Thursday, September 11, 2014

[My Review] Rurouni Kenshin Live Action Movie: Kyoto Inferno

Finally I watched the second live action movie of Rurouni Kenshin: Kyoto Inferno.
Thank you to Bltzmegaplex for showing the movie on it's cinemas.
To watch the movie, I had to stay over for a night at a friend's house.
But I'm happy I've watched it~

I got a feeling that the story pace was quite fast.
It's like showing a quick summary from the manga, and leaving some questions for those who didn't follow the manga.

It also lacking of epic scenes that quite important to the story line.

1. Kenshin's struggling isn't strongly exposed when he was thinking either to accept or reject Okubo's request to deal with Shishio.

2. the scene when Kenshin bids farewell to Kaoru also lacking of emotions. The "Ima made... arigatou...soshite...sayounara" lines feel flat. I think it would be good if the background music use the original theme, which is departure theme.

3. no fighting scene between Saito and Sanosuke before going to Kyoto, that made Sano realized how weak he was.

4. Megumi's words to desperate Kaoru, "How do you think of my feeling that didn't get any farewell words from Ken-san?"

5. no scene when Kenshin and Misao surprised  to know that Saito has a wife. (They said his wife must have a Buddha's heart)

6. no scene when Sanosuke had a quarrel with Cho inside the prison and Saito was calmy watching them.

7. How come Shishio was so cheesy that he abducted Kaoru to provoked Kenshin?

8. Why Okina isn't flirty?!!

9. Why half of the Juppongatana didn't attack Kyoto and face to face with the Oniwabanshu?

10. On the movie, Misao and Kaoru doesn't seem to have close relationship, while they were quite close on the manga...

The movie story line was quite different with the manga. On the manga, Kenshin was told to went to his teacher and learn the ultimate stance. Then Kaoru came.

But on the movie, Kaoru came when Kenshin was having a fight with Cho at the shrine where Shakku Arai last blade was being kept.

On the manga, Kyoto was safely guard by Kenshin's teacher, and Kaoru wasn't abducted. It's different with the movie...

My friend asked the reason why Aoshi so desperately wanted to defeat Kenshin. The question won't come out if the story had been told during the Megumi's chapter :D

But, I guess the whole story couldn't be enough to put in a 2 hours movie, right? So I will just live with it hehehe

By the way, to be honest, I was kinda lazy to watched the second movie.
I'm a fan of Aoshi Shinomori and I think the cast for him isn't quite resembling the image.
Me and a friend having the same thought.

"He's not handsome enough"
"He's too old as Aoshi"
"He isn't cool like Aoshi"

But all of it disappeared as I watched the movie...

When Aoshi showed up...I hit my friend sitting next to me and said...


And when Aoshi's fighting scene against Okina,

"Can we reply that scene alone, please?!!!" 

The fighting scene was AWESOME!! It happened in a blink of the eye that I demand for a rewind of the scene hahaha!!

I bet the other viewers would feel strange seeing our chair was instantly shaking badly every time Aoshi showed up hahaha

Aoshi's fighting scene against Okina was one of the best scene on the movie!!

Before the movie started, I asked my friend,

Me: "Can I shout out Take's name?" 
Friend: "Hush! Don't! It's not a live viewing concert." 

As the movie goes on...Aoshi showed up...

"Can I shout Aoshi's name?"

I'm totally being a fan girl during the watch and until now as I wrote this post hahaha

He might be looking old in the poster, but during the movie...

"Who's that freaking cool guy?!!!"

It's a karma for me because I kept underestimate him before watching the movie.
I deeply apologize.... m(_ _)m

Thanks to Aoshi Shinomori, Hajime Saito, and Sanosuke Sagara, even though the story pace was fast, I can still enjoy the whole show.

I can't wait to watch the third movie, to watch Aoshi again, the epic battle against Kenshin and team up against Shishio.

And I also hope, they will keep the scene when Misao cried after Kenshin said that he won't killed her dearest Aoshi-nii, and would take him back safely home... My favorite scene... *sobs*

Since at first I don't like the cast for Aoshi Shinomori, I didn't look up for any information about him. And I've found out that he was also the main male cast for Casshern live action movie... WHAT?!!!