Monday, May 04, 2015

Monday Syndrome

Since I always had Monday Syndrome aka headache on every Monday, I intended to go easy on the start of the week. I left the house quite late and walk slowly to get to the office. I also intended not to do much works, but it turned out pile of it has await me...and I succeed getting headache...

I've spend three days of weekend with...nothing. I've guess it would be like that...
I actually forget I have to prepare some promotions to do this week :D
But I manage to done half of my report for the weekly meeting. Many more to do within the week especially with two days event in Bandung.

Anyway, I finished watching "The Walking Dead" until season 5. My brother wondered how I could watch all of the series while I HATE zombies. I said to him it's for Rick and Carl hahaha
The zombies aren't too much showing in the later season, I was relieved. It had more conflict between humans than against the "living dead". It's fun to see Carl growing from a small boy to a cute teenager hahaha he's so small when Rick holds him in season 1, then in season 5, Carl was almost as tall as his father hahaha the kid grown up within the series.

I quote Rick's words from the series, that they are the "walking dead" not the zombies, because they don't know where to go and had to keep on walking to find safe place for the whole group. Good point.

Actually it isn't too good for me to watch the series, since I've become more aware with the surroundings especially at night. I worried zombies would attack me while I was sleeping lol and I kept thinking about the character from the series, and almost dream being in the same situation. If I was in the situation, I'm sure I will be one of the zombies hahaha

My enjoyment for the weekend was the arriving of my final package. Sugizo's "Truth?" CD and his special Guitar Magazine.

Well, I thought it was final until Sugizo tweet about releasing the second one of Spiritual Classic Selections. The CD will be released on his birthday, 8 July 2015.
I'm speechless... I thought I won't be buying anything close by, yet he tweet that...

I'm touching Sugizo's hand... *shivering* lol

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