Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Stand by Me, Doraemon - Personal Review

Finally I watched the most tearing movie of the year: "Stand by Me, Doraemon".

Or I thought so at first... XD

I've been avoiding to watched the movie just because of one reason: I don't like tearing movie. Never!
But since Gita and Intan (the wacko duo) insisted me to watch it, I don't have another choice.
Luckily I already get a scoop about the end of the movie.

The movie compiled the story of Doraemon "assignment to guide" Nobita's life.
Doraemon can't returned to the future until Nobita found his ultimate happiness.

Of course we already know the next story and what kind of person is Nobita... *taking a deep breathe*
In the movie also, we can see Doraemon's most famous tools: chopper, dokodemo door, time blanket, etc.

Nobita was supposed to married Jaiko. For sure Nobita neglect it and insisted he had to married with Shizuka-chan.
He tried many things with the help from Doraemon's future tools, but it always end up in failure.

At that point I realize, Nobita's always have a great idea when it comes to cheating (hahaha)
Why he never thinking to be a criminal, like Megamind?

Anyway, finally Nobita's future has changed. He will marry Shizuka-chan instead of Jaiko.
Somehow I feel sorry for Shizuka-chan (hahaha)
But her reason was, "You (Nobita) need someone to look after you."
Nobita is so lucky to have Shizuka-chan as his wife!!
And so that's when Nobita feel his ultimate happiness.
And it's time for Doraemon to go back to the future.

This was the tearing part...
But, it's not that tearing though... I just feel moved a bit...only a bit...
No, I didn't cried! Believe me! Really!

I wonder how Doraemon would come back again with Nobita?
Actually the end was good. I really didn't expect it.
I thought Doraemon would come back because Nobita was still lousy after he left.
That's not how it goes.

Nobita drink a "lie potion", so whatever he's saying, it will become the opposite of it.
Nobita said he won't ever see Doraemon again, that they won't ever be together.
As he walked inside his room... Doraemon came out from the drawer.

Damn...I didn't think of that! Hahaha

For me, "Stand by Me, Doraemon" is an usual movie.
Somehow I've become to dislike Nobita (hahaha)
And if I used the "parent's view", I don't see any good example given from Nobita's action.
Everything will be okay as long as he has his luck, his kindness, and Doraemon's tools.
I feel that Nobita's character didn't showed too much of changing, that he deserved getting Shizuka-chan.

But, Shizuka-chan's character wasn't as bad as the anime :D
And Doraemon...he's still cute as always!! <3 nbsp="" p="">

Tuesday, December 16, 2014


I've realized it.

I've been spoiled.

Through the cozy treatment.

Through the kindness.

Through the protection.

Through the encouragement words.

I feel safe and protected. I feel comfortable.

I've been spoiled.

An now it's time to rise on my own feet.


Friday, December 12, 2014

milk&macaron (2)

I guess milk&macaron is my lucky song.

I've won a quiz thanks to the song.

Now my question regarding to the song has been answered by vistlip (tomo and rui)!!

I really like the song milk&macaron. I feel the music fits the scene of a couple walking together, with hands joined, on Christmas Eve. That's why I like to listen the song every December, especially for Christmas. However, what does the song actually mean? Can you please explain the true meaning of the song? 
-KiRaiDesu, Indonesia-

tomo: In fact, this song is for a married couple. I described their resolutions for new days while they face a child that will be born tomorrow. 
rui: It's actually not related to Christmas, but that's similar to the image I had when I wrote the song. I imagined lovers like a hero and heroine who appear in a fairy tale. The lyrics are actually from the man's point of view, happily thinking of his sweetheart.

Well, well, well... I've made my own assumption about the song here.
rui said the lyrics were from the man's point of view,
while I made a story from the girl's point of view.
It's not that different with what tomo and rui meant, right? Hahaha

I've become loving the song so much!
Of course, I also love the band!


Thursday, December 11, 2014


Made a birthday surprised for a friend this morning. 
We've made it upon her arrival from her days off. 
She was very surprised! 
We did it this year! 

Happy Birthday My Friend! 
May you always be happy, and please...do stay crazy! XD