Friday, March 06, 2015

Dead or Alive - KAT-TUN

After Koki's departure, I've been wondering how KAT-TUN will sound. I feel I have a bad feeling...

Well, "In Fact" was okay to me, but overall "Come Here" (album) wasn't get into my ears, except for the singles included in the album. I wonder do they re-recording the singles without Koki's voice?

But, "Dead or Alive" really hit my ears! Maybe because it's the theme song for Kame-chan's and Iseya Yusuke's movie, Joker Game? I love the music and the words! Really can't get rid it from my mind hahaha while Kame-chan's solo, "Hanasaide Ai" was and seductive... (>//////<) Kame-chan really know how to be so seductive, huh? Hahaha

I heard KAT-TUN will release their new single this March. One of the song, "Kiss Kiss Kiss" is the theme song for Kame-chan's dorama, Second Love. (Haven't watched it, some said it's a mature story... >/////<). Somehow I feel anxious to listening to the song. I've heard the few minutes version, and I think it's promising.

Good job to overcome the troubles, KAT-TUN. Even though I'm not listening to you frequently, but I truly wishing your success. Ganbatte! You guys will surely get through it ALIVE ;)

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