Friday, May 16, 2014

[work] Comic Book: Putiput Siput Emas.

I have several favorite Japanese mangaka.
Not much.
Most of them are shoujo's genre mangaka.

But, if I'm being asked who's my favorite Indonesian mangaka?
I would answer: every single of them.

I always admire people who can draw.
Within the job, I met many people with the talent.
I envy them but also proud to know them hahaha

This one book I've edited was one of those people.

The mangaka's nick name is "Wafiq Sehat". He was born in 1990. Still young and fresh fufufu
His first comic to be published with Anak Kita is Putiput Siput Emas (English: Putiput the Golden Snail).
The story was about Putiput the Golden Snail who was looking for a friend.
No one wanted to be his friend because of the strange looking of his shell.
Then he met an annoying frog named Doko.
Doko teased Putiput for being so slow because of his shell.
It made Putiput sad and thought that God has been cruel by giving him a lousy shell.
Until an occur happen that finally made Putiput to be grateful with the shell he has.

The comic is still being printed and would hit the bookstore soon~~


Gita Ramadhani Paramitha said...

He was born 1995 :)

KiRaidesu said... mistake! >.<
Thank you for the correction~