Thursday, January 02, 2014

A Promise to The Brave: Luna Sea's Live Viewing in Jakarta.

It's a late post hahaha
So...on December 29th, 2013, I went to Luna Sea's live viewing in Jakarta, Indonesia.

Thanks to Ni-chan for remind me about the event. I almost skipped it! Hahaha
Thank you also to Kiyo-san for helping me to get the ticket, since I was out of town when the ticket box was open.

It was another new adventure for me, since I don't know the location.
I was the guide for Ni-chan.
Thank God, we arrived safe and sound, and also one hour ahead from the show.

During our waiting for the show, we went to a local music store and found many treasures: Japanese music CDs~~ But, we decided to bought MIYAVI's album.
I'm happy I can finally get the album~~

The live viewing started on time.
Before we enter the studio, we were given some kind of postcard and a flyer about J-music's live viewing schedule. We were also asked to wrote messages for Luna Sea.
Here, I made a mistake...I should have wrote "in Indonesia" instead of "at Indonesia"... Orz

Anyway, the live viewing was showing Luna Sea's live in Sendai in 2012.
The show was about one and a half hour. Too short... (T^T).

I wanted to scream when SUGIZO showed up at the screen~
Damn...that violin-sama is really gorgeous (>w<)
He has awesome guitar technique,
He has awesome violin's play (they played PROVIDENCE and I was almost screaming hahaha),
He has goofy act,
He has sweet smile,
and he has a very beautiful fingers!
Why every guitarist and bassist have beautiful fingers???

At the time of the real event, Sugizo was having pain at his leg.
Even so, he kept moving here and there, as if he didn't walk to the stage with the help of a crane...

Kiyo-san said we have break the record for Luna Sea's live viewing audience...40 people.
I almost burst into laugh!
40 people for a band as big as Luna Sea?? You got to be joking!!
How many attend for L'Arc~en~Ciel? Hundreds!!
Well, that made me more sure that Indonesia is the one of the biggest fan base of L'Arc~en~Ciel.

But...since we have break the record for Luna Sea's live viewing, then we deserved for a live tour, right, violin-sama?
I hope Sugizo remembers his promise and really come to Indonesia.
I want to see him!!!

I have a good feeling about the event. Because the same thing happened with L'Arc~en~Ciel's live viewing. 
That time, we took taxi to and from the theater. And we got a very chit-chat driver. 
The driver kept talking to me all the way. 
The same happened on our way to Luna Sea's live viewing theater. 
That's why I had a good feeling about the event fufufu

Btw, look at the ticket...
It was Studio 4, row D, seat 9. Wow! (if you understand the code hahaha). 

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