Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Stand by Me, Doraemon - Personal Review

Finally I watched the most tearing movie of the year: "Stand by Me, Doraemon".

Or I thought so at first... XD

I've been avoiding to watched the movie just because of one reason: I don't like tearing movie. Never!
But since Gita and Intan (the wacko duo) insisted me to watch it, I don't have another choice.
Luckily I already get a scoop about the end of the movie.

The movie compiled the story of Doraemon "assignment to guide" Nobita's life.
Doraemon can't returned to the future until Nobita found his ultimate happiness.

Of course we already know the next story and what kind of person is Nobita... *taking a deep breathe*
In the movie also, we can see Doraemon's most famous tools: chopper, dokodemo door, time blanket, etc.

Nobita was supposed to married Jaiko. For sure Nobita neglect it and insisted he had to married with Shizuka-chan.
He tried many things with the help from Doraemon's future tools, but it always end up in failure.

At that point I realize, Nobita's always have a great idea when it comes to cheating (hahaha)
Why he never thinking to be a criminal, like Megamind?

Anyway, finally Nobita's future has changed. He will marry Shizuka-chan instead of Jaiko.
Somehow I feel sorry for Shizuka-chan (hahaha)
But her reason was, "You (Nobita) need someone to look after you."
Nobita is so lucky to have Shizuka-chan as his wife!!
And so that's when Nobita feel his ultimate happiness.
And it's time for Doraemon to go back to the future.

This was the tearing part...
But, it's not that tearing though... I just feel moved a bit...only a bit...
No, I didn't cried! Believe me! Really!

I wonder how Doraemon would come back again with Nobita?
Actually the end was good. I really didn't expect it.
I thought Doraemon would come back because Nobita was still lousy after he left.
That's not how it goes.

Nobita drink a "lie potion", so whatever he's saying, it will become the opposite of it.
Nobita said he won't ever see Doraemon again, that they won't ever be together.
As he walked inside his room... Doraemon came out from the drawer.

Damn...I didn't think of that! Hahaha

For me, "Stand by Me, Doraemon" is an usual movie.
Somehow I've become to dislike Nobita (hahaha)
And if I used the "parent's view", I don't see any good example given from Nobita's action.
Everything will be okay as long as he has his luck, his kindness, and Doraemon's tools.
I feel that Nobita's character didn't showed too much of changing, that he deserved getting Shizuka-chan.

But, Shizuka-chan's character wasn't as bad as the anime :D
And Doraemon...he's still cute as always!! <3 nbsp="" p="">

Tuesday, December 16, 2014


I've realized it.

I've been spoiled.

Through the cozy treatment.

Through the kindness.

Through the protection.

Through the encouragement words.

I feel safe and protected. I feel comfortable.

I've been spoiled.

An now it's time to rise on my own feet.


Friday, December 12, 2014

milk&macaron (2)

I guess milk&macaron is my lucky song.

I've won a quiz thanks to the song.

Now my question regarding to the song has been answered by vistlip (tomo and rui)!!

I really like the song milk&macaron. I feel the music fits the scene of a couple walking together, with hands joined, on Christmas Eve. That's why I like to listen the song every December, especially for Christmas. However, what does the song actually mean? Can you please explain the true meaning of the song? 
-KiRaiDesu, Indonesia-

tomo: In fact, this song is for a married couple. I described their resolutions for new days while they face a child that will be born tomorrow. 
rui: It's actually not related to Christmas, but that's similar to the image I had when I wrote the song. I imagined lovers like a hero and heroine who appear in a fairy tale. The lyrics are actually from the man's point of view, happily thinking of his sweetheart.

Well, well, well... I've made my own assumption about the song here.
rui said the lyrics were from the man's point of view,
while I made a story from the girl's point of view.
It's not that different with what tomo and rui meant, right? Hahaha

I've become loving the song so much!
Of course, I also love the band!


Thursday, December 11, 2014


Made a birthday surprised for a friend this morning. 
We've made it upon her arrival from her days off. 
She was very surprised! 
We did it this year! 

Happy Birthday My Friend! 
May you always be happy, and please...do stay crazy! XD 

Monday, October 27, 2014

Personal Review – Rurouni Kenshin, The Legend Ends (part 3)

It’s a long review, isn’t it? (XD)   

The final fight, Kenshin vs Shishio. It’s okay hahaha but the question on the viewers that didn’t read the manga,

“How Aoshi could get there?”

See, told you so! (XD)

The scene doesn’t explain clearly why Shishio can only fought for 15 minutes, and how in the end he was burned by himself to death. Also, the sad yet romantic scene of Yumi’s death…didn’t get a strong feeling from it… 

Amakakeru ryu no hirameki was awesomely shown at the end! But, only for a few minutes…3 minutes? (XD) Still, IT WAS AWESOME! Shishio flied away because of the technique! Cool movie effect!!!

I wish the movie would also include the scene when Kaoru said, “Let’s go home together to Tokyo”, that made Kenshin’s spirit rise again to defeat Shishio.

The odd thing was when the four walked from the burning ship, Aoshi was shown to fell down at the back, and Saito was helping him… Hahaha! That won’t happen!!

When the four were safely got to the beach. Kaoru quickly get to help Kenshin and Mishao came from nowhere to help her Aoshi-nii.

Odd… Aoshi won’t let himself to be help by Mishao. Yet, he lets Mishao help him walk. Okay, I’m quite okay with the scene. I’m a Aoshi-Mishao worshipper hahaha. 

One funny thing from the final scene was, everyone have someone to lean on, Kenshin with Kaoru, Aoshi with Mishao, even Sanosuke with Yahiko. While Saito was smoking alone at the beach hahaha
The Internal Minister told his men to give honor for the safe return samurai’s, it made them stunned.

