Monday, March 30, 2015


I guess it’s some kind of “Standard of Operation (SoP)” by vistlip to release an album every year hahaha. On March 18th, 2015, vistlip has release their fourth full album title LAYOUT. The album consists of 13 tracks, which words are all written by tomo, while the arrangements are by Tohya (nine tracks) and Yuh (four tracks). Here is the tracks list:

1.    To be awake is to be alive (arrangement: Tohya)
2.    Period (words: tomo, arrangement: Tohya)
3.    My second B-day. (words: tomo, arrangement: Yuh)
4.    REM SLEEP (words: tomo, arrangement: Tohya)
5.    Catastrophe (words: tomo, arrangement: Tohya)
6.    Idea (words: tomo, arrangement: Yuh)
7.    World is mine. (words: tomo, arrangement: Tohya)
8.    By the rain. (words: tomo, arrangement: Yuh)
9.    ROACH (words: tomo, arrangement: Tohya)
10. Good girl gone bed. (words: tomo, arrangement: Yuh)
11. Another one step. (words: tomo, arrangement: Tohya)
12. Jack (words: tomo, arrangement: Tohya)
13. LAYOUT (words: tomo, arrangement: Tohya)

The album is beautifully open by an instrumental track, “To be awake is to be alive”, then smoothly continue by the encouraging single track, “Period”. “My second B-day” makes me head bang with the rock music, this track will be awesome on live, especially with umi’s background voice and guitar part.

“REM SLEEP” is a beautiful track, catchy music and love umi as second vocal. “Catastrophe” continues the list with a building music speed, Yuh’s guitar, rui’s bass, and umi’s background vocal. “Idea” is a lightly yet an encouraging track, with Yuh’s beautiful guitar sound. I was surprised “World is mine.” Is actually a gentle sounded music, reading the title, I was guessing the track would be more rough. “By the rain” is another lightly tracks, while “ROACH” as expected is a rough sound music. I was surprised again with “Good girl gone bed.”, I thought it will be rough, yet it’s quite gentle. “Another one step” is another encouraging tracks, as well as “Jack”. “LAYOUT” starts with heavy tone, but later on brings the positive feeling and suit as the final and closing track on the album.

Overall, I feel the songs in the album portrayed many sounds: rough, gentle, and encouraging. But, somehow I feel it’s kind of sound the same… I can’t clearly differ between the music, except for the single tracks and the English words tomo had mentions in the songs. The music still has vistlip’s music in every song. I think it’s good they are still maintaining their taste of music. I was hoping umi would arrange a song, like in Chronus. But, maybe he would on the next songs. One big difference in the album is that there’s only one instrumental track instead of three, YEAH!!! (XD)

I think LAYOUT is really noisier than Chronus. I’m amazed vistlip always had different kind of sound on each of their album. It makes me have to always wonder what they would make next.
I really like the whole songs in the album, and my favorites are: Period, My second B-day, REM SLEEP, Idea, World is mine, Jack, and LAYOUT. That’s almost the entire songs though hahaha

If I can give a suggestion, and if the stock is still available, do buy the limited edition. The cover of the limited edition can be change with each of the member’s face. And umi has kindly show the way how on his blog. (X3)

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