Monday, February 10, 2014


I never had good luck with lottery. 
So when Relawan Konser made a special vistlip’s quiz, I didn’t have the confidence to won it.
I don’t feel I could win it. 

But, I won.

The rule was easy: follow Relawan Konser and Vistlip Indonesia twitter account, and answer a simple question on the website.
The question is: "if you can choose, what song do you want vistlip to sings at the Christmas live, either their own song or someone else’s song. And what's the reason?"

This is my answer:
"The song I’d like vistlip to sing on their Christmas live:

vistlip’s song from ORDER MADE album.

The music suits the theme of a cheerful and romantic Christmas. Every time I listen to the song, I always imagine Christmas Eve, with white snow slowly falling down, sparkling lights from the buildings, and a couple walk together, hand in hand, with smiling face, among the crowd who were coming out to celebrate Christmas night. (And I’ve write a short story based on the feel from the song hehehe).

Imagine when vistlip sings “milk&macaron”, everyone would sway their body and jumps while holding people’s hand next to them. It will feel wonderful and…romantic! (^w^)

You can read my entry in Bahasa Indonesia here 

And this is what I get.

vistlip’s flyer,

vistlip’s photo, 

and vistlip’s hair comb. 

Everything are from MERRY BELL’s live.

I also get a postcard from Relawan Konser. Thank you! They put everything inside a file case (the purple one), so it won’t get folded during the shipment from Japan to Indonesia. What a good service, right?! (X3)

I’m so happy that the first time ever I’m having a good luck with lottery are about vistlip. \(^O^)/
Thank you Relawan Konser! I’m really happy with the rewards. Hope I can also win another time.

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