I think its one good scene, it ended the scene nicely. Shishio was angry of being betrayed, the government realizes the mistake and later give honor for those who have helped them. It summed up everything, Kenshin, Aoshi, and Sanosuke (maybe Saito too) have the same feeling towards the government: distrust. But when they get the honor, it settles everything out. It’s a great way to end the dispute.

The end of the movie was nice~ Kenshin asked Kaoru to watch the going of the new era together with him. It’s a proposed!!! Kaoru was saying, “Hah?”, while Kenshin was smiling sweetly! Damn sweet!!!

I hope the 3rd movie will be definitely the last. Please no Jinchu’s arc, or the part showing Kenshin’s death. My heart won’t stand it… Please let it end this way, like the way Watsuki-sensei’s wanted, a happy ending story.

After the movie, I had a discussion with Githa about the theme song, Heartache from One Ok Rock.

Me: “Why the title is Heartache? It’s a song about separation, yet Kenshin still with Kaoru,”
Githa: “Maybe it’s not that kind of heartache, maybe it’s the ache that each character had in the movie,”
Me: “Come to think of it, yeah…everyone feel it, the heart ache, Shishio was betrayed by the government, the same goes with Aoshi and the people on Shishio’s side. Mishao also feels it for Aoshi, Okina too,”
Githa: “Yeah, that’s it,”

What an interesting song interpretation, right? (X3)    

Well, despite the lacking of the story line, the actors were awesome! It really worth to watch! I hope the DVD would be available inside Indonesia’s market. I want to watch every scene with Aoshi in it! (XD)

Read part 1 and part 2?

Personal Review – Rurouni Kenshin, The Legend Ends (part 2)

Continuation from the 1st part of the review…

Kaoru was found safe and sound after she falls from Shishio’s ship. At first I thought she lost his memories, that she doesn’t remember her name and also Kenshin (what a cheesy soap drama it would be). That didn’t happen though. Kaoru remember the whole thing and get back to Tokyo to look for Kenshin.

At this movie, Kaoru didn’t do much than shouting, “Kenshin!” (XD)

While on the manga, Kaoru was the true reason that made Kenshin cherishes his own life.

In the manga, Seijiro Hiko was a strong person, with highly pride and self confidence (he’s a narcissistic). The reason why he did pottery was because he’s a genius that can do anything perfectly and not because he can found peace and understands the true shape of life while making it (the reason in the movie).  

In the manga, when Hiko told Kenshin to figure out what was lacking of him, both of them couldn’t slept all night. When they face each other in the morning, both had circled eyes, and they wash their face first (XD). Hiko said that “Amakakeru no Ryu Hiranomeki” was a technique that achieved by killing the previous owner. It means Kenshin had to kill Hiko in order to get the technique. Kenshin defeated Hiko and hurried treated his wounds. When he awake, he said it isn’t because of Kenshin’s treatment, but simply because he’s a genius.

The part was only slightly shown in the movie. It didn’t show how Kenshin manage to get the technique. There’s no scene of it. He just finally gets it. And it didn’t strongly and clearly showed how Kenshin realize what’s lacking from him that is the will of life. Kenshin thought Kaoru was dead, because Hiko found him alone at the beach. But, by that, by the feeling of lost, he managed to pull himself together and asked Hiko for the ultimate technique.

I see it odd…

One of the best fighting scenes in the manga was Saito vs Usui. It made me like Saito hahaha
Saito killed Usui using his “Gatotsu” technique and principal of “Aku-Soku-Zan”, it means “Kill the bad (guy)”. When Usui asked for how long Saito would keep doing the principal?

Saito: “Until I die,”

That’s it! I fall for him by that! Hahaha

In the movie, the fight was shown as an ordinary fight, with no words between the both, no Saito saying about his principal, only him doing “Gatotsu” and kill Usui…

Even so, “Gatotsu” was splendidly done by the actor, Yosuke Eguchi! Well done! I’m happy I could finally see the technique in live action!

Anji vs Sanosuke. In the manga, the two know each other before knowing they were on the opposite sides. Anji even taught Sano some of his fist technique.

In the movie, they firstly met on the ship. Anji was telling the true reason why he and several of Juppongatana’s members joined Shishio. Not all of them were bad, including Anji. But that one didn’t quite explain. Anji then only become one of the bad guy, like the rest of his friends from Juppongatana.

Kenshin vs Sojiro Seta. Awesome fighting scene. Yet, it didn’t convey why Sojiro trust Shishio so much. Anji told Sano the reason Sojiro joined Shishio was because he was abused since child and then snapped out killing the whole family while smiling.

The movie scene didn’t clearly show the battle within Sojiro’s soul between Shishio’s words and Kenshin’s. Kenshin defeated Sojiro, and the later was shocked and get snapped, shouting to the air.

In the manga, Shishio was Sojiro’s savior, someone who told him what to do to save himself. Since then Sojiro obediently follow Shishio and thought the man as his supreme master. When Kenshin show up, he gets angry with Kenshin’s way of using the sword to protect people.

Sojiro: “Where were you when I need you to save me? Why you didn’t save me?”
Kenshin: “I maybe late to save you that time, but let me save you now,”

And Sojiro get snapped. He was confused who to trust, Shishio’s words or Kenshin’s?

Juppongatana has only a cameo in the movie. The assassin’s member actually had important role in weakening Kenshin’s team (Saito and Sanosuke). Some of the members also have a role attacking Kyoto, where they were defeated by Kaoru and friends.

My favorite Juppongatana member is Kamatari. He (or she?) is interesting! An assassin’s but also funny! Too bad the character didn’t really get picture in the movie…

Read part 1?
Continue to part 3?

