Friday, December 12, 2014

milk&macaron (2)

I guess milk&macaron is my lucky song.

I've won a quiz thanks to the song.

Now my question regarding to the song has been answered by vistlip (tomo and rui)!!

I really like the song milk&macaron. I feel the music fits the scene of a couple walking together, with hands joined, on Christmas Eve. That's why I like to listen the song every December, especially for Christmas. However, what does the song actually mean? Can you please explain the true meaning of the song? 
-KiRaiDesu, Indonesia-

tomo: In fact, this song is for a married couple. I described their resolutions for new days while they face a child that will be born tomorrow. 
rui: It's actually not related to Christmas, but that's similar to the image I had when I wrote the song. I imagined lovers like a hero and heroine who appear in a fairy tale. The lyrics are actually from the man's point of view, happily thinking of his sweetheart.

Well, well, well... I've made my own assumption about the song here.
rui said the lyrics were from the man's point of view,
while I made a story from the girl's point of view.
It's not that different with what tomo and rui meant, right? Hahaha

I've become loving the song so much!
Of course, I also love the band!


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