Monday, October 27, 2014

Personal Review – Rurouni Kenshin, The Legend Ends (part 3)

It’s a long review, isn’t it? (XD)   

The final fight, Kenshin vs Shishio. It’s okay hahaha but the question on the viewers that didn’t read the manga,

“How Aoshi could get there?”

See, told you so! (XD)

The scene doesn’t explain clearly why Shishio can only fought for 15 minutes, and how in the end he was burned by himself to death. Also, the sad yet romantic scene of Yumi’s death…didn’t get a strong feeling from it… 

Amakakeru ryu no hirameki was awesomely shown at the end! But, only for a few minutes…3 minutes? (XD) Still, IT WAS AWESOME! Shishio flied away because of the technique! Cool movie effect!!!

I wish the movie would also include the scene when Kaoru said, “Let’s go home together to Tokyo”, that made Kenshin’s spirit rise again to defeat Shishio.

The odd thing was when the four walked from the burning ship, Aoshi was shown to fell down at the back, and Saito was helping him… Hahaha! That won’t happen!!

When the four were safely got to the beach. Kaoru quickly get to help Kenshin and Mishao came from nowhere to help her Aoshi-nii.

Odd… Aoshi won’t let himself to be help by Mishao. Yet, he lets Mishao help him walk. Okay, I’m quite okay with the scene. I’m a Aoshi-Mishao worshipper hahaha. 

One funny thing from the final scene was, everyone have someone to lean on, Kenshin with Kaoru, Aoshi with Mishao, even Sanosuke with Yahiko. While Saito was smoking alone at the beach hahaha
The Internal Minister told his men to give honor for the safe return samurai’s, it made them stunned.

I think its one good scene, it ended the scene nicely. Shishio was angry of being betrayed, the government realizes the mistake and later give honor for those who have helped them. It summed up everything, Kenshin, Aoshi, and Sanosuke (maybe Saito too) have the same feeling towards the government: distrust. But when they get the honor, it settles everything out. It’s a great way to end the dispute.

The end of the movie was nice~ Kenshin asked Kaoru to watch the going of the new era together with him. It’s a proposed!!! Kaoru was saying, “Hah?”, while Kenshin was smiling sweetly! Damn sweet!!!

I hope the 3rd movie will be definitely the last. Please no Jinchu’s arc, or the part showing Kenshin’s death. My heart won’t stand it… Please let it end this way, like the way Watsuki-sensei’s wanted, a happy ending story.

After the movie, I had a discussion with Githa about the theme song, Heartache from One Ok Rock.

Me: “Why the title is Heartache? It’s a song about separation, yet Kenshin still with Kaoru,”
Githa: “Maybe it’s not that kind of heartache, maybe it’s the ache that each character had in the movie,”
Me: “Come to think of it, yeah…everyone feel it, the heart ache, Shishio was betrayed by the government, the same goes with Aoshi and the people on Shishio’s side. Mishao also feels it for Aoshi, Okina too,”
Githa: “Yeah, that’s it,”

What an interesting song interpretation, right? (X3)    

Well, despite the lacking of the story line, the actors were awesome! It really worth to watch! I hope the DVD would be available inside Indonesia’s market. I want to watch every scene with Aoshi in it! (XD)

Read part 1 and part 2?

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