Tuesday, December 01, 2015

Sweet dreams~

Randomly post~

Yesterday I was having my usual Monday Blues, bad head ache, and I also have to catch up with this month deadline (which already late...).

I arrived home with the thought watching mid season finale of The Walking Dead (episode 8), which came to a disappointment that the file couldn't be played on my netbook... Maybe it's a sign for me to get some rest for the head ache. So, I spent few minutes before bed by watching Sekai no Owari music videos.

Then I had a dream. Sweet dream.
I dream of tetsuya of L'Arc~en~Ciel.

Wednesday, November 25, 2015

Get well soon, Konitan! Good luck, Junno!

Two surprising news came out yesterday.
One news was actually have been known for several days, but I just know about it yesterday...
The news was that Ryousei Konishi (Konitan), the actor of Saejima Kouga (Garo) was in serious illness. Some people assumed it's the reason he's looking so skinny...

On the latest Garo event, Konitan couldn't come and send his greetings through letter read by the actor for Gonza, Saejima Kouga's loyal butler. View the video here.
I don't understand the letter, but the way Konitan greets Mika Hijii (Kaoru), her flowing tears, the sad look and sobbing from Masei Nakayama (Raiga), it made me in tears too...

I hope Konitan will be doing okay, and could joins the 6th season of Garo with Masei Nakayama.
Get well soon, Konitan!

Tuesday, November 24, 2015

My "not-looking-like-a-boss" Boss

It's a job for every Bosses to be tight with schedules and deadlines, to think about the next project and direct the employee to reached the goal.

How a Boss should look like?
Wears fancy suit? Driving luxurious cars? Paying every employees lunch bills?
I'll go with the third one hahaha

But, my Bosses aren't looking like that, and sometimes it made people falsely assumed about their high positions.

One day, we were out for a book store visits. After it, we head for evening snacks. When we arrived at the restaurant, it was raining quite hard. The parking officer was kindly to cover us with his umbrella, back and forth from the car to the restaurant front gate. Manager-san was the one who drive.

When it was my turned to get escorted by the parking officer, he said to me...

"Is the chauffeur will stay at the car, or join you inside the restaurant?"

I stunned to the question, before I burst into laugh.

"He's isn't my chauffeur, he's my Boss..." *pats Manager-san*

Friday, October 30, 2015


You're better than the best
I'm lucky just to linger in your light
Cooler then the flip side of my pillow, that's right
Completely unaware
Nothing can compare to where you send me,
Lets me know that it's OK, yeah it's OK
And the moments where my good times start to fade

You make me smile like the sun
Fall out of bed, sing like a bird
Dizzy in my head, spin like a record
Crazy on a Sunday night
You make me dance like a fool
Forget how to breathe
Shine like gold, buzz like a bee
Just the thought of you can drive me wild
Oh, you make me smile

Monday, October 26, 2015

"unwrapping" Over The L'Arc~en~Ciel" Documentary Film.

Words won’t be enough to describe my feeling after watching “Over The L’Arc~en~Ciel” Documentary film. I’ve watched it when it gets to local cinema on February earlier this year. They were just too awesome~

These were quick recap of what I watched on the cinema and the DVD, and it won’t be in order of appearance X3

The film begins with black and white tetsuya, thinking, whether they should make a documentary movie of their world tour or not. tetsuya was also being convinced by Masahiro Oishi to make the documentary. He moved around the room, collecting his things in several bags, thinking deeply and quietly as Masahiro-san persuaded him. 

That was when I can feel the aura of a leader from tetsuya…

The whole movie showed the “human-side” of each L’Arc~en~Ciel member. Their true feeling, thoughts, happiness, laugh and cheer, smile, jokes, caring for each other, goofy side, worries, tears, hopes…everything that make me realize that they were an ordinary people after all.
yukihiro was asked his feeling about the 20th anniversary tour, and he answered it shortly,

Monday, October 19, 2015

Thoughts on L’Arc~en~Ciel Live 2015: LArCasino

LArCasino is a one awesome concert from L’Arc~en~Ciel, and I’m really grateful the recording was finally being showed in local cinema. Hours after the broadcast, I’m still feeling happy and smiling over the awesomeness of the band. I really deeply love this band.

The concert was using “Casino” as the stage theme, there were many ornaments resembling Casino all over the stage. But to my surprised, the members were dressing normally. Well, except for hyde…he was the only one with costume, face, and hair make up. ken was dressing with white coat, while yukkie dressing in black and a hair bandana to keep hold his long hair (thank you, yukkie. I thought you would just let your long hair loose…). My biggest surprised was tetsuya’s outfit. I thought he would wear crazy and wacko dressing, yet it was simple and…normal! At first he was wearing long hand sweater and a coat with sparkling stars pattern (hyde called him as Hoshi no Ojiisan XD), while on second part he was wearing a tiger color pattern shirt, then a black shirt, and a black jacket with hoodle. So normal looking tetsuya, yet I like his style so much! He’s looking comfortable. And had to mentioned it...tetsuya's fingers were just beautiful!! White, clean, so beautiful!! 

