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Personal Review – Rurouni Kenshin, The Legend Ends (part 3)

It’s a long review, isn’t it? (XD)   

The final fight, Kenshin vs Shishio. It’s okay hahaha but the question on the viewers that didn’t read the manga,

“How Aoshi could get there?”

See, told you so! (XD)

The scene doesn’t explain clearly why Shishio can only fought for 15 minutes, and how in the end he was burned by himself to death. Also, the sad yet romantic scene of Yumi’s death…didn’t get a strong feeling from it… 

Amakakeru ryu no hirameki was awesomely shown at the end! But, only for a few minutes…3 minutes? (XD) Still, IT WAS AWESOME! Shishio flied away because of the technique! Cool movie effect!!!

I wish the movie would also include the scene when Kaoru said, “Let’s go home together to Tokyo”, that made Kenshin’s spirit rise again to defeat Shishio.

The odd thing was when the four walked from the burning ship, Aoshi was shown to fell down at the back, and Saito was helping him… Hahaha! That won’t happen!!

When the four were safely got to the beach. Kaoru quickly get to help Kenshin and Mishao came from nowhere to help her Aoshi-nii.

Odd… Aoshi won’t let himself to be help by Mishao. Yet, he lets Mishao help him walk. Okay, I’m quite okay with the scene. I’m a Aoshi-Mishao worshipper hahaha. 

One funny thing from the final scene was, everyone have someone to lean on, Kenshin with Kaoru, Aoshi with Mishao, even Sanosuke with Yahiko. While Saito was smoking alone at the beach hahaha
The Internal Minister told his men to give honor for the safe return samurai’s, it made them stunned.

I think its one good scene, it ended the scene nicely. Shishio was angry of being betrayed, the government realizes the mistake and later give honor for those who have helped them. It summed up everything, Kenshin, Aoshi, and Sanosuke (maybe Saito too) have the same feeling towards the government: distrust. But when they get the honor, it settles everything out. It’s a great way to end the dispute.

The end of the movie was nice~ Kenshin asked Kaoru to watch the going of the new era together with him. It’s a proposed!!! Kaoru was saying, “Hah?”, while Kenshin was smiling sweetly! Damn sweet!!!

I hope the 3rd movie will be definitely the last. Please no Jinchu’s arc, or the part showing Kenshin’s death. My heart won’t stand it… Please let it end this way, like the way Watsuki-sensei’s wanted, a happy ending story.

After the movie, I had a discussion with Githa about the theme song, Heartache from One Ok Rock.

Me: “Why the title is Heartache? It’s a song about separation, yet Kenshin still with Kaoru,”
Githa: “Maybe it’s not that kind of heartache, maybe it’s the ache that each character had in the movie,”
Me: “Come to think of it, yeah…everyone feel it, the heart ache, Shishio was betrayed by the government, the same goes with Aoshi and the people on Shishio’s side. Mishao also feels it for Aoshi, Okina too,”
Githa: “Yeah, that’s it,”

What an interesting song interpretation, right? (X3)    

Well, despite the lacking of the story line, the actors were awesome! It really worth to watch! I hope the DVD would be available inside Indonesia’s market. I want to watch every scene with Aoshi in it! (XD)

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Personal Review – Rurouni Kenshin, The Legend Ends (part 2)

Continuation from the 1st part of the review…

Kaoru was found safe and sound after she falls from Shishio’s ship. At first I thought she lost his memories, that she doesn’t remember her name and also Kenshin (what a cheesy soap drama it would be). That didn’t happen though. Kaoru remember the whole thing and get back to Tokyo to look for Kenshin.

At this movie, Kaoru didn’t do much than shouting, “Kenshin!” (XD)

While on the manga, Kaoru was the true reason that made Kenshin cherishes his own life.

In the manga, Seijiro Hiko was a strong person, with highly pride and self confidence (he’s a narcissistic). The reason why he did pottery was because he’s a genius that can do anything perfectly and not because he can found peace and understands the true shape of life while making it (the reason in the movie).  

In the manga, when Hiko told Kenshin to figure out what was lacking of him, both of them couldn’t slept all night. When they face each other in the morning, both had circled eyes, and they wash their face first (XD). Hiko said that “Amakakeru no Ryu Hiranomeki” was a technique that achieved by killing the previous owner. It means Kenshin had to kill Hiko in order to get the technique. Kenshin defeated Hiko and hurried treated his wounds. When he awake, he said it isn’t because of Kenshin’s treatment, but simply because he’s a genius.

The part was only slightly shown in the movie. It didn’t show how Kenshin manage to get the technique. There’s no scene of it. He just finally gets it. And it didn’t strongly and clearly showed how Kenshin realize what’s lacking from him that is the will of life. Kenshin thought Kaoru was dead, because Hiko found him alone at the beach. But, by that, by the feeling of lost, he managed to pull himself together and asked Hiko for the ultimate technique.