Personal Review – Rurouni Kenshin, The Legend Ends (part 1)

Rurouni Kenshin the 3rd movie, the last part of the trilogy. 
(Is it a trilogy by the way? XD)

My reaction after watching the movie… I think it’s less exciting than “Kyoto Inferno”. 
Maybe I’ve put high hope for the last movie? The trailer was more exciting though. (:D)
What went wrong?
Of course I know it’s difficult to put up all of the stories in a 2.5 hours movie, there will be lacking here and there. But, I can have my wishes, right? (:D)

The actors were awesome. Takeru Satoh was awesome! He was getting deeper with Kenshin’s character. I’ve feel it from the 1st movie, but I’m really sure of it now, that Takeru is Kenshin Himura, and vice versa.

The story was the continuation from the 2nd movie, when Kenshin was lying unconscious at the beach and taken away by someone, which is later known that the person is his teacher, Seijiro Hiko.
As for the manga readers, it was the final part of Kyoto’s arc, the final battle between Kenshin and Shishio Makoto.

The movie of course had different story line from the manga, just like the 1st and 2nd movie. It’s a pitty since there are some important story line connections that lead to the final chapter in the last movie.

Let’s see it one by one… It will be a very long post. (XD)

Shishio Makoto wanted to get revenge because of the way the government treated him. But, I don’t understand why he had to do shitty tricks to get rid of Kenshin? Demanding the government to capture and beheaded Kenshin in public for his crimes? Come on, I believe Shishio would rather face Kenshin in a sword fight, rather than seeing him beheaded by the government.

Does Shishio wanted to show Kenshin the pain being betrayed by the government that he works for? Still, I don’t feel it’s a strong reason for Shishio’s actions.

The fight between Aoshi and Kenshin. The part I’ve been waiting to see! Yet, I kind of feel less excited. Maybe because the scenes took too long?

Aoshi’s sword play was awesome though. I was excited watching Iseya Yusuke play his two swords. And sometimes I could see Iseya’s true face when he swings his swords. It’s really difficult to do the two swords technique in such speed and at the same time had to move here and there wearing his long coat… Well done Iseya-nii!!!   
Back to the main thing, the scene lost the most important part, how Aoshi could come back to his own self. It’s important because it would be the reason why later Aoshi would help Kenshin’s battle with Shishio. I don’t think the reason of losing from Kenshin, or because he had to make up for his mistakes (by almost killed Okina), could be a strong reason for the stoic man to help Kenshin.

The true reason was, the Oniwabanshu managed to bring back Aoshi’s senses by the fight with Kenshin. Aoshi was reminded by Kenshin, the true reason why he kept fighting and badly wanting to beat Kenshin. Kenshin also reminded Aoshi that his blindly action would only suffer the late Oniwabanshu’s member, and also Mishao.

Aoshi: “Mishao is a strong girl. She would overcome it,”
Kenshin: “Yes, she’s indeed strong, but she’s only 16, and to let you know, that strong girl was crying when I said I won’t kill you, that I will bring you back to her alive,”


Previously, Okina was asking Kenshin to kill Aoshi in order to save his rotten soul. Mishao was stunned. She has prepared herself for the possibility to kill Aoshi. She also has declared that Aoshi is an enemy of Oniwabanshu and when they meet again, she will kill him. But, why she feel ache with Okina’s request? And why then she cried when Kenshin refused the request and said he will surely bring Aoshi’s back to the place where he truly belongs, beside the Oniwabanshu.

Kenshin: “Death isn’t the way to save Aoshi, but by bringing him back here to all of you,”

Mishao felt so relieved with the answer and cried. Okina then realize that he almost make her suffer by saying the request.

That was the story from the manga. It doesn’t show in the movie. Instead, Aoshi kicked Mishao! HE KICKED A GIRL! HE KICKED A GIRL WHO’S IN LOVE WITH HIM!!

I believe, the Aoshi inside Watsuki-sensei’s mind won’t do such thing! He won’t kick Mishao, someone that he has raised since little and one of his important people in Oniwabanshu.

Aoshi was pathetically defeated by Kenshin. He was later taken back to the inn and treated by Mishao. He awakes and told Mishao to kill him as a revenge for Okina.

Mishao: “You will be useful for me when you’re alive,”
Then she left the room, and Aoshi started to sobs in anger.


Aoshi would be useful for Mishao? Is that the reason why Aoshi would help Kenshin? Because of Mishao order him? THAT’S NOT GONNA HAPPEN! NO WAY!

There’s no way Mishao would said those words to her dearest Aoshi-nii! And there’s no way Aoshi would sobs!!! The live action made his character more pathetic from the manga!! (T______T)

I like the Kenshin vs Aoshi scenes (because I can see Iseya-nii), but I hate the different story lines!!! 

To be continued to part 2?             

Friday, October 10, 2014

(review) Spiritual Classic SUGIZO Selection.

"Sugizo is a troll!"

That's what I felt when I listen to his spiritual classic selection album.

I was feeling over excited once Sugizo announced he would release a classical album selections.
That's what I've been waiting for! A classical album from Sugizo, of him playing the violin.

Then questions come...what "classical" mean?

Is it classic because consists of Sugizo's old songs?

Is it classic because it will consists of Sugizo's playing his violin?

Is it classic because consists of Sugizo's old songs and he re-record it using violin?

What's the correct one?

Then the art cover being published.
I was almost disappointed because I thought it was Sugizo's hands playing a guitar.
But, it's not a guitar. It's a violin!! (hahaha my eyes)

I kept my hopes high but...

I should have read the complete information carefully...


