Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Jaa mata~

I really don't like parting and saying good bye.
But, it's one of the phases in life.

A close co-worker has bid farewell.
She has been a "senpai", even though she's younger than me.
When I was a newbie, she's the one who lead me to knew the other co-workers.
I've troubled her so much in the last of four years. And I haven't shown my gratitude properly to her.

It's sad, but the party must go on.

Jaa mata, little sister.
I will always pray the best for you.

the farewell treat~

Monday, January 13, 2014

Manga: "More a Flower than a Flower"

Since reading NATURAL, I've become quite interested with Mariko Narita's drawing style and also story.
That's why I'm following another one from sensei's work.


It's a story about Kento Sakakibara and his efforts to become a top and professional Noh artist.
The manga describe Kento's development to reached out his biggest dreams. It also described Kento's emotions development with surround him, with the other Noh artists, with his family (especially his younger brother), with his role as a Noh teacher, with the world outside Noh, and slowly about his feelings for someone special.

The story about Noh is interesting. But sadly, I don't quite understand when it comes about the position and the doing in Noh. It's too confusing for my slow brain...
And somehow sensei's drawings are quite looking the same between some characters that made me confused and misrecognized them.

But, since I already follow it until volume 9 (at the time this post is made), I will continue to read it.

Once there's a Noh performance in Jakarta. It's free. I already get the free ticket too. But I cancelled it because it will be too late for me when I reach home. I was going alone. And even though I would be looking like a man, it's still scary to be in the night without a company.

But, when I read the manga, I kept sorry for myself. If only I just go that time. I would be experiencing a Noh performance for the first time. Though my brain won't be easily to get understand about the art, but it will still be a nice experience. Well, if only... *pulling hair*


I've been wanting to watched the movie ever since my friend (Gita-chan) has mentioned about it.
Gita-chan wanted to watched Keanu Reeves, while I wanted to watched...Akanishi Jin! (XD)

I doubt the movie when I see the trailer.

"It's not the 47 Ronin's story I've known..." 

But, I was still curious with it. I soon changed my mind when watching the opening scene.

"If Sengoku Basara can twisted the nation history, why not this one too?"

With that mind, I watched the whole movie, and I could said that I do enjoyed it (X3)

As far as I know, the movie still keep the mainline of the legend. Kei (Keanu Reeves) is the character special design for the movie. But, I think he's too old for the character hahaha

Akanishi Jin acts as Chikara, the son of the ronin's leader. He gets quite a few scenes, but not too many dialogues (XD). The weird thing is his hair style. He's a son of a samurai in ancient's time. How the hell he has a modern hair cut?? And after a fighting scene, how come he still looking pretty? Oh well, beside the odd things, he's still attractive to watched, shining, and pretty looking. I almost screamed every time he showed up on the screen hahaha

Because it's a movie, I guess they didn't have much time to describe the struggle and effort that the ronin's leader had done. On the book I've read, Oishi (the ronin leader) has been pretending to be an useless, drunk, and crazy old samurai. He did that to hide his real intention, that he's planning a revenge towards Lord Kira. I can feel Oishi's great character from the book. While on the movie, he was thrown to the dungeon and kept there for a year. The doing was meant to destroy Oishi's spirit. After one year, Oishi was taken out and sent back to his family. After that he started to gather his troops. What the...hahaha very lacking in character development, right? X)

Lord Kira is such an... sorry, sometimes I can get too carried away with a character in a movie. I just feel that the character on the movie isn't showing the real character of Lord Kira. It's a too cheesy character hahaha

The love story between Kai and Lady Mika is also too usual. It's an usual romance story. Even though the promise between them is quite sweet...too usual...but still sweet...hahaha

"I will look for you in thousand years..." something like that hahaha I was hoping to see Kai and Lady Mika would meet in current time and continue their love story, but that would be more cheesy...

The movie also add magical stuff to twisted the story. The sorcerer is...annoying! I guess the actress have done well with her act hehehe

Too bad the movie is full English. I was hoping to hear Japanese's language, but not a single person talked the language. I wish they had, just like The Last Samurai. I think the movie would be better if they used Japanese language. It's a movie about Japanese's history, so why they used English? Odd.

In the end...all the 47 Ronin did seppuku, including Kai. But, Chikara lived. The Emperor saved him because he's the only son to continue Oishi's line. What the...I thought Chikara died too...Am I wrong?

Then a friend said,

"It's to make them to be 47. If Jin is in, then it will be 48?" 

But I have another theory, if Jin's character was put to death, then people would heard loud cried from all over the world hahaha *exaggerating*

Well, the movie succeed to bring curiosity,

"Is it from a real event in history?"
"Is the whole story is real?"
"Is there really a 47 Ronin?"
"Is there really sorcery stuff in the real history?"

