Friday, October 10, 2014

(review) Spiritual Classic SUGIZO Selection.

"Sugizo is a troll!"

That's what I felt when I listen to his spiritual classic selection album.

I was feeling over excited once Sugizo announced he would release a classical album selections.
That's what I've been waiting for! A classical album from Sugizo, of him playing the violin.

Then questions come...what "classical" mean?

Is it classic because consists of Sugizo's old songs?

Is it classic because it will consists of Sugizo's playing his violin?

Is it classic because consists of Sugizo's old songs and he re-record it using violin?

What's the correct one?

Then the art cover being published.
I was almost disappointed because I thought it was Sugizo's hands playing a guitar.
But, it's not a guitar. It's a violin!! (hahaha my eyes)

I kept my hopes high but...

I should have read the complete information carefully...


1. Bartok - Romanian Folk Dancess
2. Ravel - Pavane for Dead Princess
3. Satie - Gymnopedie No. 3 (Debussy Ed.)
4. Rachmaninoff - Vocalise (Orchestra Version)
5. Ravel - String Quartet Second Movement
6. Debussy - Prelude to the Aftrenoon of  a Faun
7. Wagner - Ride of Valkyries
8. Stravinsky - Ballet "Sacrificial Dance" from "The Rites of the Spring"
9. Beethoven - No. 9 Symphony Second Movement
10. J. S. Bach - Concerto for Two Violins First Movement
11. Stravinsky - Ballet "The Firebird" Scene 2
12. Holst - Suite "Neptune" from "The Planets"

*Bonus Disc
1. SUGIZO - Distant Memorie (2014 MIX)

A classical compilation album "SPIRITUAL CLASSIC SUGIZO SELECTION", an origin of SUGIZO and compiled by himself.

"An origin of SUGIZO and compiled by himself"...

That's my answer.

It's not a compilation of Sugizo's old songs.
It's not a compilation of Sugizo playing violin.
It's not a compilation of Sugizo's old songs with violin.

It's a compilation of classical music that give an influence to Sugizo.

Sugizo is a troll!! XD

Even though I kinda disappointed the album isn't exactly what I want to have from Sugizo. but now I know some musics that influence him.
I'm imagining how would Sugizo enjoy the album, by laying down at the sofa and drink wine? (hehehe)

I'm not a fans of classical music, so this album has open my ears a bit to the genre.
It's a good one to listen to get a calm and comfort feeling, to relieve from stress.

Still, I'm waiting for the real Sugizo's classic album! XD

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