Through the show, hyde was being so goofy! He forgets the lyric again, and his expression was priceless! CUTE!!! He dances side by side with the bunnies’ girls, yet among those sexy ladies, hyde still be the sexiest! He talked to a Parrot doll, and imitates its voice; teasing yukkie, teasing tet-chan, and also teasing ken’s performance on “My heart draws a dream”. Gosh! That man was just too beautiful and amazing to express in writings! There were also a moment of “haitsu”, not much, but memorable! (XD). ken was still funny with his dirty jokes, and like always he seemed to enjoy the show so much.

Saturday, October 17, 2015

Happy Birthday dearest Kimi!

Just like Kimi being asked about his motivation for F1, I guess I was also questioned about my support for the Iceman.

Even though I didn’t show it (write, tweet, upload), but I always support Kimi. Even though I couldn’t watched any of his race, but I always wishing and praying he would get good result. Though I may seem to be hiatus from that fandom world, but I do still followed news about him.

I’m a forever Kimi Raikkonen lover. His influenced has lies deep inside of me, there’s no way I will ever leave or forget him. Kimi has been my world, my life, greatest love, and great influence. There were times I felt crazy, sad, and depressed when I couldn’t watched his race or just to think about him… I guess every fans has gone through that phase, when an idol sadness become our sadness, and the happiness will also become our happiness. 

Now, I “love” Kimi in a more mature way. I always love him and consider him as one of my most important person. I always wish him great success, happiness, smile, and health. For the most important man in my life, I wish every good thing in life for him.

Happy birthday dearest Kimi, through all the years, you are still awesome. You are still my number one, my cutest and handsome Polar Bear, the best F1 driver, the most important man. I love you, always and forever.

Wednesday, October 07, 2015

Hey, YOU.

Hey, YOU.

My stress relieved. My most favorite "Sea".
The one who taught me, "It's okay to be different, it's okay to be you."
The one who showed me that the world is colorful.

Tuesday, October 06, 2015

Silent tears.

I like to keep stories for myself, yet people often thought I was okay and even rudely not considering my feeling.

"Your life must be fun, no worries at all,"
"You're lucky, you don't have anything to worry about,"

I feel happy that people sees me for having no worries and enjoying my life the way it is. Even my own family sees me that way.
But, what happened recently broke my heart...

"This matter could strained the mental of the two of you...and also me..."

The words were said to three people, while in present there were four people. I'm not included...not mentioned...not being care...

Is it because I'm looking tougher, that I could face everything alone?
Is it because I don't have pretty look that I'm not being care?

Honestly it makes me edgy and thought people are against me at the moment...
When pure kindness was treated in a wrong way...
When there's a line thin between pure innocence and pure idiotic.

Friday, October 02, 2015

Happy 77th birthday, Dad!

Sister asked me this morning, whether I remember what day was today.

"Of course I remember, It's Dad's birthday. So, what would we have for tonight?" I asked with a wide grinned.

If my father was still alive, he would celebrate his 77th birthday today.
He was born on October 2nd, 1938.
The coincidence were, both of us was born in the same date, and if the last two numbers from the year was switched, it will be my number of year (X3).

As I've made several posts about my lost childhood memory, especially that included my father, I still can't remember our memories. I'm not trying either though hahaha
My Sister finally gave up trying to recall the memories from my head...

Thursday, October 01, 2015

megamasso will go on hiatus...


Surprising news come from megamasso.

According to their official home page, and as reported by JaME World, after their 9th anniversary live concert on December 16th, megamasso will go on hiatus for a year.

I really enjoyed their latest album, "Nishutari" (release on August 5th, 2015), and loving the song and video of "Snowy Blue". Inzargi played guitar at the video!

But, they will go on a hiatus. Well, it's only for a year, and they said it's to make the band to be better. I really hope it's only a hiatus, and won't result in something bad. I hope they will really back after a year. Not, like Versailles who's still in their sleep, not knowing when will they be awaken again.

There's always a "why" in a decision to go hiatus. I will surely understand the reasons (at least tried to), and will always give support. Yet, the "why" will always be around...

I really want to tweet to Inzargi,

"Of course I will always support all if you, so be sure to get back in a year, okay!"

Be sure to get back, megamasso! I will be waiting!!

Wednesday, September 30, 2015


I walked inside the office, Megane-kun was talking happily with the rest of co-workers. I step closer at them, smiled awkwardly.

Me: "We CRASH,"  
Megane-kun + co-workers: O_O;;;;;;;

This morning I asked two co-workers to drive me to get books from our warehouse office. They were a beginner driver aka has took driving course, but haven't get to do it in the road. I took the courage to asked them.

"So, they can learn," was my reason for the "suicidal action" (according other co-workers).

The way going to the warehouse wasn't going smooth. Co-worker A was driving and almost hit a balloon seller...also...several times the engine stopped...it made people behind us furious... I could only stayed calm, remind her to be calm and slowly, be confident, not to worried about people and car in line behind us... (which fortunately there weren't so many). We arrived safely, even though my legs were shivering and heart still beating faster hahaha I still act calm.

"That's not so bad, right?"

Tuesday, September 29, 2015

It’s not The End of The World, not yet.

When I feel stressed and depressed, sometimes I feel angry to the world.

Why I had to suffer alone?

