Thursday, January 15, 2015

Happy Birthday Director!

Today is mediakita group's director birthday!

Pak Lulu's birthday~

Happy birthday~
May he's always be healthy, happy, and his dreams and wishing can be smoothly become true!

A surprised party was designed for Pak Lulu by the group's editorial staff.
Luckily Pak Lulu had a meeting in the morning.
So the staff had enough time "dressed up" his office room.

But, the meeting took too long.
And when Pak Lulu returned, he didn't directly went to his office.
So we have to do a trick to lure him there.
The staff were hiding inside the toilet, and might fainted if Pak Lulu didn't come sooner hahaha

Happy birthday~ 
Hope Pak Lulu can always be our great "Dad"! 

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