Tuesday, July 14, 2015


This post is totally a post of a fan girl.
The people showing up in it, doesn't have any relation in real life, except only for my admiration XD

Last night I had a sweet dream that kept me smiling until morning came.
I dreamt about SUGIZO, with a bit of vistlip.

Here I go...

I was in a room, SUGIZO was sitting across of me. He was talking with someone sitting next to me. I don't remember who was it, but the look was like Inoran / J.
In front of me was pile of guitar picks, used for concert. I was looking at a SUGIZO's golden pick. I mumble that I want it, but Inoran / J said I couldn't have it since it was for the concert. So I returned to see the other picks. At that point SUGIZO along with Inoran / J were going somewhere. But not too long they've come back, and SUGIZO took a sit next to me... (I can really feel my heart was beating faster).

SUGIZO and I then talking, but I couldn't remember what was about (XD). He was talking with Japanese, English, and sometimes Indonesian. (it was a dream, please bear it). Then from my left, comes a noisy sound, a band was performing at the stage below. I looked over and see vistlip were performing. I can see umi was walking across the stage with his blue guitar, and play it, making his characteristic guitar playing..."jreng...jreng..."

I was enjoying the performance when I realize about SUGIZO who was next to me. I turned to him who was reading a magazine. I grinned and said, "It's not your cup of tea, huh?" and he replied with a smile, "Yes, it's not my kind of music" (I said it again, it's just a dream!). SUGIZO was asking about the place we were in -- a mall. I said there's a food court. He asked what do I do at the food court. I said I bought "foot" there. SUGIZO grinned and said, "Foot? Do you mean food?" I grinned because he was correcting my spelling. We decided to go to the food court. But he had to go somewhere first. So I waited for him...waited...waited...and I woke up.


Even though it was a dream, but at least I could have a date with SUGIZO, please?

I woke up with a smile on my face. Maybe I had the dream because the day before I was making a set of SUGIZO's postcard for myself (with one umi's postcard). and before I gone to bed, I was thinking to put songs from SUGIZO as a lullaby, but I didn't do it because I was already too sleepy. Maybe the feeling that made my dream.

SUGIZO in my dream was kind and warm. The way he talk, the way his body move, his voice, his aura...everything feel so warm, kind, and magnificent! It makes me believe that the SUGIZO in real life is really like that. :)

Thanks for coming to my dream, SUGIZO. You've made my mood better~

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