Of course it’s only coming from my mind. Just like people have said, “Illness comes from the mind.”
I was really stressed and depressed lately, and realize I was alone. I don’t know to whom I could share the feeling; I don’t have anyone on my side. The feeling depressed me that much that I turned to become a coward. Instead of facing and deal with the fear, I opted to walk away, to run away, looking for the easiest and safest way out.

I was a coward.

Monday, September 21, 2015

Blue sky, the sea, and HIM.

Usually, in every Monday, I always have "Monday Blues", one of it was heavy headache, that made me feel to bashed my head against the wall, or to puts it off, shake it until the pain disappeared, and put it back hahaha

But, this Monday might be different.

Kimi finally gets a 3rd place podium at Singapore GP.
Even though I didn't watched the race, but his smiling pictures were over my timeline. If he smiles, I will be smiling with him :)

The start of L'Arc~en~Ciel Casino 2015 Live.
Thinking that my beautiful rainbow are getting together for 2 days made me so happy and in tears. Can't wait to see their pictures~

Blue sky, sea, and... SUGIZO.
Actually above is the real title I want to wrote, but just to make it looked mysterious and romantic hahaha
Sugizo post the pictures from last night, and I just saw it when I was online from office. It gives me super awesome affect! Super awesome feeling! Three things I like were all together in a frame! That guy is really beautiful~

Friday, August 21, 2015

Be strong.

Be strong.
It's the word I've been resounding in my mind for a while.
I need to be strong.
No matter how alone and lonely I was.
I must be strong and surely I would get through the obstacles and loneliness inside.

(*) Be strong is a song title from Mr. Children, and also the ending theme from Nobunaga Concerto dorama. 
(**) The JPG was Honda-sensei from the anime, Barakamon.

Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Happy August

I went to many events from the start of August. It was truly fun! Even though it exhausts me, and had to spend my weekends outside, it’s really worth it.

The first event was JAKARTA BOOK & EDUCATION FAIR 2015 at Parkir Timur Senayan, Jakarta. It was an annually event of books fair, but this time it added with school equipment fair, to welcome the coming of new school semester. Because of that, the event was told being so crowded and chaotic.

I was assigned to help out around the publisher group, as a “Teman Pembaca”, someone that would explain the content of the book to the incoming customers. I’ve heard about the situation from coworkers who had been there, and to be honest it made me feel lazy to go. I even decided I won’t look for any books this year because of the crowded space.

But the words, “Believe by seeing it, and not hearing it” was completely true. When I was finally there, the place was quite empty and comfortable for me to look at some other booths. As the result I get a book that I’ve been looking for.

Wednesday, July 15, 2015


The thought came at dawn, after I do Shubuh prayer.

Can people get bored with others?
How come it happen?

A few minutes later, I had the possibility answer on my own.

People can really get bored with others.

A lovers can get bored with it's couple, then they got break up.
A husband and wife can get bored to each other, and then they got divorce.

The same thing goes with friends.

If you get bored with the friends around you, you might be looking for another friends that more suited to your need, feeling, and likeness.

Is it right?

Tuesday, July 14, 2015


This post is totally a post of a fan girl.
The people showing up in it, doesn't have any relation in real life, except only for my admiration XD

Last night I had a sweet dream that kept me smiling until morning came.
I dreamt about SUGIZO, with a bit of vistlip.

Here I go...

I was in a room, SUGIZO was sitting across of me. He was talking with someone sitting next to me. I don't remember who was it, but the look was like Inoran / J.
In front of me was pile of guitar picks, used for concert. I was looking at a SUGIZO's golden pick. I mumble that I want it, but Inoran / J said I couldn't have it since it was for the concert. So I returned to see the other picks. At that point SUGIZO along with Inoran / J were going somewhere. But not too long they've come back, and SUGIZO took a sit next to me... (I can really feel my heart was beating faster).

Wednesday, July 08, 2015

vistlip's 8th Anniversary and new look!

Eight years.

On 7th July, vistlip has celebrate their 8th Anniversary. Two years to go to be ten years and a world tour! *smacked*
I've been a fans for about five years, but...they made me as if I've been with them from the beginning. That kind of "given feeling" that I also like from them.

Through the years of anniversaries, vistlip has change in the sounds and appearances. In the early years, their music were harder and rocking. The sound was clearer though, with a rocking vocal from tomo. But now, it's the way another. The sound was fill with many sounds, but tomo's vocal has been lighter, and so made their music become much softer. Even so, one thing made me amazed and also glad, whatever the music has change, there's still the characteristic of vistlip.

I can't say anything about the lyric. :D Some said it has also change.  

About their appearance, they surely change to become more mature and simple, except for umi. I think umi is having the mood "trying various style and look". umi is definitely the most unique member of the band.

Along with the 8th anniversary, vistlip has made an early announcement of releasing new single on August 5th, 2015. The title of the upcoming new single is OVERTURE. The peak sound of it can be listen at the official homepage. It's once again...promising sound. I can't wait to listen to the full music.

And for the single release, vistlip has reveal their new look.

Friday, May 22, 2015

Re:CON 2015, re:ON comics convention, 25th April 2015.

[Another late post... I was quite busy... :D)

re:on Convention is an event held by re:on magazine to celebrate the 13th volume release. Since it’s not far from home, so I took the time to go to the event. At first I was going alone…but luckily Ni-chan managed to join in the afternoon. I wanted to see what kind of convention it was. Been hearing about it, but haven’t got the chance to take a look.