1. Bartok - Romanian Folk Dancess
2. Ravel - Pavane for Dead Princess
3. Satie - Gymnopedie No. 3 (Debussy Ed.)
4. Rachmaninoff - Vocalise (Orchestra Version)
5. Ravel - String Quartet Second Movement
6. Debussy - Prelude to the Aftrenoon of  a Faun
7. Wagner - Ride of Valkyries
8. Stravinsky - Ballet "Sacrificial Dance" from "The Rites of the Spring"
9. Beethoven - No. 9 Symphony Second Movement
10. J. S. Bach - Concerto for Two Violins First Movement
11. Stravinsky - Ballet "The Firebird" Scene 2
12. Holst - Suite "Neptune" from "The Planets"

*Bonus Disc
1. SUGIZO - Distant Memorie (2014 MIX)

A classical compilation album "SPIRITUAL CLASSIC SUGIZO SELECTION", an origin of SUGIZO and compiled by himself.

"An origin of SUGIZO and compiled by himself"...

That's my answer.

It's not a compilation of Sugizo's old songs.
It's not a compilation of Sugizo playing violin.
It's not a compilation of Sugizo's old songs with violin.

It's a compilation of classical music that give an influence to Sugizo.

Sugizo is a troll!! XD

Even though I kinda disappointed the album isn't exactly what I want to have from Sugizo. but now I know some musics that influence him.
I'm imagining how would Sugizo enjoy the album, by laying down at the sofa and drink wine? (hehehe)

I'm not a fans of classical music, so this album has open my ears a bit to the genre.
It's a good one to listen to get a calm and comfort feeling, to relieve from stress.

Still, I'm waiting for the real Sugizo's classic album! XD

Friday, September 12, 2014


Once I read an article saying about what a fans can do to support his/her favorite artist.

Buying the artist releases?
Going to every live?
Promote the artist to other people?
Make a fans gathering event for supporting the artist?


I can't always buy every release...
I can't go to the live...
Sometimes I tweet, make a post about the artist...
I rarely went to fans gathering...

So what can I do as a fans...?

I then join Music Japan Plus World Team as a part of Indonesian Team.

My job desk are translating articles from English to Indonesian.
Sometimes I also wrote short articles under "Pick Up" section.

My first reason in joining was to do something to promote my favorite artist.
I do it by translating English articles to Indonesian.

Second reason was to practice my English literary, especially in writing and translating.
I don't translate every single words as it is.
Sometimes I change the sentences structure in Indonesian, so it would be better to read.

But, I don't always get to translate every articles about my favorite artist.

And, because doing the translations, I can know about bands that I've only heard the name.
And if something happen to the artist, it made me feel connected with them...just because I've done a translation about them hahaha

Here were some translations of my favorite artist that I've done for Music Japan Plus. (The articles are in Indonesian).

Interview with Sugizo about his solo projects and inspirations.
(I might be sound silly, but it's an honor to do the article translation. It made me more understand about Sugizo). 

Satsuki's Luminous self liner notes,
(By doing translation for Luminous self liner notes, I can understand Satsuki's reason for creating every songs. It's a beautiful album from a beautiful person). 

Interview with Jupiter before their European Tour.

vistlip new look and new single release - period.
(Finally I can write something about vistlip! Even though a short one, but I'm happy! Hehehe)

vistlip new look and new single release - period.
("Pick Up" in English article wrote by me)

Kirito - Angelo, new solo project announced.
("Pick Up" article about Kirito's new solo project).

Kirito - Angelo, new solo project announced.
("Pick Up" in English article wrote by me)

I do hope I'm doing a good job. :D

Thursday, September 11, 2014

[My Review] Rurouni Kenshin Live Action Movie: Kyoto Inferno

Finally I watched the second live action movie of Rurouni Kenshin: Kyoto Inferno.
Thank you to Bltzmegaplex for showing the movie on it's cinemas.
To watch the movie, I had to stay over for a night at a friend's house.
But I'm happy I've watched it~

I got a feeling that the story pace was quite fast.
It's like showing a quick summary from the manga, and leaving some questions for those who didn't follow the manga.

It also lacking of epic scenes that quite important to the story line.

1. Kenshin's struggling isn't strongly exposed when he was thinking either to accept or reject Okubo's request to deal with Shishio.

2. the scene when Kenshin bids farewell to Kaoru also lacking of emotions. The "Ima made... arigatou...soshite...sayounara" lines feel flat. I think it would be good if the background music use the original theme, which is departure theme.

3. no fighting scene between Saito and Sanosuke before going to Kyoto, that made Sano realized how weak he was.

4. Megumi's words to desperate Kaoru, "How do you think of my feeling that didn't get any farewell words from Ken-san?"

5. no scene when Kenshin and Misao surprised  to know that Saito has a wife. (They said his wife must have a Buddha's heart)

6. no scene when Sanosuke had a quarrel with Cho inside the prison and Saito was calmy watching them.

7. How come Shishio was so cheesy that he abducted Kaoru to provoked Kenshin?

8. Why Okina isn't flirty?!!

9. Why half of the Juppongatana didn't attack Kyoto and face to face with the Oniwabanshu?

10. On the movie, Misao and Kaoru doesn't seem to have close relationship, while they were quite close on the manga...

The movie story line was quite different with the manga. On the manga, Kenshin was told to went to his teacher and learn the ultimate stance. Then Kaoru came.

But on the movie, Kaoru came when Kenshin was having a fight with Cho at the shrine where Shakku Arai last blade was being kept.

On the manga, Kyoto was safely guard by Kenshin's teacher, and Kaoru wasn't abducted. It's different with the movie...

My friend asked the reason why Aoshi so desperately wanted to defeat Kenshin. The question won't come out if the story had been told during the Megumi's chapter :D

But, I guess the whole story couldn't be enough to put in a 2 hours movie, right? So I will just live with it hehehe

By the way, to be honest, I was kinda lazy to watched the second movie.
I'm a fan of Aoshi Shinomori and I think the cast for him isn't quite resembling the image.
Me and a friend having the same thought.

