Thursday, January 29, 2015

Happy Birthday HYDE!

Happy birthday to the man who will always be my most favorite voice.

HYDE (L'Arc~en~Ciel, VAMPS)

Just stay as you are: 


Wednesday, January 28, 2015


I was told,

"Your life is FLAT." 


What's wrong having flat life?

My way of having fun might be so different with the rest of people.

I don't need traveling to have fun.
I don't need trying various dishes to have fun.
I don't need to bought clothes or shopping to have fun.
I don't need to hang out all the time to have fun.
I don't need to watch movies to have fun.

My way of having fun are...

Put on favorite music...take book/comic to read...lay at the bed...sleep. 

Simple. Easy. Cheap.

If not having flat life equal to having adventures in life...
Well, I have enough "adventures" in life.
A real adventures with the life that I don't want to remember.
Beside, though I don't want it or never expect it, the "adventure" just came to me.
People may say my life is flat. But to me, it isn't at all.
I would be more than happy if it is.

Tuesday, January 27, 2015


Late at night I asked myself...

When did the last time I pray?

A properly pray, and not just mumbling it.
Pray from the heart. not by the lips.

When did the last time I read the Holy Qur'an? 

When did the last time I do prayer at the mosque or musholla,
instead doing it inside the office room?

It's really been a while...a long time...

Is it necessary for some incident to happen, before I come to realize all of my wrong doing?

Monday, January 19, 2015

Sayounara, OROCHIMARU~~

After calling two zoos and none would adopted OROCHIMARU,
Finally we set him off to the forest on last Sunday.

It was my first time to see him out from the box...
When A'Nda pulled up OROCHIMARU,  he quickly twine A'Nda's arm...
I was so surprised that I quickly decide if A'Nda couldn't let off OROCHIMARU from his arm,
then we have to killed the snake...

Luckily we succeed to put OROCHIMARU inside a sack.
We drive for almost one hour to the forest, looking for a place to set him off.

I was scared that I took the pictures from a far hahaha

Bye bye OROCHIMARU. Farewell~ Don't miss us, okay? XD

Thursday, January 15, 2015

Happy Birthday Director!

Today is mediakita group's director birthday!

Pak Lulu's birthday~

Happy birthday~
May he's always be healthy, happy, and his dreams and wishing can be smoothly become true!

A surprised party was designed for Pak Lulu by the group's editorial staff.
Luckily Pak Lulu had a meeting in the morning.
So the staff had enough time "dressed up" his office room.

But, the meeting took too long.
And when Pak Lulu returned, he didn't directly went to his office.
So we have to do a trick to lure him there.
The staff were hiding inside the toilet, and might fainted if Pak Lulu didn't come sooner hahaha

Happy birthday~ 
Hope Pak Lulu can always be our great "Dad"! 

Tuesday, January 13, 2015


On Saturday's night, my family was surprised with the showing of uninvited guest...


A'Nda (3rd brother) found him, hanging on the roof, looking a way down...

It all started when at 11.30 pm, Zufar (nephew) heard a sound of crying outside. He thought it's the sound of "Kuntilanak" (Indonesian's female ghost).
But his mom confirmed it's the sound of a weasel.

What make them wonder...why the weasel so noisy?

At the same time, our two birds pet were so noisy...they kept flying here and there inside their cage.
Usually the weasel will just went away when A'Nda appeared. But that night it just kept so noisy.

A'Nda came to check up things.
He went to the back yard...checking down the ground...when he lift flashlight up to the roof...

"My God!!"

He saw Orochimaru was hanging up at the roof...!

He quickly called his friends who coincidentally gathered that night.
They quickly took a look and was really surprised.
When A'Nda was trying to caught Orochimaru, his friends scattered away...hahaha!
Half on hour later, they succeed to caught him.

At the moment this post was made, Orochimaru is still at our house.
I seriously don't know what to do with him...
I don't want to take him as a pet...
But, I don't want to killed him too...

A'Nda's friend who already have two pet snakes didn't want to take Orochimaru.
He said with the size and presumable old of Orochimaru, it will be difficult to tamed him as a pet.
I don't want to give Orochimaru to any kind of person.
I don't want him ended as a bag or a shoes or a medicine or someone's dinner.
I tried to contact the near by zoo, hopefully they willing to took him.
If there's no answer and no one wants him, A'Nda will let him loose to the woods this weekend.

Sorry, Orochimaru...I really don't want to take you as a pet... I prefer Sasuke...hahaha

Friday, January 09, 2015

"I Love You"

I think it's far easier to say "I love you" to an idol or celebrity,
than to someone that I really like in real life.

I'm thinking...if I said the words every time,
will it be a bother? Will it be a nuisance?

Wanting to say it, but scared to bother...
Wanting to asked "how was your day?", but scared it would be a nuisance...
Wanting to say "I miss you", but scared I'm the only one who feel it...

But...even though I couldn't say it every time I want it...
My heart keep saying it...

Hey, there!
How was your day? 
Did something good happen?
Hope you're having a great day.
You know what, I'm just dropping by to know how are you doing...
And I want to say that,
I miss you...everyday...
I love you...everyday...

Monday, January 05, 2015

Reset (the) Circle

Happy New Year 2015!!

Yeah, it's a late post :D
Still, I'd like to wish a Happy New Year 2015 for all the people in the world.
May 2015 will be a great and shining year for everyone of us.

My early January isn't quite happy.
My two aunts have passed away in a row.
But, since they lived far, I couldn't come to escort them to their final sleep.

As for 2014, I don't quite remember what I've been doing through out the year...
I think I've done many things...but can't remember every thing well *XD*
It felt like I was dreaming....or thinking it had happened in 2013...

Well at work, I've been out of town quite often. Going to new places and meeting new people.
It's exciting! I'd like to do it again in 2015, but please not in so close range hehehe

In Ramadhan's 2014, I finally visited my father's birth place, which I haven't visited for about 23 years...
We went on land trip. It's exciting, fun, awesome, and tiring. I'd like to do it again, but not in close time too  hehehe

In 2014, I went to watched 2 movies of Rurouni Kenshin, Saint Seiya, and Doraemon.
I hope in 2015, I could watch in cinema the movies from Iseya Yusuke: Joker Game and The Tenor Lirico Spinto.

In music, Over The L'Arc~en~Ciel will finally get into Indonesia at the end of January 2015.
And I hope in 2015, Sugizo would come to Jakarta (Indonesia), either with Luna Sea, X Japan, or as a solo artist.
I also be waiting for vistlip's new album some time in 2015~

For my personal 2015 resolutions, I would make it to:

  1. Stop being lazy at work and also on weekend. Must do something on weekend beside of sleeping the whole day.
  2. Writing and finishing the stories I've been working on. 
  3. Doing freelance work again. I need extra money. 
  4. Doing skipping to lose some weight (:D)
  5. Don't bought unnecessary things, and only bought releases from my top three favorite artists (Yeah, this year I'm adding a new one :D) 
Well, it seems a logic and easy resolutions to do.

Welcome 2015~ I hope it will be a great year~