It’s quite fun! They had the magazine artists’ hall and merchandise booth, cosplay competition, live drawing by the artists, comic tutorial, make up and cosplay costume workshop, and also a special meet and greet with a cosplayer from the Philippines, Liui Aquino.

The crowd at the convention

Thursday, May 21, 2015

Love Song

The song “Love Song” by LUNA SEA, always gives me mixed feeling.
Once, someone refereed the lyric to describe her feeling when being with me. I feel honored, and happy. But, something happen and the song left pain in my heart…

Now, the song gives me more pain since I feel the song exactly as a reality.

Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Pasar Komik Bandung 4

[ This is a late post :D]

On 9 May 2015, office participated again at the Pasar Komik Bandung 4. But, this time I didn't go all out for the event :D
Our colleagues at Bandung has provide people to stand guard at the booth. So I can freely touring the other booth, and didn't have to stayed for a night in the city.

It's always fun and exciting to went to comic event. I could found many interesting, precious, and collectible items that I won't easily found around. It's also exciting to meet many talented artists, some that I already knew (artist for office) and some new artist that I've met for the first time. 

The event was really like a reunion or a big family gathering. Everyone were blended into one, talking about new works they were working, about issues in art, joint works, or just simple chit chat. The surroundings really feel warm. It made me kinda regret for not participating fully in the event... 

For this year event, I was happy to get MANY comics. I will list it below~ 

Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Thank you! (^^)

While I was at Bandung, I get a notification telling me that someone has left a comment on my wattpad's story: vistlip - Bond of Brothers.

I didn't realize the last time I update the story was 2 years ago...
The stories were actually finished, I just haven't upload it yet since I'd like to change some parts.
To be honest, I'm kinda lose confidence to upload it, because people would realize who's my main interest in the story hahaha
But I guess, I will be quickly to change the parts and upload the rest of the stories in close time.
The comment really boost my spirit. :)

Knowing that someone read my stories...it feels AWESOME!
Thank you so much!

Wednesday, May 06, 2015

The Journey of Ignorance and Stupidity

This post will be in Bahasa Indonesia, because it will be easier to tell and capture my stupidity :D

Gue bikin janji ketemuan sama calon penulis di Mal Kelapa Gading. Gue deg-degan karena bener-bener buta area sana…Setelah nanya ke teman – Lena - yang gue panggil “penguasa” daerah Kelapa Gading, dikasih saran tuk naik bis ATPB Ciawi-Tanjung Priok, turun di halte busway Sunter Kelapa Gading, terus nyambung naek mikrolet 37 (Senen-Pulogadung), gue bakal turun persis di depan malnya.

Janjiannya sih jam 1 siang, tapi karena ‘gak tahu kondisi lalu lintas Jakarta Utara, berangkatlah gue lebih awal, jam 8 pagi dari rumah di Bogor. Sampai di Ciawi jam 8.30, langsung naik APTB Ciawi-Tanjung Priok yang lagi ngetem. 

Untungnya gue berangkat awal, APTBnya ngetem sampai 1 jam! Akhirnya gw berangkat jam 9.30 pagi, bayar ongkos 16 rebu. Nyampe di halte Sunter Kelapa Gading kira-kira jam 11 kurang, terus naik mikrolet 37 (nyebrang jembatan busway). Lena emang bilang mikroletnya lewat persis di depan mal,  tapi gue kurang percaya kalau supirnya inget tuk turunin gue disitu. Akhirnya waktu gue liat di sebelah kanan tulisan besar “Mal Kelapa Gading”, gue buru-buru minta turun terus nyebrang. Tapi ternyata mikroletnya muter di puteran gak jauh di depan n lewat di depan mal. Gue cuma bisa pura-pura cuek sambil jalan masuk mal.

Di mal, gue ke Gramedia dulu, beli buku referensi tuk kantor n beberapa komik, sama sumpit katana. Sempet-sempetnya gue liat barang begituan…

Tuesday, May 05, 2015

Childhood dream vs reality

When I was a kid - an innocent and normal one - I used to play and pretending to be a worker in an office. I would wear my mom's outfit and shoes.
I pretend to be a busy worker with lots of works to do. I don't have time for myself, either for the family. I would be coming home late, tired, and had to get up in the next morning for work. Busy with papers, meetings, presentation, meeting with client, calling people, etc. That time, it was a fun thing to do.

Years after that, I'm doing what I was doing as a kid. Working and being busy.
I've reached home at night, when my family were ready to go to sleep, and woke up early in the next morning. Well, that's actually because my house is quite far from office, so I have to go early, and I really don't want to rent a room near office. So I have to live with the way I did every day to go to work.  

I'm not always busy at office, but there's always things to do beside doing what I have to do, which is editing. I'm busy and hectic especially during deadlines and event's preparation. As if I couldn't stop moving and thinking. I'm tired, but I have to keep moving, organizing things. My head feels full, but I have to keep thinking about the summaries.

I'm not complaining though. I love what I'm doing. Sometimes I just want to say "tired" but still wanting to do it. And I have a strange way to handle the tired, that is by writing, like this. I kept my head "full" all the time hahaha

Monday, May 04, 2015

Monday Syndrome

Since I always had Monday Syndrome aka headache on every Monday, I intended to go easy on the start of the week. I left the house quite late and walk slowly to get to the office. I also intended not to do much works, but it turned out pile of it has await me...and I succeed getting headache...

