Tuesday, April 22, 2014

(Personal review) Period - vistlip

At the beginning I didn't intend to bought the single.
But I can't help it after watching the pv.
So I make an order and amazingly the CD came 2 days before the release~

I order the lipper version and got Yuh's card.
The prince has turned into a princess *smacked*

Now about the songs.
Let me warn you that I'm not a specialist with instruments. I know nothing.
So this review will only based on my feeling. (XD)

1. Period. 
words: tomo, composed: Tohya

I already like the few seconds version. So it isn't strange that I would love the full song.
But the song doesn't have any sound effect like in the pv. Thus make the sound more clear to listen.
I like the music, very full of spirit for me. Encouragement, and hoping for a better future.

"Time went by, and I look back. And I think, I'm not a hero. I don't want to give the life to you. I wanted to smile together."

"Hello, everybody who loves me. I want to walk next to you from now on."

Those above English lyric really made me in tears. tomochin, can you stop making me cry?

The end of the video show a flying ship and I come to think about my words, "Let's walk together to the light". How can I not cry when they are feeling the same as me? *smacked*

The only thing I don't like is...umi's outfit. It's so weird, yet also a creative way to become a costume. (XD)

2. Locoism
words: tomo, composed: rui

Everything is alright with this song. (XD)

3. aim
words: tomo, composed: Tohya, Yuh

My favorite~~~~ the start of the song sounds like a western music. I love it! The whole music, umi's guitar sounds, umi's scream and rap...okay...big possibility I love it because of umi hahaha this one will be amazing and exciting for live!

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