Monday, January 13, 2014

Manga: "More a Flower than a Flower"

Since reading NATURAL, I've become quite interested with Mariko Narita's drawing style and also story.
That's why I'm following another one from sensei's work.


It's a story about Kento Sakakibara and his efforts to become a top and professional Noh artist.
The manga describe Kento's development to reached out his biggest dreams. It also described Kento's emotions development with surround him, with the other Noh artists, with his family (especially his younger brother), with his role as a Noh teacher, with the world outside Noh, and slowly about his feelings for someone special.

The story about Noh is interesting. But sadly, I don't quite understand when it comes about the position and the doing in Noh. It's too confusing for my slow brain...
And somehow sensei's drawings are quite looking the same between some characters that made me confused and misrecognized them.

But, since I already follow it until volume 9 (at the time this post is made), I will continue to read it.

Once there's a Noh performance in Jakarta. It's free. I already get the free ticket too. But I cancelled it because it will be too late for me when I reach home. I was going alone. And even though I would be looking like a man, it's still scary to be in the night without a company.

But, when I read the manga, I kept sorry for myself. If only I just go that time. I would be experiencing a Noh performance for the first time. Though my brain won't be easily to get understand about the art, but it will still be a nice experience. Well, if only... *pulling hair*

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