That's some questions I get from people after they watched the movie hahaha

Me: "Just read the book" 

Though my intention is to watched Jin, but I would give the award to Oishi (cast by Hiroyuki Sanada). He has the aura of a real samurai, even though he speaks English. His actions, his move, his doing is well describe of a samurai. That won't be a surprised since he has been very experienced in playing as an samurai. And also his name is "Sanada" (remember Sanada Yukimura?). The 53 years old man has amazed me~ Then I found out that he's also a leading cast in Wolverine second movie (Have watched it only to see him X3) and also The Ring. I like his character in The Ring, but I don't know that time that it was him...

Overall, I will give 8 out of 10 for the movie. Why? Because I like the number hahaha 

Thursday, January 09, 2014

Thank You!

Christmas cards from across the sea friends~
They knew me too well!
Or...Am I just too explicit? XD

Ureshii!!!!! ^w^ 

Thursday, January 02, 2014

A Promise to The Brave: Luna Sea's Live Viewing in Jakarta.

It's a late post hahaha
So...on December 29th, 2013, I went to Luna Sea's live viewing in Jakarta, Indonesia.

Thanks to Ni-chan for remind me about the event. I almost skipped it! Hahaha
Thank you also to Kiyo-san for helping me to get the ticket, since I was out of town when the ticket box was open.

It was another new adventure for me, since I don't know the location.
I was the guide for Ni-chan.
Thank God, we arrived safe and sound, and also one hour ahead from the show.

During our waiting for the show, we went to a local music store and found many treasures: Japanese music CDs~~ But, we decided to bought MIYAVI's album.
I'm happy I can finally get the album~~

The live viewing started on time.
Before we enter the studio, we were given some kind of postcard and a flyer about J-music's live viewing schedule. We were also asked to wrote messages for Luna Sea.
Here, I made a mistake...I should have wrote "in Indonesia" instead of "at Indonesia"... Orz

Anyway, the live viewing was showing Luna Sea's live in Sendai in 2012.
The show was about one and a half hour. Too short... (T^T).

I wanted to scream when SUGIZO showed up at the screen~
Damn...that violin-sama is really gorgeous (>w<)
He has awesome guitar technique,
He has awesome violin's play (they played PROVIDENCE and I was almost screaming hahaha),
He has goofy act,
He has sweet smile,
and he has a very beautiful fingers!
Why every guitarist and bassist have beautiful fingers???

At the time of the real event, Sugizo was having pain at his leg.
Even so, he kept moving here and there, as if he didn't walk to the stage with the help of a crane...

Kiyo-san said we have break the record for Luna Sea's live viewing audience...40 people.
I almost burst into laugh!
40 people for a band as big as Luna Sea?? You got to be joking!!
How many attend for L'Arc~en~Ciel? Hundreds!!
Well, that made me more sure that Indonesia is the one of the biggest fan base of L'Arc~en~Ciel.

But...since we have break the record for Luna Sea's live viewing, then we deserved for a live tour, right, violin-sama?
I hope Sugizo remembers his promise and really come to Indonesia.
I want to see him!!!

I have a good feeling about the event. Because the same thing happened with L'Arc~en~Ciel's live viewing. 
That time, we took taxi to and from the theater. And we got a very chit-chat driver. 
The driver kept talking to me all the way. 
The same happened on our way to Luna Sea's live viewing theater. 
That's why I had a good feeling about the event fufufu

Btw, look at the ticket...
It was Studio 4, row D, seat 9. Wow! (if you understand the code hahaha). 


2013 was a tough one for me. Yeah, I've blog some of it here...

A recap of my 2013.

I put it first since it's the biggest part that influence me for a whole year.
Many changes at work place that made me suffocated.
My mood and emotions were downs for so many times.
I almost feel tired with the life..and at one time feel upset with the Heaven...
Annoying and spoiled co-worker make it worst.
The uncertain situations didn't make it any better.


I met many new and talented people.
Ive also done different themes, which is a new one for me.

vistlip has accompanied me through out 2013. \(^O^)/
I wanted to get others, but my promise to them has stopped me hahaha
I've skipped two Japanese music concert: ONE OK ROCK and VAMPS.


I made new friends, to talk about Angelo and Luna Sea~
I've done my first ever vistlip's fan project. It took strength and tears! (XD)
I've also attend Luna Sea's live viewing in Jakarta, Indonesia at the end of December.

I've bought many old and new manga.
This part that I couldn't stop no matter what (XD).

Kimi Raikkonen.
I really enjoy Kimi's race this season.
Even though he has to deal with his long back pain. Also the clash with his team at the end of the season.
I can't wait for 2014, Kimi will be racing with Ferrari!!

Personal Life.
Not much to say here, since my life consist of the above parts: work, J-Music, manga, and Kimi Raikkonen. (XD)


I did my first ever trip out of town with co-workers.
I went to Yogyakarta.
I never been out of town before :D

Just like last year, 2014 will really be a new year for me, especially at work.
I have a new manager and will soon have new co-workers.
To be honest, I'm quite nervous with the changing. I still don't have the confidence hahaha

Hopefully 2014 will be a better year for me and also for everyone. \(^O^)/
Happy New Year!!!