I've spend three days of weekend with...nothing. I've guess it would be like that...
I actually forget I have to prepare some promotions to do this week :D
But I manage to done half of my report for the weekly meeting. Many more to do within the week especially with two days event in Bandung.

Anyway, I finished watching "The Walking Dead" until season 5. My brother wondered how I could watch all of the series while I HATE zombies. I said to him it's for Rick and Carl hahaha
The zombies aren't too much showing in the later season, I was relieved. It had more conflict between humans than against the "living dead". It's fun to see Carl growing from a small boy to a cute teenager hahaha he's so small when Rick holds him in season 1, then in season 5, Carl was almost as tall as his father hahaha the kid grown up within the series.

I quote Rick's words from the series, that they are the "walking dead" not the zombies, because they don't know where to go and had to keep on walking to find safe place for the whole group. Good point.

Actually it isn't too good for me to watch the series, since I've become more aware with the surroundings especially at night. I worried zombies would attack me while I was sleeping lol and I kept thinking about the character from the series, and almost dream being in the same situation. If I was in the situation, I'm sure I will be one of the zombies hahaha

My enjoyment for the weekend was the arriving of my final package. Sugizo's "Truth?" CD and his special Guitar Magazine.

Well, I thought it was final until Sugizo tweet about releasing the second one of Spiritual Classic Selections. The CD will be released on his birthday, 8 July 2015.
I'm speechless... I thought I won't be buying anything close by, yet he tweet that...

I'm touching Sugizo's hand... *shivering* lol

Thursday, April 30, 2015

A lazy writing lover

Reading my own description... "writing lover" ... yeah ... right...

Haven't been writing lately.
For the first time I feel lazy and blank in front of my netbook. Not because I don't have the idea to write. I was just...lazy.

The tension and stress had me exhausted.

When it comes to weekend, I just want to lay down at bed, read comics, and then fall asleep. I'm very unproductive on weekend. Not doing anything, not going anywhere, just sleep.
Even though I've promised myself to keep on writing, no matter how busy I was. Even though there were several stories I haven't continue to write. Even though I kept the story in my mind. I'm just tired of thinking.

I have several stories to continue, several posts to write on the blog, several reviews...yet, I feel lazy. I've broke my own resolution for this year, and I've broke my own promise to keep writing... Even so, I still feel lazy to start hahaha

BUT! I'm trying to keep writing on my journal (diary) at home. Even though only few lines or only one line saying, "shit", I still write it down. My strong reason was to keep my handwriting as good as during school times. Since working with computer every day, my handwriting become bad. I don't want it to be looking like I was learning to write for the first time. The other reason was there were several things and feeling that I can't write bluntly at this blog. It's too embarrassing and pathetic hahaha

Well, let me see how it goes on this weekend...it will be a long weekend with the National Holiday. I feel I will be sleeping, but at least I should finish one or two chapter.


Wednesday, April 01, 2015

Daddy Kimi!

Actually the happy news has been around for quite some time.
But, I just had the time now to make a post about it.

Kimi is a daddy!!
Congratulation dearest Kimi!!

It's really warm seeing above picture. Kimi was with his wife, Minttu Virtanen, and his baby son, Robin. They were on Kimi's private jet. Minttu has kindly to share the happy family picture on her blog

I remembered Kimi once said that he wanted to have children when he retired from F1. But now he has Robin and he's still racing in F1. That's a good news for me!

Congratulation Kimi~ I will pray Robin to be a great son and make his parents proud!

Monday, March 30, 2015


I guess it’s some kind of “Standard of Operation (SoP)” by vistlip to release an album every year hahaha. On March 18th, 2015, vistlip has release their fourth full album title LAYOUT. The album consists of 13 tracks, which words are all written by tomo, while the arrangements are by Tohya (nine tracks) and Yuh (four tracks). Here is the tracks list:

1.    To be awake is to be alive (arrangement: Tohya)
2.    Period (words: tomo, arrangement: Tohya)
3.    My second B-day. (words: tomo, arrangement: Yuh)
4.    REM SLEEP (words: tomo, arrangement: Tohya)
5.    Catastrophe (words: tomo, arrangement: Tohya)
6.    Idea (words: tomo, arrangement: Yuh)
7.    World is mine. (words: tomo, arrangement: Tohya)
8.    By the rain. (words: tomo, arrangement: Yuh)
9.    ROACH (words: tomo, arrangement: Tohya)
10. Good girl gone bed. (words: tomo, arrangement: Yuh)
11. Another one step. (words: tomo, arrangement: Tohya)
12. Jack (words: tomo, arrangement: Tohya)
13. LAYOUT (words: tomo, arrangement: Tohya)

The album is beautifully open by an instrumental track, “To be awake is to be alive”, then smoothly continue by the encouraging single track, “Period”. “My second B-day” makes me head bang with the rock music, this track will be awesome on live, especially with umi’s background voice and guitar part.

