Wednesday, July 15, 2015


The thought came at dawn, after I do Shubuh prayer.

Can people get bored with others?
How come it happen?

A few minutes later, I had the possibility answer on my own.

People can really get bored with others.

A lovers can get bored with it's couple, then they got break up.
A husband and wife can get bored to each other, and then they got divorce.

The same thing goes with friends.

If you get bored with the friends around you, you might be looking for another friends that more suited to your need, feeling, and likeness.

Is it right?

Tuesday, July 14, 2015


This post is totally a post of a fan girl.
The people showing up in it, doesn't have any relation in real life, except only for my admiration XD

Last night I had a sweet dream that kept me smiling until morning came.
I dreamt about SUGIZO, with a bit of vistlip.

Here I go...

I was in a room, SUGIZO was sitting across of me. He was talking with someone sitting next to me. I don't remember who was it, but the look was like Inoran / J.
In front of me was pile of guitar picks, used for concert. I was looking at a SUGIZO's golden pick. I mumble that I want it, but Inoran / J said I couldn't have it since it was for the concert. So I returned to see the other picks. At that point SUGIZO along with Inoran / J were going somewhere. But not too long they've come back, and SUGIZO took a sit next to me... (I can really feel my heart was beating faster).

Wednesday, July 08, 2015

vistlip's 8th Anniversary and new look!

Eight years.

On 7th July, vistlip has celebrate their 8th Anniversary. Two years to go to be ten years and a world tour! *smacked*
I've been a fans for about five years, but...they made me as if I've been with them from the beginning. That kind of "given feeling" that I also like from them.

Through the years of anniversaries, vistlip has change in the sounds and appearances. In the early years, their music were harder and rocking. The sound was clearer though, with a rocking vocal from tomo. But now, it's the way another. The sound was fill with many sounds, but tomo's vocal has been lighter, and so made their music become much softer. Even so, one thing made me amazed and also glad, whatever the music has change, there's still the characteristic of vistlip.

I can't say anything about the lyric. :D Some said it has also change.  

About their appearance, they surely change to become more mature and simple, except for umi. I think umi is having the mood "trying various style and look". umi is definitely the most unique member of the band.

Along with the 8th anniversary, vistlip has made an early announcement of releasing new single on August 5th, 2015. The title of the upcoming new single is OVERTURE. The peak sound of it can be listen at the official homepage. It's once again...promising sound. I can't wait to listen to the full music.

And for the single release, vistlip has reveal their new look.