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Re:CON 2015, re:ON comics convention, 25th April 2015.

[Another late post... I was quite busy... :D)

re:on Convention is an event held by re:on magazine to celebrate the 13th volume release. Since it’s not far from home, so I took the time to go to the event. At first I was going alone…but luckily Ni-chan managed to join in the afternoon. I wanted to see what kind of convention it was. Been hearing about it, but haven’t got the chance to take a look.

It’s quite fun! They had the magazine artists’ hall and merchandise booth, cosplay competition, live drawing by the artists, comic tutorial, make up and cosplay costume workshop, and also a special meet and greet with a cosplayer from the Philippines, Liui Aquino.

The crowd at the convention

The artists introduction

My main purpose at the event was to get re:ON new edition and the first volume of Grand Legend Ramayana, a comic series on re:ON by Is Yuniarto. I manage to get his sign on the comic too, and his picture while signing it. Too bad I didn’t dare to ask for a picture together with him hehehe the series was about the epic legend of Ramayana, but in a more modern style and more action.

Grand Legend Ramayana comic
by Is Yuniarto

Is Yuniarto signing his comic

re:ON volume 13 and
Grand Legend Ramayana

At the first day of event, Liui was cosplaying as Laks, Rama’s brother from the series. He was cute and attractive with his fans. Girls were screaming every time Liui made some moves. Ni-chan asked why I didn’t joined Liui’s meet and greet even though I have the ticket (the ticket was given after buying merchandise for amount of one hundred thousand rupiah). I said that I’m a fan of Rama and not Laks (XP).

Then Liui asked someone who cosplay as Rama up to the stage. At that point I was almost becoma a fan girl hahaha "Rama was too skinny and looking girly, while on the story he's quite muscular and manly (!!), but the cosplayer did well! (anyone know his name?). When Liui and Rama do moves together, all fujoshi screaming happily hahaha I was also laughing since I DO like the bromance, my reason for reading the series hahaha 

Check out the bromance below! 

Nose bleeding XD

One lacking thing was the merchandise booth. It was too small, so it made a long queuing and blocks the artist’s panel from the visitors. I had to ask permission to get through the queue line to get Is Yuniarto’s sign.

The event was held for two days, but I only came on the first day since my mission was already accomplished. Sadly I had to skip Is Yuniarto live drawing because I was already exhausted of walking and standing, and also sleepy, so I decided to just go home. One other regret, when I was about to go home with Ni-chan, I saw Rama’s cosplayer… I regret why I didn’t ask him for a picture together…damn.   

Get a tumblr, but couldn't use it since the water
keep leaking...

*Liui pictures with Rama are courtesy of Ni-chan~ 

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