Tuesday, January 13, 2015


On Saturday's night, my family was surprised with the showing of uninvited guest...


A'Nda (3rd brother) found him, hanging on the roof, looking a way down...

It all started when at 11.30 pm, Zufar (nephew) heard a sound of crying outside. He thought it's the sound of "Kuntilanak" (Indonesian's female ghost).
But his mom confirmed it's the sound of a weasel.

What make them wonder...why the weasel so noisy?

At the same time, our two birds pet were so noisy...they kept flying here and there inside their cage.
Usually the weasel will just went away when A'Nda appeared. But that night it just kept so noisy.

A'Nda came to check up things.
He went to the back yard...checking down the ground...when he lift flashlight up to the roof...

"My God!!"

He saw Orochimaru was hanging up at the roof...!

He quickly called his friends who coincidentally gathered that night.
They quickly took a look and was really surprised.
When A'Nda was trying to caught Orochimaru, his friends scattered away...hahaha!
Half on hour later, they succeed to caught him.

At the moment this post was made, Orochimaru is still at our house.
I seriously don't know what to do with him...
I don't want to take him as a pet...
But, I don't want to killed him too...

A'Nda's friend who already have two pet snakes didn't want to take Orochimaru.
He said with the size and presumable old of Orochimaru, it will be difficult to tamed him as a pet.
I don't want to give Orochimaru to any kind of person.
I don't want him ended as a bag or a shoes or a medicine or someone's dinner.
I tried to contact the near by zoo, hopefully they willing to took him.
If there's no answer and no one wants him, A'Nda will let him loose to the woods this weekend.

Sorry, Orochimaru...I really don't want to take you as a pet... I prefer Sasuke...hahaha

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