Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Pasar Komik Bandung 4

[ This is a late post :D]

On 9 May 2015, office participated again at the Pasar Komik Bandung 4. But, this time I didn't go all out for the event :D
Our colleagues at Bandung has provide people to stand guard at the booth. So I can freely touring the other booth, and didn't have to stayed for a night in the city.

It's always fun and exciting to went to comic event. I could found many interesting, precious, and collectible items that I won't easily found around. It's also exciting to meet many talented artists, some that I already knew (artist for office) and some new artist that I've met for the first time. 

The event was really like a reunion or a big family gathering. Everyone were blended into one, talking about new works they were working, about issues in art, joint works, or just simple chit chat. The surroundings really feel warm. It made me kinda regret for not participating fully in the event... 

For this year event, I was happy to get MANY comics. I will list it below~ 

Comics I've bought

Rama's chara figure from
 Grand Legend Ramayana comic series

"Creatures" by Archfriend

"Garudaboi" series

Get the complete series of "Garudayana"!! \(^O^)/

Horror comic from Japanese horror movies

Comics by Mamomics

Comics by artists from Jogjakarta

"Si Bedil" comic

For everything above I spend 400 hundred rupiah hahaha 

And here's office promotions for the event.

FB cover


I've read most of the comics. Let's see if I can make a review for each title (^^). 

Big thanks for our colleagues at Bandung who has taking care of the booth. It really helped me a lot, especially with the lacking down of spirit lately hehehe

It's really a worth it event. I will come again next year! 

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