattern (hyde called him as Hoshi no Ojiisan XD), while on second part he was wearing a tiger color pattern shirt, then a black shirt, and a black jacket with hoodle. So normal looking tetsuya, yet I like his style so much! He’s looking comfortable. And had to mentioned it...tetsuya's fingers were just beautiful!! White, clean, so beautiful!! 

Through the show, hyde was being so goofy! He forgets the lyric again, and his expression was priceless! CUTE!!! He dances side by side with the bunnies’ girls, yet among those sexy ladies, hyde still be the sexiest! He talked to a Parrot doll, and imitates its voice; teasing yukkie, teasing tet-chan, and also teasing ken’s performance on “My heart draws a dream”. Gosh! That man was just too beautiful and amazing to express in writings! There were also a moment of “haitsu”, not much, but memorable! (XD). ken was still funny with his dirty jokes, and like always he seemed to enjoy the show so much.

Saturday, October 17, 2015

Happy Birthday dearest Kimi!

Just like Kimi being asked about his motivation for F1, I guess I was also questioned about my support for the Iceman.

Even though I didn’t show it (write, tweet, upload), but I always support Kimi. Even though I couldn’t watched any of his race, but I always wishing and praying he would get good result. Though I may seem to be hiatus from that fandom world, but I do still followed news about him.

I’m a forever Kimi Raikkonen lover. His influenced has lies deep inside of me, there’s no way I will ever leave or forget him. Kimi has been my world, my life, greatest love, and great influence. There were times I felt crazy, sad, and depressed when I couldn’t watched his race or just to think about him… I guess every fans has gone through that phase, when an idol sadness become our sadness, and the happiness will also become our happiness. 

Now, I “love” Kimi in a more mature way. I always love him and consider him as one of my most important person. I always wish him great success, happiness, smile, and health. For the most important man in my life, I wish every good thing in life for him.

Happy birthday dearest Kimi, through all the years, you are still awesome. You are still my number one, my cutest and handsome Polar Bear, the best F1 driver, the most important man. I love you, always and forever.

Wednesday, October 07, 2015

Hey, YOU.

Hey, YOU.

My stress relieved. My most favorite "Sea".
The one who taught me, "It's okay to be different, it's okay to be you."
The one who showed me that the world is colorful.

Tuesday, October 06, 2015

Silent tears.

I like to keep stories for myself, yet people often thought I was okay and even rudely not considering my feeling.

"Your life must be fun, no worries at all,"
"You're lucky, you don't have anything to worry about,"

I feel happy that people sees me for having no worries and enjoying my life the way it is. Even my own family sees me that way.
But, what happened recently broke my heart...

"This matter could strained the mental of the two of you...and also me..."

The words were said to three people, while in present there were four people. I'm not included...not mentioned...not being care...

Is it because I'm looking tougher, that I could face everything alone?
Is it because I don't have pretty look that I'm not being care?

Honestly it makes me edgy and thought people are against me at the moment...
When pure kindness was treated in a wrong way...
When there's a line thin between pure innocence and pure idiotic.

Friday, October 02, 2015

Happy 77th birthday, Dad!

Sister asked me this morning, whether I remember what day was today.

"Of course I remember, It's Dad's birthday. So, what would we have for tonight?" I asked with a wide grinned.

If my father was still alive, he would celebrate his 77th birthday today.
He was born on October 2nd, 1938.
The coincidence were, both of us was born in the same date, and if the last two numbers from the year was switched, it will be my number of year (X3).

As I've made several posts about my lost childhood memory, especially that included my father, I still can't remember our memories. I'm not trying either though hahaha
My Sister finally gave up trying to recall the memories from my head...

Thursday, October 01, 2015

megamasso will go on hiatus...


Surprising news come from megamasso.

According to their official home page, and as reported by JaME World, after their 9th anniversary live concert on December 16th, megamasso will go on hiatus for a year.

I really enjoyed their latest album, "Nishutari" (release on August 5th, 2015), and loving the song and video of "Snowy Blue". Inzargi played guitar at the video!

But, they will go on a hiatus. Well, it's only for a year, and they said it's to make the band to be better. I really hope it's only a hiatus, and won't result in something bad. I hope they will really back after a year. Not, like Versailles who's still in their sleep, not knowing when will they be awaken again.

There's always a "why" in a decision to go hiatus. I will surely understand the reasons (at least tried to), and will always give support. Yet, the "why" will always be around...

I really want to tweet to Inzargi,

"Of course I will always support all if you, so be sure to get back in a year, okay!"

Be sure to get back, megamasso! I will be waiting!!