“REM SLEEP” is a beautiful track, catchy music and love umi as second vocal. “Catastrophe” continues the list with a building music speed, Yuh’s guitar, rui’s bass, and umi’s background vocal. “Idea” is a lightly yet an encouraging track, with Yuh’s beautiful guitar sound. I was surprised “World is mine.” Is actually a gentle sounded music, reading the title, I was guessing the track would be more rough. “By the rain” is another lightly tracks, while “ROACH” as expected is a rough sound music. I was surprised again with “Good girl gone bed.”, I thought it will be rough, yet it’s quite gentle. “Another one step” is another encouraging tracks, as well as “Jack”. “LAYOUT” starts with heavy tone, but later on brings the positive feeling and suit as the final and closing track on the album.

Overall, I feel the songs in the album portrayed many sounds: rough, gentle, and encouraging. But, somehow I feel it’s kind of sound the same… I can’t clearly differ between the music, except for the single tracks and the English words tomo had mentions in the songs. The music still has vistlip’s music in every song. I think it’s good they are still maintaining their taste of music. I was hoping umi would arrange a song, like in Chronus. But, maybe he would on the next songs. One big difference in the album is that there’s only one instrumental track instead of three, YEAH!!! (XD)

I think LAYOUT is really noisier than Chronus. I’m amazed vistlip always had different kind of sound on each of their album. It makes me have to always wonder what they would make next.
I really like the whole songs in the album, and my favorites are: Period, My second B-day, REM SLEEP, Idea, World is mine, Jack, and LAYOUT. That’s almost the entire songs though hahaha

If I can give a suggestion, and if the stock is still available, do buy the limited edition. The cover of the limited edition can be change with each of the member’s face. And umi has kindly show the way how on his blog. (X3)

Friday, March 06, 2015

Dead or Alive - KAT-TUN

After Koki's departure, I've been wondering how KAT-TUN will sound. I feel I have a bad feeling...

Well, "In Fact" was okay to me, but overall "Come Here" (album) wasn't get into my ears, except for the singles included in the album. I wonder do they re-recording the singles without Koki's voice?

But, "Dead or Alive" really hit my ears! Maybe because it's the theme song for Kame-chan's and Iseya Yusuke's movie, Joker Game? I love the music and the words! Really can't get rid it from my mind hahaha while Kame-chan's solo, "Hanasaide Ai" was so...sexy and seductive... (>//////<) Kame-chan really know how to be so seductive, huh? Hahaha

I heard KAT-TUN will release their new single this March. One of the song, "Kiss Kiss Kiss" is the theme song for Kame-chan's dorama, Second Love. (Haven't watched it, some said it's a mature story... >/////<). Somehow I feel anxious to listening to the song. I've heard the few minutes version, and I think it's promising.

Good job to overcome the troubles, KAT-TUN. Even though I'm not listening to you frequently, but I truly wishing your success. Ganbatte! You guys will surely get through it ALIVE ;)

Tuesday, March 03, 2015

Nephew's 17th Birthday~

I'm amazed to see how time flies so fast.

It felt not a long ago, when my first nephew was born. He was my first nephew in the family and the first grandson. Of course the entire family showered him with attention, love, and gifts. His mother always prepared homemade and healthy food. While I gave him many books, gifts, letter's posters, toys, etc.

I remember the times when I babysit him. We play together, sang him lullabies; (I remember getting bored with the lullaby I sang for him, so I sang "Prayer" from HYDE instead, and it worked! Several times he gets to sleep with the song. I even listened HEART album to him. Maybe that time was his first experienced with J-Rock's music hahaha); I feed him banana, walked him to school, witnessing his admiration to dinosaurs and wanted to be a paleontologist, going to his school trip, attending his school meeting... I feel I was almost like his parents, except that I don't breastfeeding him and not paying his school fare hahaha

The baby I used to babysit has turned to 17 years old. He's all grown up. He's way taller than me now. I can't slap his head again hahaha, Because of my influence, he got to like Japanese music, history, and manga. I'm a bad influence, huh?

Nephew lost his father (my brother-in-law) when he was in elementary school. He didn't cried. He said all living things will face death, so we don't have to feel sad. I thought he was just pretending to be strong. When his father was going to get buried, he finally cried... I remember it well, because I recorded the whole thing and my hands were shaken. He was like me, losing father at early age. I've promised him and his little sister that they don't have to worried about anything. They won't be alone. They have many uncles and aunt who will look after them.

Making such promise isn't easy. Even with the promise, he still feel the lost of a father's figure. A figure that I can't ever replaced. I won't either.

I know Nephew sometimes pushed himself too hard. I know he's worried about his future, to be grown up who then have to look after his mother and sister. Sometimes he get stressed. I see myself at him, and how it could be harder if I don't have brothers and sister around. I was protected by my brothers and sister, so I thought this time it's my turn to protect my nephew and niece who's having the same lost.

But, I think I haven't done it in the right way hahaha

Nephew has grew far from my expectations. I thought he would grew as a quiet and nerdy boy. He grew like a ... freak? Hahaha I don't know the right word to resemble him, but he's kinda weird...I feel he kept an anger inside that it will be scary if it explodes. Sometimes he seemed to be living in his own world, having too high imaginations. Maybe it's the effect of liking dinosaurs too much? Sometimes he can be so antipathy with others, even to his school friends. He won't served drinks to his friends though they have been chatting for the whole day hahaha. He isn't good in reflex, sometimes he can easily dropped a glass. He also can get sick easily.

