Thursday, February 05, 2015

Read: Haunted Night - Saat Malammu Menjelma Mimpi Buruk

Title: Haunted Night - Saat Malammu Menjelma Mimpi Buruk
Author: Peter Spy
Genre: Horror, mystery
Language: Bahasa Indonesia
Publisher: bukune

I guess lately I've been addicted to read horror novel.

There were 13 stories inside the book. Each mention about specific area or spot in Bandung City, West Java Province, Indonesia, such as Babakan Siliwangi Road, Pasopati Bridge, Cihampelas, Cimahi, Cadas Pangeran, and the famous Taman Maluku.

The stories were about supernatural experience from each character. This supernatural experience meaning an  encounter with the astral creatures, Indonesian ghosts, and the lost soul from the dead...

The way of the story been told was quite good. It gave me goosebumps several times. But, since I haven't really been to the places, the chill just went through as I read the next story.

The front cover was also nice~ It doesn't look too scary for people to see. The title isn't too specific about the stories inside, only that it happened during the night. People always afraid yet also amazed with night time, right? Good choice of a title.

Only one problem for me: the font size was too small, and also too thick.'s an interesting book. And I think when I visit Bandung someday, these stories will return to my mind XD    

Wednesday, February 04, 2015

Read: Hantu Kamar Kos.

Title: Hantu Kamar Kos
Author: Elisa Wahyu
Genre: horror 
Language: Bahasa Indonesia
Publisher: mediakita

From all of horror novel published by medikita, this book was the only one I've fully read.  Encourage by Gita, I finally get the guts to read it. I finished the book in one day (half night time, half morning time, both at the on going train).

The book consists of eight (8) short stories. Each about the horror living at a rent room. The stories locations were Jakarta, Yogyakarta, and Surabaya.

The characteristic of an horror novel was in the book: the unexplained mystery. Some stories doesn't explained how and why the ghosts were at the rent room. They were already there, scaring the people who rent the room with mysterious sounds, cries, laughing, blowing of wind, knocks, and scary looking appearance before the people.

The horror itself isn't as scary as I really thought, even though sometimes I was scared to turn the next page or I don't want to turn off the light when I get to sleep hahaha
But the stories aren't like haunting every where I go. I soon forget the horror :D

One thing for sure, I think I will postponed my intention to rent a room hahaha