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Personal Review – Rurouni Kenshin, The Legend Ends (part 1)

Rurouni Kenshin the 3rd movie, the last part of the trilogy. 
(Is it a trilogy by the way? XD)

My reaction after watching the movie… I think it’s less exciting than “Kyoto Inferno”. 
Maybe I’ve put high hope for the last movie? The trailer was more exciting though. (:D)
What went wrong?
Of course I know it’s difficult to put up all of the stories in a 2.5 hours movie, there will be lacking here and there. But, I can have my wishes, right? (:D)

The actors were awesome. Takeru Satoh was awesome! He was getting deeper with Kenshin’s character. I’ve feel it from the 1st movie, but I’m really sure of it now, that Takeru is Kenshin Himura, and vice versa.

The story was the continuation from the 2nd movie, when Kenshin was lying unconscious at the beach and taken away by someone, which is later known that the person is his teacher, Seijiro Hiko.
As for the manga readers, it was the final part of Kyoto’s arc, the final battle between Kenshin and Shishio Makoto.

The movie of course had different story line from the manga, just like the 1st and 2nd movie. It’s a pitty since there are some important story line connections that lead to the final chapter in the last movie.

Let’s see it one by one… It will be a very long post. (XD)

Shishio Makoto wanted to get revenge because of the way the government treated him. But, I don’t understand why he had to do shitty tricks to get rid of Kenshin? Demanding the government to capture and beheaded Kenshin in public for his crimes? Come on, I believe Shishio would rather face Kenshin in a sword fight, rather than seeing him beheaded by the government.

Does Shishio wanted to show Kenshin the pain being betrayed by the government that he works for? Still, I don’t feel it’s a strong reason for Shishio’s actions.

The fight between Aoshi and Kenshin. The part I’ve been waiting to see! Yet, I kind of feel less excited. Maybe because the scenes took too long?

Aoshi’s sword play was awesome though. I was excited watching Iseya Yusuke play his two swords. And sometimes I could see Iseya’s true face when he swings his swords. It’s really difficult to do the two swords technique in such speed and at the same time had to move here and there wearing his long coat… Well done Iseya-nii!!!   
Back to the main thing, the scene lost the most important part, how Aoshi could come back to his own self. It’s important because it would be the reason why later Aoshi would help Kenshin’s battle with Shishio. I don’t think the reason of losing from Kenshin, or because he had to make up for his mistakes (by almost killed Okina), could be a strong reason for the stoic man to help Kenshin.

The true reason was, the Oniwabanshu managed to bring back Aoshi’s senses by the fight with Kenshin. Aoshi was reminded by Kenshin, the true reason why he kept fighting and badly wanting to beat Kenshin. Kenshin also reminded Aoshi that his blindly action would only suffer the late Oniwabanshu’s member, and also Mishao.

Aoshi: “Mishao is a strong girl. She would overcome it,”
Kenshin: “Yes, she’s indeed strong, but she’s only 16, and to let you know, that strong girl was crying when I said I won’t kill you, that I will bring you back to her alive,”


Previously, Okina was asking Kenshin to kill Aoshi in order to save his rotten soul. Mishao was stunned. She has prepared herself for the possibility to kill Aoshi. She also has declared that Aoshi is an enemy of Oniwabanshu and when they meet again, she will kill him. But, why she feel ache with Okina’s request? And why then she cried when Kenshin refused the request and said he will surely bring Aoshi’s back to the place where he truly belongs, beside the Oniwabanshu.

Kenshin: “Death isn’t the way to save Aoshi, but by bringing him back here to all of you,”

Mishao felt so relieved with the answer and cried. Okina then realize that he almost make her suffer by saying the request.

That was the story from the manga. It doesn’t show in the movie. Instead, Aoshi kicked Mishao! HE KICKED A GIRL! HE KICKED A GIRL WHO’S IN LOVE WITH HIM!!

I believe, the Aoshi inside Watsuki-sensei’s mind won’t do such thing! He won’t kick Mishao, someone that he has raised since little and one of his important people in Oniwabanshu.

Aoshi was pathetically defeated by Kenshin. He was later taken back to the inn and treated by Mishao. He awakes and told Mishao to kill him as a revenge for Okina.

Mishao: “You will be useful for me when you’re alive,”
Then she left the room, and Aoshi started to sobs in anger.


Aoshi would be useful for Mishao? Is that the reason why Aoshi would help Kenshin? Because of Mishao order him? THAT’S NOT GONNA HAPPEN! NO WAY!

There’s no way Mishao would said those words to her dearest Aoshi-nii! And there’s no way Aoshi would sobs!!! The live action made his character more pathetic from the manga!! (T______T)

I like the Kenshin vs Aoshi scenes (because I can see Iseya-nii), but I hate the different story lines!!! 

To be continued to part 2?             

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