Friday, August 21, 2015

Be strong.

Be strong.
It's the word I've been resounding in my mind for a while.
I need to be strong.
No matter how alone and lonely I was.
I must be strong and surely I would get through the obstacles and loneliness inside.

(*) Be strong is a song title from Mr. Children, and also the ending theme from Nobunaga Concerto dorama. 
(**) The JPG was Honda-sensei from the anime, Barakamon.

Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Happy August

I went to many events from the start of August. It was truly fun! Even though it exhausts me, and had to spend my weekends outside, it’s really worth it.

The first event was JAKARTA BOOK & EDUCATION FAIR 2015 at Parkir Timur Senayan, Jakarta. It was an annually event of books fair, but this time it added with school equipment fair, to welcome the coming of new school semester. Because of that, the event was told being so crowded and chaotic.

I was assigned to help out around the publisher group, as a “Teman Pembaca”, someone that would explain the content of the book to the incoming customers. I’ve heard about the situation from coworkers who had been there, and to be honest it made me feel lazy to go. I even decided I won’t look for any books this year because of the crowded space.

But the words, “Believe by seeing it, and not hearing it” was completely true. When I was finally there, the place was quite empty and comfortable for me to look at some other booths. As the result I get a book that I’ve been looking for.