"He's not handsome enough"
"He's too old as Aoshi"
"He isn't cool like Aoshi"

But all of it disappeared as I watched the movie...

When Aoshi showed up...I hit my friend sitting next to me and said...


And when Aoshi's fighting scene against Okina,

"Can we reply that scene alone, please?!!!" 

The fighting scene was AWESOME!! It happened in a blink of the eye that I demand for a rewind of the scene hahaha!!

I bet the other viewers would feel strange seeing our chair was instantly shaking badly every time Aoshi showed up hahaha

Aoshi's fighting scene against Okina was one of the best scene on the movie!!

Before the movie started, I asked my friend,

Me: "Can I shout out Take's name?" 
Friend: "Hush! Don't! It's not a live viewing concert." 

As the movie goes on...Aoshi showed up...

"Can I shout Aoshi's name?"

I'm totally being a fan girl during the watch and until now as I wrote this post hahaha

He might be looking old in the poster, but during the movie...

"Who's that freaking cool guy?!!!"

It's a karma for me because I kept underestimate him before watching the movie.
I deeply apologize.... m(_ _)m

Thanks to Aoshi Shinomori, Hajime Saito, and Sanosuke Sagara, even though the story pace was fast, I can still enjoy the whole show.

I can't wait to watch the third movie, to watch Aoshi again, the epic battle against Kenshin and team up against Shishio.

And I also hope, they will keep the scene when Misao cried after Kenshin said that he won't killed her dearest Aoshi-nii, and would take him back safely home... My favorite scene... *sobs*

Since at first I don't like the cast for Aoshi Shinomori, I didn't look up for any information about him. And I've found out that he was also the main male cast for Casshern live action movie... WHAT?!!!

Tuesday, July 08, 2014

Towards July 9th, 2014.

July 9th, 2014.
It's a national presidential campaign.
Indonesia will elect it's new president.

It's been a long and busy period of campaign.
And it's the first time I feel so cranky about the whole thing.
Usually I don't care who will lead the nation, since none suit my hopes.

But, this time election is different.

I get so cranky, angry, sad, excited, but also scared.
But, I hold all the feelings. Because ANGRY mean LOSING.
Beside, long before there were the candidates, I already put my choice.
Someone that I feel can deliver, not only mine but also the hope from the entire nation.

No matter what people said.
No matter the black campaign.
I have my vote.

Kirito (Angelo) said, "If you live within the country, then you have to vote for the country's sake."

I will.

And just like Raiga (Garo - Makai no Hana) said, "Hope..."

I will deliver my hope.

So, let's vote Indonesia! And may Allah bless us all.

Tuesday, July 01, 2014

meet and greet with "mamomics" in Cirebon, July 5th, 2014.

mamomics, a comic artist group consist of four mothers and one single lady, will have a meet and greet in Cirebon on Saturday, July 5th, 2014.

The event will be held at Grage City Mall 2, Cirebon, inside of an exhibition held by Gunung Agung Bookstore.

The event is schedule on 2 pm local time.

I will be coming there as editor in charge, to accompany one of the comic artist.
But, I think I will be doing more than just editorial work... *bitter laugh*

Well, it should be fun. Another fun trip out of town (hehehe)


Friday, June 13, 2014

Mahabharata TV Series.

I remember watching Mahabharata during my childhood.
But all I can remember was long episodes, muscular men, beard, and a man sleeping with many arrows getting through his body...

Now, I'm watching the new series of Mahabharata on local TV.
There's not so much different with what I remember from the old series hahaha
I accidentally found the series when Nephew was watching it.
Earlier Nephew was given a book about Mahabharata from his mother (aka my sister).
I was intended to borrow and read it, but didn't have serious though about it until I knew there's a new series.

Mahabharata is an epic story from India.
From my personal opinions, it's a story about love and family, couple's love, love from parents to their children, love among brothers, and love to the nation/kingdom.
Everything started from there, if everyone love and respect each other, there won't be any hatred and grudge.
Not only love, Mahabharata also give good lesson and wise words about life. Even though I hardly understand the explanations (XD).

When I write this, the series has reached episode 90. Still long way to go...

But, I kinda disappointed...

It seemed the main story was focused on Arjuna's greatness...
Sorry, it doesn't mean I hate the character...but... Arjuna has 4 other brothers with individual greatness too...and it's too bad if they don't get to be acknowledge more.

I know Arjuna might be the most famous character among the Pandawa's (the calling for the brothers).
But...but...but.. I don't like a one man show when it has 5 interesting character.
It would be very interesting if all the Pandawa was shown their greatness and not just a passing by character.

One of Pandawa's greatness (other than the fact they are having great power from the God), was how they fill for each other. They always support each other.
When Bima was raging, Yudhistira will comfort him.
When Yudhistira was confused, Arjuna will help him, and on.
It's the greatness that their 100 brothers, the Kurawa's, doesn't have.
Kurawas only rely on Duryudhana, a one man show, while the Pandawa's are relying on each other.
I'm a bit sad that part doesn't get too much attention...

Yudhistira's great wisdom doesn't really shown in the series. Instead, I feel he's too kind and easily giving up. *sigh*
Bima's greatness shows in big power and big appetite...while he's a funny guy too...
Arjuna is perfect...even his hair was perfect!
Nakula was told to be more handsome than his twin brother, Sadewa. Nakula even always admiring himself in front of the mirror! That really surprised me! And Nakula really loves animal~
While Sadewa can always feel when bad things would happen to them. That's...awesome!

I wish that would show up more in the series...(T__T)

Maybe later on during the event of the great war, Bharatayudha?

Even the title only having Arjuna's arrow... 

Ah, I remember what Myu said to me when she knows I'm watching the epic series: 

"You have the look of Japanese rock, but have the heart of Mahabharata." 


