Wednesday, September 30, 2015


I walked inside the office, Megane-kun was talking happily with the rest of co-workers. I step closer at them, smiled awkwardly.

Me: "We CRASH,"  
Megane-kun + co-workers: O_O;;;;;;;

This morning I asked two co-workers to drive me to get books from our warehouse office. They were a beginner driver aka has took driving course, but haven't get to do it in the road. I took the courage to asked them.

"So, they can learn," was my reason for the "suicidal action" (according other co-workers).

The way going to the warehouse wasn't going smooth. Co-worker A was driving and almost hit a balloon seller...also...several times the engine made people behind us furious... I could only stayed calm, remind her to be calm and slowly, be confident, not to worried about people and car in line behind us... (which fortunately there weren't so many). We arrived safely, even though my legs were shivering and heart still beating faster hahaha I still act calm.

"That's not so bad, right?"

Tuesday, September 29, 2015

It’s not The End of The World, not yet.

When I feel stressed and depressed, sometimes I feel angry to the world.

Why I had to suffer alone?

Of course it’s only coming from my mind. Just like people have said, “Illness comes from the mind.”
I was really stressed and depressed lately, and realize I was alone. I don’t know to whom I could share the feeling; I don’t have anyone on my side. The feeling depressed me that much that I turned to become a coward. Instead of facing and deal with the fear, I opted to walk away, to run away, looking for the easiest and safest way out.

I was a coward.

Monday, September 21, 2015

Blue sky, the sea, and HIM.

Usually, in every Monday, I always have "Monday Blues", one of it was heavy headache, that made me feel to bashed my head against the wall, or to puts it off, shake it until the pain disappeared, and put it back hahaha

But, this Monday might be different.

Kimi finally gets a 3rd place podium at Singapore GP.
Even though I didn't watched the race, but his smiling pictures were over my timeline. If he smiles, I will be smiling with him :)

The start of L'Arc~en~Ciel Casino 2015 Live.
Thinking that my beautiful rainbow are getting together for 2 days made me so happy and in tears. Can't wait to see their pictures~

Blue sky, sea, and... SUGIZO.
Actually above is the real title I want to wrote, but just to make it looked mysterious and romantic hahaha
Sugizo post the pictures from last night, and I just saw it when I was online from office. It gives me super awesome affect! Super awesome feeling! Three things I like were all together in a frame! That guy is really beautiful~