I see it odd…

One of the best fighting scenes in the manga was Saito vs Usui. It made me like Saito hahaha
Saito killed Usui using his “Gatotsu” technique and principal of “Aku-Soku-Zan”, it means “Kill the bad (guy)”. When Usui asked for how long Saito would keep doing the principal?

Saito: “Until I die,”

That’s it! I fall for him by that! Hahaha

In the movie, the fight was shown as an ordinary fight, with no words between the both, no Saito saying about his principal, only him doing “Gatotsu” and kill Usui…

Even so, “Gatotsu” was splendidly done by the actor, Yosuke Eguchi! Well done! I’m happy I could finally see the technique in live action!

Anji vs Sanosuke. In the manga, the two know each other before knowing they were on the opposite sides. Anji even taught Sano some of his fist technique.

In the movie, they firstly met on the ship. Anji was telling the true reason why he and several of Juppongatana’s members joined Shishio. Not all of them were bad, including Anji. But that one didn’t quite explain. Anji then only become one of the bad guy, like the rest of his friends from Juppongatana.

Kenshin vs Sojiro Seta. Awesome fighting scene. Yet, it didn’t convey why Sojiro trust Shishio so much. Anji told Sano the reason Sojiro joined Shishio was because he was abused since child and then snapped out killing the whole family while smiling.

The movie scene didn’t clearly show the battle within Sojiro’s soul between Shishio’s words and Kenshin’s. Kenshin defeated Sojiro, and the later was shocked and get snapped, shouting to the air.

In the manga, Shishio was Sojiro’s savior, someone who told him what to do to save himself. Since then Sojiro obediently follow Shishio and thought the man as his supreme master. When Kenshin show up, he gets angry with Kenshin’s way of using the sword to protect people.

Sojiro: “Where were you when I need you to save me? Why you didn’t save me?”
Kenshin: “I maybe late to save you that time, but let me save you now,”

And Sojiro get snapped. He was confused who to trust, Shishio’s words or Kenshin’s?

Juppongatana has only a cameo in the movie. The assassin’s member actually had important role in weakening Kenshin’s team (Saito and Sanosuke). Some of the members also have a role attacking Kyoto, where they were defeated by Kaoru and friends.

My favorite Juppongatana member is Kamatari. He (or she?) is interesting! An assassin’s but also funny! Too bad the character didn’t really get picture in the movie…

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Personal Review – Rurouni Kenshin, The Legend Ends (part 1)

Rurouni Kenshin the 3rd movie, the last part of the trilogy. 
(Is it a trilogy by the way? XD)

My reaction after watching the movie… I think it’s less exciting than “Kyoto Inferno”. 
Maybe I’ve put high hope for the last movie? The trailer was more exciting though. (:D)
What went wrong?
Of course I know it’s difficult to put up all of the stories in a 2.5 hours movie, there will be lacking here and there. But, I can have my wishes, right? (:D)

The actors were awesome. Takeru Satoh was awesome! He was getting deeper with Kenshin’s character. I’ve feel it from the 1st movie, but I’m really sure of it now, that Takeru is Kenshin Himura, and vice versa.

The story was the continuation from the 2nd movie, when Kenshin was lying unconscious at the beach and taken away by someone, which is later known that the person is his teacher, Seijiro Hiko.
As for the manga readers, it was the final part of Kyoto’s arc, the final battle between Kenshin and Shishio Makoto.

The movie of course had different story line from the manga, just like the 1st and 2nd movie. It’s a pitty since there are some important story line connections that lead to the final chapter in the last movie.

Let’s see it one by one… It will be a very long post. (XD)

Shishio Makoto wanted to get revenge because of the way the government treated him. But, I don’t understand why he had to do shitty tricks to get rid of Kenshin? Demanding the government to capture and beheaded Kenshin in public for his crimes? Come on, I believe Shishio would rather face Kenshin in a sword fight, rather than seeing him beheaded by the government.

Does Shishio wanted to show Kenshin the pain being betrayed by the government that he works for? Still, I don’t feel it’s a strong reason for Shishio’s actions.

The fight between Aoshi and Kenshin. The part I’ve been waiting to see! Yet, I kind of feel less excited. Maybe because the scenes took too long?

Aoshi’s sword play was awesome though. I was excited watching Iseya Yusuke play his two swords. And sometimes I could see Iseya’s true face when he swings his swords. It’s really difficult to do the two swords technique in such speed and at the same time had to move here and there wearing his long coat… Well done Iseya-nii!!!   
Back to the main thing, the scene lost the most important part, how Aoshi could come back to his own self. It’s important because it would be the reason why later Aoshi would help Kenshin’s battle with Shishio. I don’t think the reason of losing from Kenshin, or because he had to make up for his mistakes (by almost killed Okina), could be a strong reason for the stoic man to help Kenshin.

