Wednesday, September 30, 2015


I walked inside the office, Megane-kun was talking happily with the rest of co-workers. I step closer at them, smiled awkwardly.

Me: "We CRASH,"  
Megane-kun + co-workers: O_O;;;;;;;

This morning I asked two co-workers to drive me to get books from our warehouse office. They were a beginner driver aka has took driving course, but haven't get to do it in the road. I took the courage to asked them.

"So, they can learn," was my reason for the "suicidal action" (according other co-workers).

The way going to the warehouse wasn't going smooth. Co-worker A was driving and almost hit a balloon seller...also...several times the engine made people behind us furious... I could only stayed calm, remind her to be calm and slowly, be confident, not to worried about people and car in line behind us... (which fortunately there weren't so many). We arrived safely, even though my legs were shivering and heart still beating faster hahaha I still act calm.

"That's not so bad, right?"

I just had to encourage both of them, thinking about the way back to main office...

On our way back, co-workers B was more smoothly with the car. Somehow I feel more calm and assured we will arrived safe and sound. But, my hope was too high...

Just a few more meters, co-workers B was overtaking a public car and...crash it's right side....


Damn!!! It was supposed to be a smooth one, how come she crash it??
I get out from the car, apologize to the driver. Luckily he's willing to understands, since also his car wasn't badly broken. I took a sigh of relief...not before I saw the scratches at our car....

O_O;;;;;;;'s look pretty bad....

I tried to calm co-worker B for the rest of the way. After that I quickly reported what happened to Megane-kun and to some people who would deal with the insurance etc. I don't want people to get the story from second or third parties. The story had to came out from me, since I was in the car, and I was the one who crazily asked them to do a drive.

It's really a scary experience, where I was alone with them...I can't imagine if the driver demanded responsibility...We were surely lucky... Thank God.
I still shivering over the accident, and still trying to be calm, to look calm, even though I couldn't concentrate with my works anymore...

I think for the time being... I won't be going anywhere by car hahaha

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