I'm watching a series when it's a good one. That's all. (X3) 

Thursday, June 12, 2014

June 11th.

Yesterday was my mother birthday.
Yet, I guess everyone was too tired to make a celebration.
I also only read Surah Yasin for her soul and end it with a whisper, "Happy birthday okaasan..."

Earlier on the way home from office, Tia-chan suddenly asked me a question. She didn't know it was my mother's birthday.

Tia: "It amazed me to see you cried."
Me: "On my mother's death? Isn't it normal?"
Tia: "Well, yeah...but I really don't expect you would cried."
Me: "I was crying because of the situation, telling people about the news, but it didn't took long."
Tia: "Yeah, I was surprised too. A friend lost her mother too, and she still crying for over than a month."
Me: "Wow, how could she cried for over a month?"
Tia: "Maybe since she was quite close with her mother."
Me: "Mmm...might be so..."
Tia: "I wonder how can you don't cried a lot?"
Me: "So, are you amazed because I cried or because I don't cried a lot?"

Tia-chan doesn't know that until this day, I still carry the feeling of guilt.
Even though my sister has made it firm that it was Mother's time to go, I still feel I could do something for her.

And lately I've been watching the new Mahabharata TV series.
I remember it was one of my Mother's favorite.
Last night I watched it alone, and I was thinking...if Mother was still alive, she would love the series and we would watched it together.

Happy birthday, Okaasan.
How was up there?

Wednesday, May 21, 2014


I'm busy.

Then, why I made this post?

I don't know.
I just want to ease up a bit of this tired feeling...

It will be hectic days until the start of June.

Out of town meetings.
In town event.
Office deadlines.

I'm exhausted...
Body and soul...

But, a slightly refreshment came on Monday.

My GARO's CDs.

I haven't properly listen to it.
I always end up falling to sleep while the CD keep on playing.
My brother also has exchanged the speakers in my room.
It sounds great to listen the ost album.

I do love the series.
And thanks to the awesome group on facebook,
I can keep update with the new series.

Raiga, can I hoof on you? fufufu

Friday, May 16, 2014

[work] Comic Book: Putiput Siput Emas.

I have several favorite Japanese mangaka.
Not much.
Most of them are shoujo's genre mangaka.

But, if I'm being asked who's my favorite Indonesian mangaka?
I would answer: every single of them.

I always admire people who can draw.
Within the job, I met many people with the talent.
I envy them but also proud to know them hahaha

This one book I've edited was one of those people.

The mangaka's nick name is "Wafiq Sehat". He was born in 1990. Still young and fresh fufufu
His first comic to be published with Anak Kita is Putiput Siput Emas (English: Putiput the Golden Snail).
The story was about Putiput the Golden Snail who was looking for a friend.
No one wanted to be his friend because of the strange looking of his shell.
Then he met an annoying frog named Doko.
Doko teased Putiput for being so slow because of his shell.
It made Putiput sad and thought that God has been cruel by giving him a lousy shell.
Until an occur happen that finally made Putiput to be grateful with the shell he has.

The comic is still being printed and would hit the bookstore soon~~

Thursday, May 08, 2014

5 years.

Actually it was in March 2014.
It's been 5 years of me with the office.

"What? Only 5 years?! I feel it like been ages!!!" *smacked*

From being a part of writer team, to a copy editor, and now a editor.

Many things have happened.
I have learned and experienced many things.
Have done many mistakes.
Have gain many knowledge.

There were times I feel so happy and had a great laugh.
There were times I shed tears.
There were times I feel like to kill someone. *ups*
There were times when I feel heavy to continue walking the path.
There were times I feel to stop walking...

I keep move on, though.
Through happy and bad times, fun and tears, I keep on walking the path I've choose.

Just like the question from my former head when I was being interviewed for the job.

"Can you imagine what will you be doing 10 years from now?"

My answer:

"I don't know what I will be doing, but I want to be still working with books." 

It's been 5 years from the time.

5 years more counting.

I do hope I will still be doing this job for years and years and years to come.

Thank you office~

Friday, May 02, 2014

2nd Anniversary of #LarukuJKT

May 2nd.

This date, two years ago, L'Arc~en~Ciel's first live in Jakarta.

This year  anniversary was quite calm.
Not like last year when my timeline was fill with stories about the live.

As for me...

It's been 2 years, but for me tt feels like ages.
I already wanted them to come back since May 3rd, 2012 hahaha
I want them to come back to Jakarta soon~

I still can see it...
The image of tetsuya, hyde, ken, and yuki on stage.

I thought it would only be a dream...
But, I finally see them live before my eyes.
The four of them: so amazing, so awesome, so great, so fantastic...

L'Arc~en~Ciel... My one and only life time band.

Friday, April 25, 2014

Book: a poison for the mind

Book is really a poison for the mind.

At the moment I'm reading this book.

A book to bring out my creativity senses. I hope. 

Haven't finished it yet. 

Busy with works and too sleepy to read it at night. 

Anyway, have only read 3 chapter and the book has make me think...think...think...and think...

I hope I will end up doing something and not only thinking. (XD) 

Wednesday, April 23, 2014

[work] comic...comic...and comic...!!

Lately my publishing office, [Anak Kita] has release some comic books.
The theme are about religion, mystery (ghost), adventure, and parenthood.

Here are the comics so far:

Title: Pangeran Diponegoro, pahlawan dari gua selarong
Writer: Agung Bawantara & Maria Ekaristi
Illustrator: Dwi S
About: a comic about the life of one Indonesian heroes, Pangeran Diponegoro. 

Title: Komik 100 Hadits Pilihan untuk Anak
Writer: Insight Pictures
About: 100 selection of Hadits for children.

Title: Komik 100 Teladan Rasulullah
Writer: Al Azhar Pictures
About: second book of 100 selection of Hadits for children. 

