Thursday, April 03, 2014

Angelo’s Live Viewing in Jakarta, March 29th, 2014.

It started when Live Viewing Japan made a post about Penicilin and Angelo’s LV for Mexico. I was surprised seeing Angelo will have a LV. Angelo’s official facebook also made the same post. I commented with, “I will watch it if it’s in Jakarta (Indonesia).

Second event happened when Relawan Konser account asked on twitter about which artist would like to have a LV. My answer was: L’Arc~en~Ciel, vistlip, and Angelo. I add it later, “The two later will be a miracle XD”

Then on one afternoon, I was awake with a notification from twitter. Fey-san has mentioned me, “KiRai, Angelo’s LV in Jakarta will be on March 29.”

I was really surprised and thought it was a rumor. Fey-san gave me the link about the news and it was for real. Angelo will have a live viewing in Jakarta.

My first reaction was…laughing hard.

Why? Why they suddenly held a LV for Angelo? As far as I know, Angelo doesn’t have many fans in Indonesia, maybe after Karyu and Giru joined, but not for the whole band. Angelo isn’t a popular name for Japanese music listener in Indonesia.

But, what the heck…I don’t care! I was too excited to watch the LV!!

Days passed, weeks, I get news that Penicilin’s LV in Singapore was cancelled. It was one week before Angelo’s in Jakarta. I was worried it will get cancelled too. I was glad it kept going.

The LV was from Angelo Tour 12-13 REFLECTIONS IN THE RETINA Count Down Live at Sonic Hall City. The people who came were…three people, including me…hahaha…!!!! We got the whole studio just for the three of us! Me and two Karyu’s fans! (Fey-san was one of the two fufufu).

Before the LV, I’ve been listening to Angelo’s songs. To be honest, I like their songs, but I couldn’t remember the title (XD). I only remember the music. And I haven’t (or I will say never) watched any of their live concert video. Don’t blame me…they were the one who being so hard to get any of the videos. So, the LV will be my first ever “going” to Angelo’s concert.

It was…great!

I’ve seen some videos of Angelo’s live (from their album bonus DVD), how Kirito moved his body following the music. But on the LV, it’s for the first time I seen Kirito moves and looking cheerful and so lively. He seemed to enjoy the live so much. I was happy (and almost cried) when his face showed up at the big screen. I almost screamed his name, but I only did it swiftly since there were only three of us (XD). My body was moving along with Kirito’s shake and the going of the music. Fans services happened during the half part of the live.

  1. Kirito moved to Giru and patted his hair. I almost screamed! “Daddy loves his son! (or puppy?)” (XD)
  2. Kirito punching Karyu, and Karyu was panicking trying to avoid the punches hahaha it’s really a funny scene! Then Kirito and Karyu leaned against each other. I was going, “Whoa~~ Daddy and Mommy are so romantic!!” *smacked*
  3. Giru and Kohta leaned against at each other. Me: “Whoa~~ nephew and uncle!!”
  4. I almost upset when Kohta was rarely getting camera shot. It’s always Kirito, Giru, Karyu, Takeo, and then Kohta. So when Kirito met up with Kohta and leaned against each other, I was going insane. My two favorite brothers!!!!
  5. Kirito kept going punching Karyu, and the man was running away hahaha
It was a usual scene when members running from one side to another side of the stage. But, it was quite strange to see Giru and Karyu doing it. It’s because Giru was wearing a formal suit. Isn’t it difficult for him to move and breathe with the suit? Same thing goes to Kohta and Takeo. I wonder do they really feel comfortable with the suit. But, they did change into T-Shirt for encore.

Beside their new songs, Angelo also performed some old songs. The old songs feel greater with double guitar from Giru and Karyu, felt greater on live!! I was waiting for “Moment”, but then Kirito turned around and called Kohta. I knew the tone once Kohta played his bass…”Reborn”…!! It’s my favorite song!! I always listen to the song on my birthday! I like it because of Kohta’s bass playing. And I super like it now since Konta was also sing in it!! Kohta’s voice was cute!! Not suitable with his big body, but…cute!!!

After the LV I realized that I really like Giru’s smiile. Giru has the ability to make people smile with him. Every time I see him smiling, I will also smile~ at the end of the live, Giru bowed deeply after earlier joint his hands together, just like a martial art greetings. Then he ran to the side stage, opened his cloth and throws it at the fans. He has an awesome tattoo!! I always like the tattoo on his chest, but when I see his back…dragon tattoo…like a yakuza…super like it!!! And Karyu really has beautiful fingers and great skill with his guitar. Sugeeeee!!!

Fey-san said she got karma over Kirito. She becomes to like him, because of his “little girl in the prairie” dance hahahaha  

From the LV, we get a cool T-Shirt. I think it’s have the same size. It’s quite small for me, still fit but too tight. I will just keep it hahaha. We didn’t get any postcard and there’s no LV board to sign. Bummer, since I’ve prepared a love message for them… (T_T)

Even though it will be hard - with only three people came to the LV - I will be wishing that Angelo would have a live someday in Jakarta. A small venue will be okay, a joint venue will also be fine. I want to meet my brothers!! The Murata’s brothers!! I want to ask Kohta, can I be his sister? (XD) And if they really have a live here, they must performed “Reborn”. It’s a must! I need to see and listen Kohta sings again~~ Kohta-nii~~~


I went to a music store after the LV and found Luna Sea’s album, “A WILL” (Indonesian version).  

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