But, he isn't afraid with animals, except for spiders. And he also willing to help with his little sister's studies, even though he has too shout first.

I do feel missing the cute and chubby baby boy. Nephew has grown far away from his childhood look. He becomes tall and skinny, with shrill voice. He has friends that frequently visited the house. He has joined the Journalist club at his school. He has fall in love...twice...and get rejected hahaha...Once I asked him, "Where did the cute little boy disappeared?"

Nephew: "How the hell I know?!" *smacked*

As Nephew grew, I also feel worried with his future. Where he will go to college? Where he will be working? Can he live far and by himself?

But, he has to learn by himself. Sooner or later...Nephew has to make his own journey and experience many things. He won't learn if he being kept close and protected.

I know...I know..but still...
I'm having a feeling like a mother who's son has slowly grown up.

I can only pray the best for him.

May Nephew always live well. May he found what he really want for his own future. May he stop fantasizing things and live fully in the real world. May he always be kind and care for his family, especially to his mother and little sister. May he live a shining and bright future. Amin.

Happy birthday, Nephew~

Thursday, February 05, 2015

Read: Haunted Night - Saat Malammu Menjelma Mimpi Buruk

Title: Haunted Night - Saat Malammu Menjelma Mimpi Buruk
Author: Peter Spy
Genre: Horror, mystery
Language: Bahasa Indonesia
Publisher: bukune

I guess lately I've been addicted to read horror novel.

There were 13 stories inside the book. Each mention about specific area or spot in Bandung City, West Java Province, Indonesia, such as Babakan Siliwangi Road, Pasopati Bridge, Cihampelas, Cimahi, Cadas Pangeran, and the famous Taman Maluku.

The stories were about supernatural experience from each character. This supernatural experience meaning an  encounter with the astral creatures, Indonesian ghosts, and the lost soul from the dead...

The way of the story been told was quite good. It gave me goosebumps several times. But, since I haven't really been to the places, the chill just went through as I read the next story.

The front cover was also nice~ It doesn't look too scary for people to see. The title isn't too specific about the stories inside, only that it happened during the night. People always afraid yet also amazed with night time, right? Good choice of a title.

Only one problem for me: the font size was too small, and also too thick.

Overall...it's an interesting book. And I think when I visit Bandung someday, these stories will return to my mind XD    

Wednesday, February 04, 2015

Read: Hantu Kamar Kos.

Title: Hantu Kamar Kos
Author: Elisa Wahyu
Genre: horror 
Language: Bahasa Indonesia
Publisher: mediakita

From all of horror novel published by medikita, this book was the only one I've fully read.  Encourage by Gita, I finally get the guts to read it. I finished the book in one day (half night time, half morning time, both at the on going train).

The book consists of eight (8) short stories. Each about the horror living at a rent room. The stories locations were Jakarta, Yogyakarta, and Surabaya.

The characteristic of an horror novel was in the book: the unexplained mystery. Some stories doesn't explained how and why the ghosts were at the rent room. They were already there, scaring the people who rent the room with mysterious sounds, cries, laughing, blowing of wind, knocks, and scary looking appearance before the people.

The horror itself isn't as scary as I really thought, even though sometimes I was scared to turn the next page or I don't want to turn off the light when I get to sleep hahaha
But the stories aren't like haunting every where I go. I soon forget the horror :D

One thing for sure, I think I will postponed my intention to rent a room hahaha

Thursday, January 29, 2015

Happy Birthday HYDE!

Happy birthday to the man who will always be my most favorite voice.

HYDE (L'Arc~en~Ciel, VAMPS)

Just stay as you are: 


Wednesday, January 28, 2015


I was told,

"Your life is FLAT." 


What's wrong having flat life?

My way of having fun might be so different with the rest of people.

I don't need traveling to have fun.
I don't need trying various dishes to have fun.
I don't need to bought clothes or shopping to have fun.
I don't need to hang out all the time to have fun.
I don't need to watch movies to have fun.

My way of having fun are...

Put on favorite music...take book/comic to read...lay at the bed...sleep. 

Simple. Easy. Cheap.

If not having flat life equal to having adventures in life...
Well, I have enough "adventures" in life.
A real adventures with the life that I don't want to remember.
Beside, though I don't want it or never expect it, the "adventure" just came to me.
People may say my life is flat. But to me, it isn't at all.
I would be more than happy if it is.

Tuesday, January 27, 2015


Late at night I asked myself...

When did the last time I pray?

A properly pray, and not just mumbling it.
Pray from the heart. not by the lips.

When did the last time I read the Holy Qur'an? 

When did the last time I do prayer at the mosque or musholla,
instead doing it inside the office room?

It's really been a while...a long time...

Is it necessary for some incident to happen, before I come to realize all of my wrong doing?

Monday, January 19, 2015

Sayounara, OROCHIMARU~~

After calling two zoos and none would adopted OROCHIMARU,
Finally we set him off to the forest on last Sunday.

It was my first time to see him out from the box...
When A'Nda pulled up OROCHIMARU,  he quickly twine A'Nda's arm...
I was so surprised that I quickly decide if A'Nda couldn't let off OROCHIMARU from his arm,
then we have to killed the snake...