The true reason was, the Oniwabanshu managed to bring back Aoshi’s senses by the fight with Kenshin. Aoshi was reminded by Kenshin, the true reason why he kept fighting and badly wanting to beat Kenshin. Kenshin also reminded Aoshi that his blindly action would only suffer the late Oniwabanshu’s member, and also Mishao.

Aoshi: “Mishao is a strong girl. She would overcome it,”
Kenshin: “Yes, she’s indeed strong, but she’s only 16, and to let you know, that strong girl was crying when I said I won’t kill you, that I will bring you back to her alive,”


Previously, Okina was asking Kenshin to kill Aoshi in order to save his rotten soul. Mishao was stunned. She has prepared herself for the possibility to kill Aoshi. She also has declared that Aoshi is an enemy of Oniwabanshu and when they meet again, she will kill him. But, why she feel ache with Okina’s request? And why then she cried when Kenshin refused the request and said he will surely bring Aoshi’s back to the place where he truly belongs, beside the Oniwabanshu.

Kenshin: “Death isn’t the way to save Aoshi, but by bringing him back here to all of you,”

Mishao felt so relieved with the answer and cried. Okina then realize that he almost make her suffer by saying the request.

That was the story from the manga. It doesn’t show in the movie. Instead, Aoshi kicked Mishao! HE KICKED A GIRL! HE KICKED A GIRL WHO’S IN LOVE WITH HIM!!

I believe, the Aoshi inside Watsuki-sensei’s mind won’t do such thing! He won’t kick Mishao, someone that he has raised since little and one of his important people in Oniwabanshu.

Aoshi was pathetically defeated by Kenshin. He was later taken back to the inn and treated by Mishao. He awakes and told Mishao to kill him as a revenge for Okina.

Mishao: “You will be useful for me when you’re alive,”
Then she left the room, and Aoshi started to sobs in anger.


Aoshi would be useful for Mishao? Is that the reason why Aoshi would help Kenshin? Because of Mishao order him? THAT’S NOT GONNA HAPPEN! NO WAY!

There’s no way Mishao would said those words to her dearest Aoshi-nii! And there’s no way Aoshi would sobs!!! The live action made his character more pathetic from the manga!! (T______T)

I like the Kenshin vs Aoshi scenes (because I can see Iseya-nii), but I hate the different story lines!!! 

To be continued to part 2?             

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(review) Spiritual Classic SUGIZO Selection.

"Sugizo is a troll!"

That's what I felt when I listen to his spiritual classic selection album.

I was feeling over excited once Sugizo announced he would release a classical album selections.
That's what I've been waiting for! A classical album from Sugizo, of him playing the violin.

Then questions come...what "classical" mean?

Is it classic because consists of Sugizo's old songs?

Is it classic because it will consists of Sugizo's playing his violin?

Is it classic because consists of Sugizo's old songs and he re-record it using violin?

What's the correct one?

Then the art cover being published.
I was almost disappointed because I thought it was Sugizo's hands playing a guitar.
But, it's not a guitar. It's a violin!! (hahaha my eyes)

I kept my hopes high but...

I should have read the complete information carefully...


1. Bartok - Romanian Folk Dancess
2. Ravel - Pavane for Dead Princess
3. Satie - Gymnopedie No. 3 (Debussy Ed.)
4. Rachmaninoff - Vocalise (Orchestra Version)
5. Ravel - String Quartet Second Movement
6. Debussy - Prelude to the Aftrenoon of  a Faun
7. Wagner - Ride of Valkyries
8. Stravinsky - Ballet "Sacrificial Dance" from "The Rites of the Spring"
9. Beethoven - No. 9 Symphony Second Movement
10. J. S. Bach - Concerto for Two Violins First Movement
11. Stravinsky - Ballet "The Firebird" Scene 2
12. Holst - Suite "Neptune" from "The Planets"

*Bonus Disc
1. SUGIZO - Distant Memorie (2014 MIX)

A classical compilation album "SPIRITUAL CLASSIC SUGIZO SELECTION", an origin of SUGIZO and compiled by himself.

"An origin of SUGIZO and compiled by himself"...

That's my answer.

It's not a compilation of Sugizo's old songs.
It's not a compilation of Sugizo playing violin.
It's not a compilation of Sugizo's old songs with violin.

It's a compilation of classical music that give an influence to Sugizo.

Sugizo is a troll!! XD

Even though I kinda disappointed the album isn't exactly what I want to have from Sugizo. but now I know some musics that influence him.
I'm imagining how would Sugizo enjoy the album, by laying down at the sofa and drink wine? (hehehe)

I'm not a fans of classical music, so this album has open my ears a bit to the genre.
It's a good one to listen to get a calm and comfort feeling, to relieve from stress.

Still, I'm waiting for the real Sugizo's classic album! XD