Wednesday, April 23, 2014

[work] comic...comic...and comic...!!

Lately my publishing office, [Anak Kita] has release some comic books.
The theme are about religion, mystery (ghost), adventure, and parenthood.

Here are the comics so far:

Title: Pangeran Diponegoro, pahlawan dari gua selarong
Writer: Agung Bawantara & Maria Ekaristi
Illustrator: Dwi S
About: a comic about the life of one Indonesian heroes, Pangeran Diponegoro. 

Title: Komik 100 Hadits Pilihan untuk Anak
Writer: Insight Pictures
About: 100 selection of Hadits for children.

Title: Komik 100 Teladan Rasulullah
Writer: Al Azhar Pictures
About: second book of 100 selection of Hadits for children. 

Title: Komik Muslimah, I'm a muslimah and I'm proud of it! 
Writer: Dhiba Ainisa Umarghanies
About: the story of Aini and Nisa to be a better muslimah.

Title: Mamomics, curhatan emak-emak dalam komik
Writer: Mamomics
About: a comic about 4 mothers and 1 girl
about their daily life with the "little monsters" aka children. 

And the coming soon comics are: 
1. Papomics and 
2. Emma's Ghost Diary. 

Thanks to this, I've get to meet and know many fabulous artists and illustrators and had taken me to travel out of the city. 
I love it when my works have connection with what I like~ 

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