Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Happy August

I went to many events from the start of August. It was truly fun! Even though it exhausts me, and had to spend my weekends outside, it’s really worth it.

The first event was JAKARTA BOOK & EDUCATION FAIR 2015 at Parkir Timur Senayan, Jakarta. It was an annually event of books fair, but this time it added with school equipment fair, to welcome the coming of new school semester. Because of that, the event was told being so crowded and chaotic.

I was assigned to help out around the publisher group, as a “Teman Pembaca”, someone that would explain the content of the book to the incoming customers. I’ve heard about the situation from coworkers who had been there, and to be honest it made me feel lazy to go. I even decided I won’t look for any books this year because of the crowded space.

But the words, “Believe by seeing it, and not hearing it” was completely true. When I was finally there, the place was quite empty and comfortable for me to look at some other booths. As the result I get a book that I’ve been looking for.

The book I've been looking everywhere...

The second event was Popcon Asia 2015 at Jakarta Convention Center, Jakarta. There were two reasons for me to go to the event. The first was to meet up with some colleagues, and second (and the main reason) was to get the new volume of Garudaya, a comic series by Is Yuniarto.
I’ve come so early that Is Yuniarto hasn’t opened his booth yet (XD). But, he was kindly served me. I bought several titles of his comic book, new series of Garudayana, and some merchandise. He also kindly signed the comic, posters, and took pictures with me (X3).

Treasures from Popcon Asia 2015

I’ve managed to get everything on my wanted list at Popcon Asia, so I was really satisfied. I manage to meet up with some colleagues who share the same like with illustrations and drawings. I felt so inspired by coming to the annually creative event, to see and meet creative people from all the area in Indonesia, to see their beautifully creative works.

I also managed to take pictures of Rama and Shinta’s cosplayer. I’ve seen them before at ReOn convention in Margocity, and this time I finally took pictures of them. Next time I should took picture together (X3).

And for the first time in my life, I watched with my own eyes, a live performance of a Japanese boy band, Addiction. Actually, I haven’t heard about them, and luckily I wear a mask that time, so people won’t able to see me watching the performance with mouth widely open (XD).

The last event was Gelar Jepang UI 21 2015 at the UI Boulevard. It was an annually Japanese festival held by one of the famous university in the country. Usually I went there on the second day (the event was held for three day). But, this time I go there on the last day, because of one special occasion…the Xhibition booth.

Xhibition booth was organized by the member of X Japan Indonesia. They were displaying some merchandise of X Japan, such as CDs; DVDs, magazines, official concert T-shirts, towels, and even a Yoshikitty. I took picture with Yoshikity and they gave me an X cupcake. I spend times at the booth reading a magazine interview with Sugizo, about his issues with Hide before he died, about what other members think of Sugizo, what Sugizo thinks about his position and role within X Japan, and also about his opinions about nuclear issues. My intense chat with Ni-chan was about the issues with Hide, and we both glad that it’s a small issues about music.

X cupcake

The event was so crowded and the line was very terribly long. Gladly we’ve bought the pre order ticket, so we don’t have to queuing for too long. I’ve bought some unique stuff and made a kanji scroll calligraphy of my little name. I was also able to meet a long time friend and had a fun chat. It’s one of the reasons I’d love to go to some events, to meet up with long time friends that share the same like.

Overall because of the events, I went bankrupt. But, I'm happy because the excitement with getting what I want. So, I'm a happy bankrupt (XD). 

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