Monday, January 19, 2015

Sayounara, OROCHIMARU~~

After calling two zoos and none would adopted OROCHIMARU,
Finally we set him off to the forest on last Sunday.

It was my first time to see him out from the box...
When A'Nda pulled up OROCHIMARU,  he quickly twine A'Nda's arm...
I was so surprised that I quickly decide if A'Nda couldn't let off OROCHIMARU from his arm,
then we have to killed the snake...

Luckily we succeed to put OROCHIMARU inside a sack.
We drive for almost one hour to the forest, looking for a place to set him off.

I was scared that I took the pictures from a far hahaha

Bye bye OROCHIMARU. Farewell~ Don't miss us, okay? XD

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