Luckily we succeed to put OROCHIMARU inside a sack.
We drive for almost one hour to the forest, looking for a place to set him off.

I was scared that I took the pictures from a far hahaha

Bye bye OROCHIMARU. Farewell~ Don't miss us, okay? XD

Thursday, January 15, 2015

Happy Birthday Director!

Today is mediakita group's director birthday!

Pak Lulu's birthday~

Happy birthday~
May he's always be healthy, happy, and his dreams and wishing can be smoothly become true!

A surprised party was designed for Pak Lulu by the group's editorial staff.
Luckily Pak Lulu had a meeting in the morning.
So the staff had enough time "dressed up" his office room.

But, the meeting took too long.
And when Pak Lulu returned, he didn't directly went to his office.
So we have to do a trick to lure him there.
The staff were hiding inside the toilet, and might fainted if Pak Lulu didn't come sooner hahaha

Happy birthday~ 
Hope Pak Lulu can always be our great "Dad"! 

Tuesday, January 13, 2015


On Saturday's night, my family was surprised with the showing of uninvited guest...


A'Nda (3rd brother) found him, hanging on the roof, looking a way down...

It all started when at 11.30 pm, Zufar (nephew) heard a sound of crying outside. He thought it's the sound of "Kuntilanak" (Indonesian's female ghost).
But his mom confirmed it's the sound of a weasel.

What make them wonder...why the weasel so noisy?

At the same time, our two birds pet were so noisy...they kept flying here and there inside their cage.
Usually the weasel will just went away when A'Nda appeared. But that night it just kept so noisy.

A'Nda came to check up things.
He went to the back yard...checking down the ground...when he lift flashlight up to the roof...

"My God!!"

He saw Orochimaru was hanging up at the roof...!

He quickly called his friends who coincidentally gathered that night.
They quickly took a look and was really surprised.
When A'Nda was trying to caught Orochimaru, his friends scattered away...hahaha!
Half on hour later, they succeed to caught him.

At the moment this post was made, Orochimaru is still at our house.
I seriously don't know what to do with him...
I don't want to take him as a pet...
But, I don't want to killed him too...

A'Nda's friend who already have two pet snakes didn't want to take Orochimaru.
He said with the size and presumable old of Orochimaru, it will be difficult to tamed him as a pet.
I don't want to give Orochimaru to any kind of person.
I don't want him ended as a bag or a shoes or a medicine or someone's dinner.
I tried to contact the near by zoo, hopefully they willing to took him.
If there's no answer and no one wants him, A'Nda will let him loose to the woods this weekend.

Sorry, Orochimaru...I really don't want to take you as a pet... I prefer Sasuke...hahaha

Friday, January 09, 2015

"I Love You"

I think it's far easier to say "I love you" to an idol or celebrity,
than to someone that I really like in real life.

I'm thinking...if I said the words every time,
will it be a bother? Will it be a nuisance?

Wanting to say it, but scared to bother...
Wanting to asked "how was your day?", but scared it would be a nuisance...
Wanting to say "I miss you", but scared I'm the only one who feel it...

But...even though I couldn't say it every time I want it...
My heart keep saying it...

Hey, there!
How was your day? 
Did something good happen?
Hope you're having a great day.
You know what, I'm just dropping by to know how are you doing...
And I want to say that,
I miss you...everyday...
I love you...everyday...

Monday, January 05, 2015

Reset (the) Circle

Happy New Year 2015!!

Yeah, it's a late post :D
Still, I'd like to wish a Happy New Year 2015 for all the people in the world.
May 2015 will be a great and shining year for everyone of us.

My early January isn't quite happy.
My two aunts have passed away in a row.
But, since they lived far, I couldn't come to escort them to their final sleep.

As for 2014, I don't quite remember what I've been doing through out the year...
I think I've done many things...but can't remember every thing well *XD*
It felt like I was dreaming....or thinking it had happened in 2013...

Well at work, I've been out of town quite often. Going to new places and meeting new people.
It's exciting! I'd like to do it again in 2015, but please not in so close range hehehe

In Ramadhan's 2014, I finally visited my father's birth place, which I haven't visited for about 23 years...
We went on land trip. It's exciting, fun, awesome, and tiring. I'd like to do it again, but not in close time too  hehehe

In 2014, I went to watched 2 movies of Rurouni Kenshin, Saint Seiya, and Doraemon.
I hope in 2015, I could watch in cinema the movies from Iseya Yusuke: Joker Game and The Tenor Lirico Spinto.

In music, Over The L'Arc~en~Ciel will finally get into Indonesia at the end of January 2015.
And I hope in 2015, Sugizo would come to Jakarta (Indonesia), either with Luna Sea, X Japan, or as a solo artist.
I also be waiting for vistlip's new album some time in 2015~

For my personal 2015 resolutions, I would make it to:

  1. Stop being lazy at work and also on weekend. Must do something on weekend beside of sleeping the whole day.
  2. Writing and finishing the stories I've been working on. 
  3. Doing freelance work again. I need extra money. 
  4. Doing skipping to lose some weight (:D)
  5. Don't bought unnecessary things, and only bought releases from my top three favorite artists (Yeah, this year I'm adding a new one :D) 
Well, it seems a logic and easy resolutions to do.

Welcome 2015~ I hope it will be a great year~