Friday, September 12, 2014


Once I read an article saying about what a fans can do to support his/her favorite artist.

Buying the artist releases?
Going to every live?
Promote the artist to other people?
Make a fans gathering event for supporting the artist?


I can't always buy every release...
I can't go to the live...
Sometimes I tweet, make a post about the artist...
I rarely went to fans gathering...

So what can I do as a fans...?

I then join Music Japan Plus World Team as a part of Indonesian Team.

My job desk are translating articles from English to Indonesian.
Sometimes I also wrote short articles under "Pick Up" section.

My first reason in joining was to do something to promote my favorite artist.
I do it by translating English articles to Indonesian.

Second reason was to practice my English literary, especially in writing and translating.
I don't translate every single words as it is.
Sometimes I change the sentences structure in Indonesian, so it would be better to read.

But, I don't always get to translate every articles about my favorite artist.

And, because doing the translations, I can know about bands that I've only heard the name.
And if something happen to the artist, it made me feel connected with them...just because I've done a translation about them hahaha

Here were some translations of my favorite artist that I've done for Music Japan Plus. (The articles are in Indonesian).

Interview with Sugizo about his solo projects and inspirations.
(I might be sound silly, but it's an honor to do the article translation. It made me more understand about Sugizo). 

Satsuki's Luminous self liner notes,
(By doing translation for Luminous self liner notes, I can understand Satsuki's reason for creating every songs. It's a beautiful album from a beautiful person). 

Interview with Jupiter before their European Tour.

vistlip new look and new single release - period.
(Finally I can write something about vistlip! Even though a short one, but I'm happy! Hehehe)

vistlip new look and new single release - period.
("Pick Up" in English article wrote by me)

Kirito - Angelo, new solo project announced.
("Pick Up" article about Kirito's new solo project).

Kirito - Angelo, new solo project announced.
("Pick Up" in English article wrote by me)

I do hope I'm doing a good job. :D

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