Friday, June 13, 2014

Mahabharata TV Series.

I remember watching Mahabharata during my childhood.
But all I can remember was long episodes, muscular men, beard, and a man sleeping with many arrows getting through his body...

Now, I'm watching the new series of Mahabharata on local TV.
There's not so much different with what I remember from the old series hahaha
I accidentally found the series when Nephew was watching it.
Earlier Nephew was given a book about Mahabharata from his mother (aka my sister).
I was intended to borrow and read it, but didn't have serious though about it until I knew there's a new series.

Mahabharata is an epic story from India.
From my personal opinions, it's a story about love and family, couple's love, love from parents to their children, love among brothers, and love to the nation/kingdom.
Everything started from there, if everyone love and respect each other, there won't be any hatred and grudge.
Not only love, Mahabharata also give good lesson and wise words about life. Even though I hardly understand the explanations (XD).

When I write this, the series has reached episode 90. Still long way to go...

But, I kinda disappointed...

It seemed the main story was focused on Arjuna's greatness...
Sorry, it doesn't mean I hate the character...but... Arjuna has 4 other brothers with individual greatness too...and it's too bad if they don't get to be acknowledge more.

I know Arjuna might be the most famous character among the Pandawa's (the calling for the brothers).
But...but...but.. I don't like a one man show when it has 5 interesting character.
It would be very interesting if all the Pandawa was shown their greatness and not just a passing by character.

One of Pandawa's greatness (other than the fact they are having great power from the God), was how they fill for each other. They always support each other.
When Bima was raging, Yudhistira will comfort him.
When Yudhistira was confused, Arjuna will help him, and on.
It's the greatness that their 100 brothers, the Kurawa's, doesn't have.
Kurawas only rely on Duryudhana, a one man show, while the Pandawa's are relying on each other.
I'm a bit sad that part doesn't get too much attention...

Yudhistira's great wisdom doesn't really shown in the series. Instead, I feel he's too kind and easily giving up. *sigh*
Bima's greatness shows in big power and big appetite...while he's a funny guy too...
Arjuna is perfect...even his hair was perfect!
Nakula was told to be more handsome than his twin brother, Sadewa. Nakula even always admiring himself in front of the mirror! That really surprised me! And Nakula really loves animal~
While Sadewa can always feel when bad things would happen to them. That's...awesome!

I wish that would show up more in the series...(T__T)

Maybe later on during the event of the great war, Bharatayudha?

Even the title only having Arjuna's arrow... 

Ah, I remember what Myu said to me when she knows I'm watching the epic series: 

"You have the look of Japanese rock, but have the heart of Mahabharata." 


I'm watching a series when it's a good one. That's all. (X3) 

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