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Personal Review – Rurouni Kenshin, The Legend Ends (part 2)

Continuation from the 1st part of the review…

Kaoru was found safe and sound after she falls from Shishio’s ship. At first I thought she lost his memories, that she doesn’t remember her name and also Kenshin (what a cheesy soap drama it would be). That didn’t happen though. Kaoru remember the whole thing and get back to Tokyo to look for Kenshin.

At this movie, Kaoru didn’t do much than shouting, “Kenshin!” (XD)

While on the manga, Kaoru was the true reason that made Kenshin cherishes his own life.

In the manga, Seijiro Hiko was a strong person, with highly pride and self confidence (he’s a narcissistic). The reason why he did pottery was because he’s a genius that can do anything perfectly and not because he can found peace and understands the true shape of life while making it (the reason in the movie).  

In the manga, when Hiko told Kenshin to figure out what was lacking of him, both of them couldn’t slept all night. When they face each other in the morning, both had circled eyes, and they wash their face first (XD). Hiko said that “Amakakeru no Ryu Hiranomeki” was a technique that achieved by killing the previous owner. It means Kenshin had to kill Hiko in order to get the technique. Kenshin defeated Hiko and hurried treated his wounds. When he awake, he said it isn’t because of Kenshin’s treatment, but simply because he’s a genius.

The part was only slightly shown in the movie. It didn’t show how Kenshin manage to get the technique. There’s no scene of it. He just finally gets it. And it didn’t strongly and clearly showed how Kenshin realize what’s lacking from him that is the will of life. Kenshin thought Kaoru was dead, because Hiko found him alone at the beach. But, by that, by the feeling of lost, he managed to pull himself together and asked Hiko for the ultimate technique.

I see it odd…

One of the best fighting scenes in the manga was Saito vs Usui. It made me like Saito hahaha
Saito killed Usui using his “Gatotsu” technique and principal of “Aku-Soku-Zan”, it means “Kill the bad (guy)”. When Usui asked for how long Saito would keep doing the principal?

Saito: “Until I die,”

That’s it! I fall for him by that! Hahaha

In the movie, the fight was shown as an ordinary fight, with no words between the both, no Saito saying about his principal, only him doing “Gatotsu” and kill Usui…

Even so, “Gatotsu” was splendidly done by the actor, Yosuke Eguchi! Well done! I’m happy I could finally see the technique in live action!

Anji vs Sanosuke. In the manga, the two know each other before knowing they were on the opposite sides. Anji even taught Sano some of his fist technique.

In the movie, they firstly met on the ship. Anji was telling the true reason why he and several of Juppongatana’s members joined Shishio. Not all of them were bad, including Anji. But that one didn’t quite explain. Anji then only become one of the bad guy, like the rest of his friends from Juppongatana.

Kenshin vs Sojiro Seta. Awesome fighting scene. Yet, it didn’t convey why Sojiro trust Shishio so much. Anji told Sano the reason Sojiro joined Shishio was because he was abused since child and then snapped out killing the whole family while smiling.

The movie scene didn’t clearly show the battle within Sojiro’s soul between Shishio’s words and Kenshin’s. Kenshin defeated Sojiro, and the later was shocked and get snapped, shouting to the air.

In the manga, Shishio was Sojiro’s savior, someone who told him what to do to save himself. Since then Sojiro obediently follow Shishio and thought the man as his supreme master. When Kenshin show up, he gets angry with Kenshin’s way of using the sword to protect people.

Sojiro: “Where were you when I need you to save me? Why you didn’t save me?”
Kenshin: “I maybe late to save you that time, but let me save you now,”

And Sojiro get snapped. He was confused who to trust, Shishio’s words or Kenshin’s?

Juppongatana has only a cameo in the movie. The assassin’s member actually had important role in weakening Kenshin’s team (Saito and Sanosuke). Some of the members also have a role attacking Kyoto, where they were defeated by Kaoru and friends.

My favorite Juppongatana member is Kamatari. He (or she?) is interesting! An assassin’s but also funny! Too bad the character didn’t really get picture in the movie…

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