Title: Komik Muslimah, I'm a muslimah and I'm proud of it! 
Writer: Dhiba Ainisa Umarghanies
About: the story of Aini and Nisa to be a better muslimah.

Title: Mamomics, curhatan emak-emak dalam komik
Writer: Mamomics
About: a comic about 4 mothers and 1 girl
about their daily life with the "little monsters" aka children. 

And the coming soon comics are: 
1. Papomics and 
2. Emma's Ghost Diary. 

Thanks to this, I've get to meet and know many fabulous artists and illustrators and had taken me to travel out of the city. 
I love it when my works have connection with what I like~ 

Tuesday, April 22, 2014

(Personal review) Period - vistlip

At the beginning I didn't intend to bought the single.
But I can't help it after watching the pv.
So I make an order and amazingly the CD came 2 days before the release~

I order the lipper version and got Yuh's card.
The prince has turned into a princess *smacked*

Now about the songs.
Let me warn you that I'm not a specialist with instruments. I know nothing.
So this review will only based on my feeling. (XD)

1. Period. 
words: tomo, composed: Tohya

I already like the few seconds version. So it isn't strange that I would love the full song.
But the song doesn't have any sound effect like in the pv. Thus make the sound more clear to listen.
I like the music, very full of spirit for me. Encouragement, and hoping for a better future.

"Time went by, and I look back. And I think, I'm not a hero. I don't want to give the life to you. I wanted to smile together."

"Hello, everybody who loves me. I want to walk next to you from now on."

Those above English lyric really made me in tears. tomochin, can you stop making me cry?

The end of the video show a flying ship and I come to think about my words, "Let's walk together to the light". How can I not cry when they are feeling the same as me? *smacked*

The only thing I don't like is...umi's outfit. It's so weird, yet also a creative way to become a costume. (XD)

2. Locoism
words: tomo, composed: rui

Everything is alright with this song. (XD)

3. aim
words: tomo, composed: Tohya, Yuh

My favorite~~~~ the start of the song sounds like a western music. I love it! The whole music, umi's guitar sounds, umi's scream and rap...okay...big possibility I love it because of umi hahaha this one will be amazing and exciting for live!

Tuesday, April 08, 2014

(work) "TOUR of DUTY": Malang

My first time to go for a work travel. 

I attended a Japanese event in Malang, "Daisuki! Japan, Taiyoutopia", on March 2nd, 2014. 
It took me 15 hours travel by train from Jakarta (Gambir Station) to Malang. 
For the event, I was staying with one of my sister's friend. 

My work at the event were:

1. supporting one of my mangaka who opened a booth at the event.
2. look around for new colleagues.
3. meeting up with some writers from Malang. 

It was an exciting event. But, during it I was more being a fan girl than as an editor (hahaha!) 

Here are some pictures from the event. I didn't took many pictures since I was busy going here and there (as a fan girl XD).

Thursday, April 03, 2014

Angelo’s Live Viewing in Jakarta, March 29th, 2014.

It started when Live Viewing Japan made a post about Penicilin and Angelo’s LV for Mexico. I was surprised seeing Angelo will have a LV. Angelo’s official facebook also made the same post. I commented with, “I will watch it if it’s in Jakarta (Indonesia).

Second event happened when Relawan Konser account asked on twitter about which artist would like to have a LV. My answer was: L’Arc~en~Ciel, vistlip, and Angelo. I add it later, “The two later will be a miracle XD”

Then on one afternoon, I was awake with a notification from twitter. Fey-san has mentioned me, “KiRai, Angelo’s LV in Jakarta will be on March 29.”

I was really surprised and thought it was a rumor. Fey-san gave me the link about the news and it was for real. Angelo will have a live viewing in Jakarta.

My first reaction was…laughing hard.

Thursday, February 20, 2014

Happy Birthday Garooooooo!!!!

Today is the birthday of Ryosei Konishi.
The lead actor of Garo series.
An actor, stage actor, singer, and voice actor.

Tonight also, he will held a birthday live at a cafe in Tokyo.
I presume he will sing at the event.

I want to hear him sings~~~ 

Well, happy birthday Ryosei Konishi~ 
May you always be happy, success with your career, and live a prosperous life! 

The last picture is a special page on Garo Project's website for Ryosei Konishi's birthday~

Monday, February 10, 2014


I never had good luck with lottery. 
So when Relawan Konser made a special vistlip’s quiz, I didn’t have the confidence to won it.
I don’t feel I could win it. 

But, I won.

The rule was easy: follow Relawan Konser and Vistlip Indonesia twitter account, and answer a simple question on the website.
The question is: "if you can choose, what song do you want vistlip to sings at the Christmas live, either their own song or someone else’s song. And what's the reason?"

This is my answer:
"The song I’d like vistlip to sing on their Christmas live:

vistlip’s song from ORDER MADE album.

The music suits the theme of a cheerful and romantic Christmas. Every time I listen to the song, I always imagine Christmas Eve, with white snow slowly falling down, sparkling lights from the buildings, and a couple walk together, hand in hand, with smiling face, among the crowd who were coming out to celebrate Christmas night. (And I’ve write a short story based on the feel from the song hehehe).

Imagine when vistlip sings “milk&macaron”, everyone would sway their body and jumps while holding people’s hand next to them. It will feel wonderful and…romantic! (^w^)

You can read my entry in Bahasa Indonesia here 

And this is what I get.

vistlip’s flyer,

vistlip’s photo, 

and vistlip’s hair comb. 

Everything are from MERRY BELL’s live.

I also get a postcard from Relawan Konser. Thank you! They put everything inside a file case (the purple one), so it won’t get folded during the shipment from Japan to Indonesia. What a good service, right?! (X3)

I’m so happy that the first time ever I’m having a good luck with lottery are about vistlip. \(^O^)/
Thank you Relawan Konser! I’m really happy with the rewards. Hope I can also win another time.

Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Jaa mata~

I really don't like parting and saying good bye.
But, it's one of the phases in life.

A close co-worker has bid farewell.
She has been a "senpai", even though she's younger than me.
When I was a newbie, she's the one who lead me to knew the other co-workers.
I've troubled her so much in the last of four years. And I haven't shown my gratitude properly to her.

It's sad, but the party must go on.

Jaa mata, little sister.
I will always pray the best for you.

the farewell treat~

Monday, January 13, 2014

Manga: "More a Flower than a Flower"

Since reading NATURAL, I've become quite interested with Mariko Narita's drawing style and also story.
That's why I'm following another one from sensei's work.


It's a story about Kento Sakakibara and his efforts to become a top and professional Noh artist.
The manga describe Kento's development to reached out his biggest dreams. It also described Kento's emotions development with surround him, with the other Noh artists, with his family (especially his younger brother), with his role as a Noh teacher, with the world outside Noh, and slowly about his feelings for someone special.

The story about Noh is interesting. But sadly, I don't quite understand when it comes about the position and the doing in Noh. It's too confusing for my slow brain...
And somehow sensei's drawings are quite looking the same between some characters that made me confused and misrecognized them.

But, since I already follow it until volume 9 (at the time this post is made), I will continue to read it.

Once there's a Noh performance in Jakarta. It's free. I already get the free ticket too. But I cancelled it because it will be too late for me when I reach home. I was going alone. And even though I would be looking like a man, it's still scary to be in the night without a company.

But, when I read the manga, I kept sorry for myself. If only I just go that time. I would be experiencing a Noh performance for the first time. Though my brain won't be easily to get understand about the art, but it will still be a nice experience. Well, if only... *pulling hair*


I've been wanting to watched the movie ever since my friend (Gita-chan) has mentioned about it.
Gita-chan wanted to watched Keanu Reeves, while I wanted to watched...Akanishi Jin! (XD)

I doubt the movie when I see the trailer.

"It's not the 47 Ronin's story I've known..." 

But, I was still curious with it. I soon changed my mind when watching the opening scene.

"If Sengoku Basara can twisted the nation history, why not this one too?"

With that mind, I watched the whole movie, and I could said that I do enjoyed it (X3)

As far as I know, the movie still keep the mainline of the legend. Kei (Keanu Reeves) is the character special design for the movie. But, I think he's too old for the character hahaha

Akanishi Jin acts as Chikara, the son of the ronin's leader. He gets quite a few scenes, but not too many dialogues (XD). The weird thing is his hair style. He's a son of a samurai in ancient's time. How the hell he has a modern hair cut?? And after a fighting scene, how come he still looking pretty? Oh well, beside the odd things, he's still attractive to watched, shining, and pretty looking. I almost screamed every time he showed up on the screen hahaha

Because it's a movie, I guess they didn't have much time to describe the struggle and effort that the ronin's leader had done. On the book I've read, Oishi (the ronin leader) has been pretending to be an useless, drunk, and crazy old samurai. He did that to hide his real intention, that he's planning a revenge towards Lord Kira. I can feel Oishi's great character from the book. While on the movie, he was thrown to the dungeon and kept there for a year. The doing was meant to destroy Oishi's spirit. After one year, Oishi was taken out and sent back to his family. After that he started to gather his troops. What the...hahaha very lacking in character development, right? X)

Lord Kira is such an... sorry, sometimes I can get too carried away with a character in a movie. I just feel that the character on the movie isn't showing the real character of Lord Kira. It's a too cheesy character hahaha

The love story between Kai and Lady Mika is also too usual. It's an usual romance story. Even though the promise between them is quite sweet...too usual...but still sweet...hahaha

"I will look for you in thousand years..." something like that hahaha I was hoping to see Kai and Lady Mika would meet in current time and continue their love story, but that would be more cheesy...

The movie also add magical stuff to twisted the story. The sorcerer is...annoying! I guess the actress have done well with her act hehehe

Too bad the movie is full English. I was hoping to hear Japanese's language, but not a single person talked the language. I wish they had, just like The Last Samurai. I think the movie would be better if they used Japanese language. It's a movie about Japanese's history, so why they used English? Odd.

In the end...all the 47 Ronin did seppuku, including Kai. But, Chikara lived. The Emperor saved him because he's the only son to continue Oishi's line. What the...I thought Chikara died too...Am I wrong?

Then a friend said,

"It's to make them to be 47. If Jin is in, then it will be 48?" 

But I have another theory, if Jin's character was put to death, then people would heard loud cried from all over the world hahaha *exaggerating*

Well, the movie succeed to bring curiosity,

"Is it from a real event in history?"
"Is the whole story is real?"
"Is there really a 47 Ronin?"
"Is there really sorcery stuff in the real history?"

That's some questions I get from people after they watched the movie hahaha

Me: "Just read the book" 

Though my intention is to watched Jin, but I would give the award to Oishi (cast by Hiroyuki Sanada). He has the aura of a real samurai, even though he speaks English. His actions, his move, his doing is well describe of a samurai. That won't be a surprised since he has been very experienced in playing as an samurai. And also his name is "Sanada" (remember Sanada Yukimura?). The 53 years old man has amazed me~ Then I found out that he's also a leading cast in Wolverine second movie (Have watched it only to see him X3) and also The Ring. I like his character in The Ring, but I don't know that time that it was him...

Overall, I will give 8 out of 10 for the movie. Why? Because I like the number hahaha 

Thursday, January 09, 2014

Thank You!

Christmas cards from across the sea friends~
They knew me too well!
Or...Am I just too explicit? XD

Ureshii!!!!! ^w^