Thursday, April 30, 2015

A lazy writing lover

Reading my own description... "writing lover" ... yeah ... right...

Haven't been writing lately.
For the first time I feel lazy and blank in front of my netbook. Not because I don't have the idea to write. I was just...lazy.

The tension and stress had me exhausted.

When it comes to weekend, I just want to lay down at bed, read comics, and then fall asleep. I'm very unproductive on weekend. Not doing anything, not going anywhere, just sleep.
Even though I've promised myself to keep on writing, no matter how busy I was. Even though there were several stories I haven't continue to write. Even though I kept the story in my mind. I'm just tired of thinking.

I have several stories to continue, several posts to write on the blog, several reviews...yet, I feel lazy. I've broke my own resolution for this year, and I've broke my own promise to keep writing... Even so, I still feel lazy to start hahaha

BUT! I'm trying to keep writing on my journal (diary) at home. Even though only few lines or only one line saying, "shit", I still write it down. My strong reason was to keep my handwriting as good as during school times. Since working with computer every day, my handwriting become bad. I don't want it to be looking like I was learning to write for the first time. The other reason was there were several things and feeling that I can't write bluntly at this blog. It's too embarrassing and pathetic hahaha

Well, let me see how it goes on this will be a long weekend with the National Holiday. I feel I will be sleeping, but at least I should finish one or two chapter.


Wednesday, April 01, 2015

Daddy Kimi!

Actually the happy news has been around for quite some time.
But, I just had the time now to make a post about it.

Kimi is a daddy!!
Congratulation dearest Kimi!!

It's really warm seeing above picture. Kimi was with his wife, Minttu Virtanen, and his baby son, Robin. They were on Kimi's private jet. Minttu has kindly to share the happy family picture on her blog

I remembered Kimi once said that he wanted to have children when he retired from F1. But now he has Robin and he's still racing in F1. That's a good news for me!

Congratulation Kimi~ I will pray Robin to be a great son and make his parents proud!